Elizabeth Romo            1 with Source

Spiritual Counselor and Teacher, Medium, Past Life Regressions, Energy Medicine 

                                                 Total Well-Being Session


This session includes a thirty minute Intuitive reading followed by a thirty minute Energy medicine session.    

Holy Fire Karuna Reiki. 

First: Intuitive Reading: Elizabeth serves as the conduit between your angels, guides, and other sacred connections, bringing forth information and messages to uplift and support you in your daily life. These messages offer clarity and insights to you so you may benefit from the wisdom, strength, and love offered by the spiritual realm.  To integrate the insightful and compassionate messages you have just received, assisting you to release energetically thoughts and feelings that are not in alignment with your highest good, we move to the second phase: 

Second: Energy medicine: Truly relax and allow your physical body to release old memories, fears and energy that are stuck and then open to accept energetic patterns of Universal Healing Energy to balance you for your optimum health. Become more grounded and able to create and live life for your highest and best good; choosing to live life in peace and harmony.