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Spiritual Counselor and Teacher, Medium, Past Life Regressions, Energy Medicine 


The Null Zone is your resting place         March 2023

As sacred beings of Divine energy, humanity is receiving from God-Creator divine cosmic light rays of energy that have re-wired our DNA, so that we once again know ourselves as one with the Divine and may inherently choose “what is good for all.”

As one accepts higher light frequencies transmutation occurs and one's frequency changes; (your frequency is also known as your Soul Song.) Your Soul Song is as unique as your fingerprints. Your vibration becomes finer, and you are able to access higher levels of consciousness, are more intuitive, empathic, conscious and living from one’s heart. This energetic transformation supports humanity in continued shifting into 5th dimensional Be-ings (living spiritually awake), who are able to manifest one’s thoughts, feelings and intentions very quickly.

As you live, work, play you use creative energy. Often after expending great amounts of energy, (giving of oneself,) you may feel tired, depleted, needing to rest and retreat inward; this is being in the Null Zone. These cycles are natural and necessary as you integrate higher frequencies and release old patterns/energies. Rest is needed to prepare yourself for the even finer, higher frequencies you will be accepting, for your soul's development. This is a time to rest from doing. Just Be kind to oneself and non-judgmental; meditation, art, toning and prayer all support you energetically. You are accessing more divine wisdom within your High Self. This will become more evident with new choices, thoughts, and intentions you are making.

During your Null Zone times, remember that you are never alone. You have Divine support available to you. The angels, God, Yahweh, Ascended Master’s all a thought-call away. The relationships you have with these Divine Beings are sacred and true. They are here for all of humanity. These relationships are truly of love, light and grace. Ask and accept their support as much as possible. You are an instrument of change for humanity and the earth


With you in healing and peace.

In gratitude for you.  


    Self Mastery          Feb. 2023

Self-mastery in the spiritual sense is living from your Higher Self - soul; not your ego. Living consistently in honoring your life/Spirit/Being/Essence and having gratitude for others and all life. By observing life around you, and you deciding your actions, not reacting to life; not to be controlled by “what others may think or say.”

Being conscious of one’s thoughts, motives and habits are the basis of knowing oneself. We each manifest our lives by the beliefs that we hold about ourselves, consciously or subconsciously. Changing one’s mind, releasing negative habits and urges is not an easy task, it is a process.

Reflection, meditation, and sacred time connecting to one’s soul and Creator all support one’s transition to greater oneness with our Divinity/soul wisdom. The more we honor/trust our intuition and act per this wisdom, the greater one’s integration with your High Self. You allow yourself to be more intuitive and telepathic. You trust this wisdom. 

A great aspect of spiritual growth/transition, (which is ongoing our entire lives,) is joy, the underlying foundation. Becoming more Spirit with greater understanding of yourself and life, being in joy IS being whole and one with life. In viewing events and others’ emotional dramas you understand that they are not yours to fix. You honor that every person is doing the best they can- in this moment. No judgment or criticism. You seek more time for quiet reflection, nature, the arts, and the company of like-minded individuals. 

Your energetic frequency is becoming higher, lighter, giving you access to more of your High Self wisdom and divinity. Your energy radiates out to others feeling peaceful and loving. In all you are being more Light as your High Self soul truly is. This may promote you to leaving some friends, a job, old commitments that no longer feel “yours to do.”

We have God/The Divine, our Soul, Guides, the Angelic realms, and Ascended Masters to work with us, here and now - every day. Please call upon them any time; they support us every minute our lives.

We are the masters of our lives. We are co-creating our lives with every breath we take and every decision we make. Love and honor yourself greatly as you are so loved by The Universe. 

With you in healing and peace,


Ground Down Now

Happy New Year! If you are a student of numerology, 2023 is a number 7 year. (You add all the digits together and come down to a single digit.) This means that everyone will in some way feel the energies of this vibration throughout the year. The number seven signifies spiritual and personal introspection, choices and (hopefully) growth. 2023 is not about rushing to make changes or having “things happen” in your life. It is about taking time for yourself and feeling issues through, developing ideas, dreams that are important to you. Reflecting on what is happening in your life; what do you want to continue, improve, nurture and what is finished and you chose to release.

This is all about being very conscious of what you are feeling – doing – saying. Just be yourself and do less talking yourself through something you do not want to do and or over thinking. Meditation, prayer, time for art, dance, and music, anything creative is essential; (Walking meditations work!) Sit with your ideas, decisions, and answers; feel them. How do they resonate with your body? If your body is stiff, uneasy, your body is not in alignment with your answer/decision; the answer is no. If your body feels relaxed, quiet, at rest, your body is saying, “yes” I am in harmony with what you are deciding/creating.

At times you may feel confused, spacey, stressed out, upset, sad; sometimes you don’t know why you feel this way. This happens when you are not grounded---not present in the here and now. Your energy is not in your physical body. That is when you need to “Ground Down Now.”

This process is a conscious action taken to bring all of your energy and awareness back to you right now. Do this as often as needed. It takes just a few minutes. You may not be disturbed during this time.

Sit down. (Lean against a wall if unable to sit.)
Close your eyes.
Breathe normally.
Set your intention that all of your Being is here, present with your soul and High Self; you are one.

Envision yourself as a (wide ring) energetic shaft of light. As a beam of light you are one with all of the Universe. See yourself sitting and this great shaft of light completely encompassing you, coming from the heavens and going down into the earth beneath your feet. You are the shaft of light.

Focus on your physical heart center. Open your heart and soul. Intend yourself as light to go from your heart, down through your body, every chakra, cell, and membrane—all of you. Your energy efficiently and effortlessly moves down through you – physical and all energetic bodies of yours. See your light going down into the earth, through all levels of the earth, reaching the center of the earth, the crystalline core.

At the earth’s core, you accept crystalline energy and allow it to come up through you, all the way up into all of your bodies of light, cleaning and clearing unwanted and old energy; going up to your crown chakra and up into the universe, as far as your energy extends.
Allow your energy to flow with Universal energy from the cosmos and earth’s center through you. You are now connected to heaven and earth and are a tool supporting the universe in healing you and the earth. You are a conduit. You are working as a healer; this is part of the reason you are living on earth at this time.

Allow yourself to be in this meditation as long as necessary. Your eyes will open when you are finished.

Don’t judge how long the meditation lasts…just allow and give thanks after the session. You may feel called to do this when you are feeling fine; it is the earth and or the people in that location/situation that need the energetic support/healing. Please help if you can.

Being a clear channel of light supports all of you. Your intuition will strengthen and become clearer as you are opening your channels/connection to more of your Spiritual Being. Your well-being matters for your best and the planet’s.

We are all one. 

May you be blessed with peace and good health.


As a Being of Light, stay present and live through your heart's wisdom 

Endings and beginnings, cycles in our lives. All of Humanity is going through transformation and the Universe, the planets and stars are all supporting our evolution.

This December through January 22, 2023, all planets in our solar system are “turning direct.” Meaning the planets are moving forward. An example is, “if it were a person, you would be waking up.”

Staying centered through your heart and soul; slowing down to listen to one’s intuition (divine guidance) supports your conscious choices, choosing what is the right action to take in your life/situation.

Bio-Geometry, BG3 energies, which is part of Sacred Geometry;(Sacred Geometry is defined on the Urban Dictionary as “the underlying geometry in nature.” It is shapes in nature, fractals, reoccurring patterns, and ratios. Spirit Science describes Sacred Geometry as “the geometry of consciousness). Flower of Life/Merkaba.

BG3 was discovered by scientist Dr. Ingrahm Karim. BG3 is a centering energy that works with all energies on earth.

There are 3 primary vibrational qualities of BG3:

An emanation called Negative Green is found at the center of all energy fields including those occurring within and around the human body. This center is the essential navel point (or natal wave) of natural power spots. The earth’s lay lines are part of these energies.

The second distinguishing quality of BG3 is a Higher Harmonic of Ultra-Violet. This invisible light is the realm of angels and light beings. Its vibratory characteristics are purifying and calming, imparting balance and soothing effects to stressed living systems including our human body.

The third quality of BG3 is a Higher Harmonic of Gold. This highly refined attribute resonates with its much denser relative, physical gold. Its vibratory characteristics are enriching and bring wisdom. At the bodily level, its energetic properties support our immune system.

BG3 energies all support human life and life on earth. I am in awe and appreciate how BG3 includes the angelic realm and wisdom/soul’s remembering. (1)

This decade is about humanity’s transformation to consciousness (awakening.) Being conscious of ourselves and all life as living conscious energetic beings; Spiritual energies from God/Source. We are human beings here to experience a physical body, emotions, and to manifest/create our lives. We are here to create the Best that our Being can dream. What do I want? How do I see my reality? How may I help the earth and humanity?

When we live from our heart, we are coming from truth, your truth; peace, clarity, balance. Trust the invisible realm of your knowingness—intuition-soul's wisdom. Live your oneness with the Divine Creator. Dare to be the greater, larger-than-life person that you (may) aspire to be. Live in Truth-Love-Graciousness. Spread Y O U, with love to all. As a Divine aspect of Creator God---you are love.

Blessings to you in our New Year, 2023.

With you in healing and peace.


Water Matters Blog, WordPress 2022

       In stillness and silence intuitive wisdom comes                                           through                


We live and experience life through the choices we make. Much of our daily choices are 80% unconscious choices, reacting to situations by using old patterns of the way we have handled experiences in the past hoping for better results this time.

Conscious choice begins by being aware of what is happening within you, now; discerning how you feel, “What am I learning from this (these) experience(s)?” Slowing down to allow yourself to truthfully reflect on what is and is not working in your life and why. Being still, patient with yourself and not blocking the emotions that come up from these awareness's supports our healing process. As a Divine Being, we inherently are Light = Love. What we create IS Light = Love.

Through one’s heart, in stillness and silence, our Divine Being –soul - intuitive wisdom comes through as insights, understanding and forgiveness. There may come a sense of relief—that you finally understand an integral part of yourself; and that you forgive yourself for being you. Relief and a greater awareness of the complexity of who you are as a human being, and gratitude for the insights and your greater wisdom being known by you. This is your Divinity – Soul shining through one’s humanness. 

This is soul work, conscious divine awareness, healing your heart, expanding your understanding of yourself as a cosmic being and supporting your oneness with that of all human beings on earth. Resting in quiet serenity is healing and always available to you through meditation and union with the Divine.

Happiness and gratitude for all that you are and all that we share with one another. May you enjoy the beauty of the change of seasons.

With you in peace and healing,



You Are Love is now an eBook        September 2022   

You Are Love, a children’s book I wrote with inspiration by the angels and I illustrated in 2010, is now available as an e-book through Amazon. 

This colorful picture book is for children of all ages and adults. The book’s focus is God’s love for You. Demonstrating that God wants each child to know: “... that every child is love, and that every child’s gift is to share his/her love with all people." 

You Are Love shows no preference to gender, race, denomination, or age. Using colorful and basic symbols, You Are Love demonstrates how precious You are and loved by The Divine.

If you are an Amazon Kindle member, you may share this book with your family, friends, and others at no charge. I encourage you to click on the link below and check it out. You Are Love epitomizes the qualities of a spiritual being. Honoring your soul by living in harmony-love with yourself, your family, friends and the world community.

I hope you enjoy the book and share You Are Love with others.

With you in healing and peace.


                        Lions Gate   August 2022

The annual cosmic alignment, Lions Gate began this year on July 26 and ends August 16th. August 8, (Initiation of Infinity) is the climax of this galactic event when the energies are the most intense. The energies that earth – humanity receives during this time are both spiritual and energetic. These higher celestial energies bring within them light codes to activate and or upgrade our DNA (strands to be re-wired, where our human carbon-based bodies transmutate to adamantine crystals then to Diamond light); humanity morphing into true spiritual beings.  

It is believed that 70% of humanity’s DNA is now fully activated and these individuals on their Ascension Path; (The Ascension Path is where one transitions from knowing herself/himself as a three-dimensional human being to knowing oneself as a spiritual divine being, one with all life and Source.)

The objective of this year's Lions Gate are: Understanding yourself as a soul and our chemical-spiritual unity with all dimensions. We are asked to look at your personal reality vs the collective reality. What does and does not work for you? Stand in your knowing-intuitive soul wisdom and choose the thoughts, actions that are best for you. You may be challenged in your higher, more positive/compassionate and non-biased beliefs and actions. Hold tight to your wisdom. Do not allow hype, fear and peer pressure to have you follow the crowd in gloom and doom.

This is the time to know your inner soul strength and stand for what is right. To initiate thoughts and actions that are true and fair. You may radiate blessings to situations-people, the earth and world events.

To be at peace with yourself, happy and experience joy throughout your day and life. Choose to find the joy in things great and small.

To know yourself as I AM. A divine being, one with Source – God. 

There may be events that happen in your day that are now triggering you into fear, anger, sense of loss. Do not be afraid of the emotions, memories or feelings that come from you now—stay grounded and be in the moment. Breathe and stay calm. Try not to overreact to what you are feeling. These are old patterns and beliefs coming to the surface to be acknowledged and healed. Honor/love yourself into staying in the moment and allowing the feelings to pass. The more one releases these old wounds, the more light, (whole balanced energies) you are able to accept. You are healing yourself physically , mentally and spiritually.

Mantra for you: I AM Light, I AM Love, I AM Grace, I AM Peace. (Because you are!)

With you in healing and peace,



You are healer and needed now     July 2022

The tragic shootings of July 4th in Highland Park, Il. that claimed the lives of seven and injured at least thirty individuals is devasting to all. God bless all involved and affected by that massacre.  

As a nation we are hurt, uncertain, afraid, and more than concerned that is event has become a sorrowful semi-regular occurrence. Too many individuals have lost faith in themselves and have no connection to God, The Divine, Yahweh, (the name that is appropriate for you) the Highest Source of all life. Too many individuals are lost souls seeking confirmation; “Do you hear me? Do you see me? Am I loveable? Do I matter?” 

A greater truth is that each of us are healers. We are created by God/The Divine, Yahweh. Each of us are a unique Spirit with a soul that knows our highest Being—that we are Spirit. Healing is part of our energetic nature. 
Through our intentions (mind) and our hearts, we may heal ourselves and others. It is a conscious choice. Your love heals. Your blessing another, heals. Your intentions and actions heal. 

When one prays, you are connecting to Source and sending Light/energy to an individual or group of people, for their highest good. The Divine energy that their soul (chooses to) receive helps that person(s) in a way that they require. This is all done by their souls’ acceptance and is not consciously recognized. The energy of blessings –prayer, help's either physically, mentally, or spiritually. The recipient chooses (on a soul level) how to use this infusion of Light--whole balanced energy.  

Who do you hold dear to you? What situations /circumstances (personal or world events) would you like to help to find a solution to, but is beyond your physical control? By actively praying for others, blessing them; “Bless you ____, in all you do.” you are supporting them—assisting in their healing. Do not forget to pray for yourself.

I bless you in the Light of God/ The Divine. 

                              June 2022
Prayer Circle 
Third Monday of each month
6:30 pm CST

Healing Circle
First Monday of each month 
7:30 pm CST

Both are gifted group meditations
thirty minutes
Phone: 667-770-1025    Code: 7638  

Our hearts ache from the tragic gun violence that took the lives of innocent individuals this past week. We pray, blessing their souls. We pray for our country, for lawmakers to create laws and uphold them, for stricter gun control. We pray for all those affected by mental illness. 

We each pray in our own way. All ways are correct. All prayers are heard and answered in divine timing, and in God Creators' way, not ours. Prayer is a divine act. Prayer evokes grace, greater consciousness, humility and forgiveness. Prayers – blessings are energies of change and benevolence.

Prayer can stir your heart into action or calm your heart and bring you peace. When we come together to pray, we intensify the connection and the blessings that we are creating-giving to others, to heal. Together we uplift those who are struggling. 

When praying we are connecting to the Divine Beings that we are addressing; God, Jesus, Buddha, Shanti, Saints, your name for the Divine.

Our solid knowing—faith +, impacts humanity’s collective consciousness. Our continued faith = strength, is in every blessing you give. Part of prayer is inherently and intentionally blessing others. Our faith helps others stay their course. You are an example to others to not give up on themselves and their lives. We are all greatly needed, appreciated and heard by God the Divine. 

I invite you to try these Circles, we are sharing sacred time and energy. Together through a guided meditation we connect with the Divine; you may feel a shift in your energy, bringing you a sense of peacefulness and clarity or strength. We each receive healings and blessings from our sacred time together. No rote prayers, non-denominational and no fee. I invite you to share this information with others who would benefit from them. 

Also, my Facebook Prayer Circle group page is now set to take prayer requests. I also have a prayer request page on my website, www.elizabethromo.com. The Prayer Circle group intention is to come together in the energy of prayer and healing; creating support for one another. Your requests and supportive responses to others are welcomed on that page.

We are the essence of God in form. All prayers are divine energy, an act of creation; one never knows the full impact that our prayers have on the world. 
With you in love and light. 

Your multi-sensory Being supports your health                                              May 2022

Being human, we are both physical matter and Spirit, energetic Divine Being created by God/Source. As an energetic being, humanity (physical matter) is a low frequency. 

Expanding one’s consciousness (awareness) raises our vibration-frequency, prompting greater access to your (intuition) - soul wisdom; creating greater integration of your I Am self, your Divinity. Raising our frequency brings greater clarity, ---you feel, hear, and understand messages your soul is giving you. Your soul is supporting you in making the best choices for yourself. The more one lives as the compassionate soul, “I Am “that we are, the happier and healthier we become, changes you will see in yourself - often in a brief period of time.

Raising your vibration is accomplished by feeling joy, self-appreciation, gratitude every day. It takes conscious awareness of living in Kairos time – God time – Now. Miracles happen in Kairos (the present moment) time. Master teachers Jesus and Buddha lived everyday of their lives in Kairos time.

How do you create more happiness in your day, many times during the day? By experiencing happy memories, being creative, being in nature, looking at beautiful things that bring you happiness, happier within seconds. All raise your frequency---as you sustain higher levels of vibration, the easier you can access your I Am self, the angelic realms and souls who have crossed over and universal consciousness.

I am including an article that scientifically substantiates females' health is improved by being in nature. Futurity.org is a non-profit website that aggregates news articles about scientific research conducted by prominent universities all over the world.

Green Space May cut back on dementia for middle aged women.

Living in an area bursting with green space is associated with higher overall cognitive function in middle-aged women, as well as better mental processing speed and attention, according to a new study.

Cognitive function at middle age is considered a strong predictor of whether a person may develop dementia later in life.  According to the researchers, who studied nearly 14,000 women with an average age of 61, a reduction in depression, a risk factor for dementia, may explain the link between greenery and cognitive function.

The study in JAMA Network Open bolsters previous research that has linked exposure to parks, community gardens, and other greenery with improved mental health.   “Some of the primary ways that nature may improve health is by helping people recover from psychological stress and by encouraging people to be outside socializing with friends, both of which boost mental health,” says lead author Marcia Pescador Jimenez, an assistant professor of epidemiology at Boston University School of Public Health.

“This study is among the few to provide evidence that green space may benefit cognitive function in older ages. Our findings suggest that green space should be investigated as a potential population-level approach to improve cognitive function.”

For the study, Pescador Jimenez and her colleagues measured psychomotor speed, attention, learning, and working memory among primarily white women. The women were participants in the Nurses’ Health Study II, the second of three studies that are among the largest investigations into the risk factors for chronic diseases among women in the United States.

Adjusting for age, race, and individual and neighborhood socioeconomic status, the researchers found that green space exposure—which they estimated using a satellite image–based metric called the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index—was associated with psychomotor speed and attention, but not learning or working memory.

They also examined the potential roles of air pollution and physical activity in explaining the association between green space and cognitive function, and they were surprised to only find evidence of depression as a mediating factor.

“We theorize that depression might be an important mechanism through which green space may slow down cognitive decline, particularly among women, but our research is ongoing to better understand these mechanisms,” Pescador Jimenez says.

“Based on these results, clinicians and public health authorities should consider green space exposure as a potential factor to reduce depression, and thus, boost cognition. Policymakers and urban planners should focus on adding more green space in everyday life to improve cognitive function.”

In a new project funded by the National Institute on Aging, Pescador Jimenez will apply deep learning algorithms to Google Street View images to better understand which specific elements of greenery, such as trees or grass, could be the driving factors for health.

The researchers also hope that their study is replicated among other racial/ethnic populations.

“The distribution of green spaces in cities is not uniform,” says Pescador Jimenez. “Increasing everyday access to vegetation across vulnerable groups in urban cities is a crucial next step to achieve health equity.”

Additional coauthors are from Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, and Rush Medical College.

The National Institutes of Health supported the work.

Source: Boston University  


For your best health, especially if you are not healthy, consciously connect with your body –acknowledge your uniqueness, beauty, talents. To the parts of your body that are not as healthy as you want them to be, speak kindly to them and let All your Being know that you love and appreciate All of You. Honor and be kind to yourself. Keep your vibration – energy uplifted, and you will begin to have amazing and wonderful changes in yourself and your health. 

You will change your life.

With you in peace.



BEING your Greatest for Yourself   April 2022

The greatest gift you may give to yourself, and the world is to know yourself as “I AM,” a magnificent soul; always one with Source-God. You are a Divine Soul (Being of Light - energy). You have intuition, insights from your soul, that come to you all during the day. You must slow down to hear/understand and or sense the insights that “come” to your awareness. You also have non-physical senses, clairsentience, clairaudience, Clair cognizance, clairvoyance. These more sensitive abilities may be developed by you so that you intuitively understand greater amounts of energetic information that is available to you all day, every day; giving you more information as to what is happening around you, for greater clarity in making decisions.

Being present, not thinking of past situations or worrying about future what if’s, takes effort. To stay grounded: feel your feet on the floor, or feel your socks on your feet, or feel your clothes or jewelry against your skin, these all help to keep you present; [ not lost in over thinking.] The brain thinks mechanically, logically. Sensing what is right for you, is living from your heart. When problem solving, ask, “What is in my highest and best for me to do?” The answer may not come right away, give yourself time to let the answer “come” to your awareness. Pop into your head. Most of the time, the solution will feel right to you, but to your brain, it will not make logical sense ---go with your gut feelings. 

Finding and creating more happiness – joy in your day. What makes you smile, or have a feeling of love or peace within? Flowers, speaking with those you love, your pet; what brings you happiness? Create more of that in your day- everyday. 

Look at yourself in the mirror daily and stop and admire yourself, “I am wonderful and unique.” “I am strong and intelligent.” Honor yourself by LOVING your BODY. All of it, the parts that are healthy and the parts that require healing. Do not focus on what is not healthy; state to yourself, “I love myself and am so blessed with my beautiful and healthy body.” “I am so grateful to be so healthy today.” “I am intelligent and love my life, I am blessed.” [ Create your own unlimited, affirmative statements.] All these statements are speaking to all levels of your consciousness--- your body will respond back in self-healing. Do this countless times EACH DAY. Yes, EACH DAY. Try this for two weeks and you will see positive changes within yourself.

This is part of your new health regime; Self-Talk that is positive, uplifting AND speaking lovingly to your body. Time to recognize one’s body as an intelligent, conscious part of ourselves, truly Divine.

As Divine Souls we are here to experience life in joyful ways. We were never meant to live a life of hardship, lack or cruelty in any form. We create everything about ourselves, health, relationships, our lives. Being aware of our personal power and authority of our own lives matters. Deciding to love oneself heals you.

You are a beloved soul, bless you in all joyful and healing ways!


                       Will you use your gifts?      March 2022

We are all affected by today’s action by Russia of invading the Ukraine.     
We are living on earth during humanities greatest challenges of transition and transformation.

As spiritual beings we are here to be an extension of the Divine; to love and honor all life. To co-create with God the Divine lives that are meaningful, loving and are in your highest and greatest good, and support humanity in positive ways. We are living at a new time, a new era.

Beyond our 5 senses, taste, touch, smell, sight, and hearing, we have our energetic aspects of ourselves, assisted by our chakras, the six “Clair” senses: Clairaudience (clear hearing), Clairvoyance (clear seeing), Clair Gustave (clear tasting), Clair cognizance (clear knowing), Clairsentience (clear feeling), Clairalience (clear smelling). 

The Clair's are our psychic, energetic senses; you feel the situation or person around you. You sense, or know, something is wrong/ or true, before you have physical proof of it. These energetic senses are our consciousness expanded – to a greater - higher awareness (than we have ever had) of what is energetically happening around you, and or to people you are connected to, in the present moment.


 Spiritual aspects of our Chakra’s


7th    Crown Chakra       Divine Love
6th    Third Eye               Humility
5th    Throat                    Gratitude
4th    Heart                     Courage
3rd    Solar Plexus          Strength - emotional, spiritual
2nd   Sacral                    Peace maker
1st    Root                       Joy

We each have all we need to move forward through happiness and crisis. Free will allows us to decide what thoughts to create and what action or no action to take.

I ask you to bless your day, your life and all whom you know and love and know. Bless the earth and everyone who lives upon the earth. Envision the world as a peaceful place, living with abundance and good will for everyone. Neighbors getting along with neighbors, nations cooperating with other nations.

Our thoughts are not just ideas in our heads; they conduct energy and create our reality.
Please be a peace maker and focus and send "peace on earth."

With you in peace,


                      Your Greatest Relationship          Feb.2022

Welcome February and the extraordinary opportunities humanity has in living during 2-2022.

The month begins with a New Moon in Aquarius bringing in the energy of new beginnings and change. On Feb. 2, 2022, earth passes through (ending on 2-22) a Portal of Light called the Aquarian Gateway. These powerful energies support the earth and all life on earth propelling us forward in humanity's awakening; (to know oneself as a Divine Being.)  

In Numerology, number 2 energy is about partnerships, relationships, and balance. 

The greatest relationship we have is with ourselves. How do we see, think, and treat ourselves? The world and our lives are changing externally. As sentient beings it is our job to take care of our Soul, our wise non-physical energetic self; by being conscious of the words and thoughts we have about ourselves and our daily experiences.  

Personal Self-Healing  [Your 2nd chakra holds your intuition] 

The more you love yourself, (honor your being) the healthier you become. 

The good things in life you want is not being selfish—it is nurturing and caring for yourself. The Universe has enough for everyone. 
Good relationships, people, events, prosperity, all vibrate at higher vibrations; keep your thoughts higher, positive, to attract what you desire. [ This isn’t wishful thinking; this is using discernment, integrity and self-control with your thoughts and emotions.]  

The human brain likes to focus on thoughts-fears; Ego is involved here. 

Intuition comes from inner knowing, soul wisdom; not thinking. Trust your intuitive feelings and senses. Your intuition always has your best interest as priority. 

Find joy throughout your day. Flowers, a person’s smile, a message, photographs; something that makes you feel happiness within. Holding joy/happiness within yourself raises your vibration and improves your health.

Smiling raises your vibration and improves your health. 

LOVE is the most transformative energy to heal.  

“I have always done the best I could, with the information I had.”   A self-healing statement: repeat to self as needed. 

Healing Exercise  “I am happy.” 

  • Sit quietly, eyes closed, breathe in a few deep breaths 

  • With eyes closed, roll your eyes up, as if looking at your forehead; hold for five seconds. 

  • Eyes closed and relaxed mouth closed, place the tip of your tongue somewhere on the roof of your mouth, for a few seconds. 

  • Your intention, to heal and fill yourself with happiness; and now connect to the Divine and your soul 

  • See brilliant white Divine energy coming to you, entering your crown chakra. As this energy fills you easily, think and say, “I accept happiness; I am happy, and I am full of joy.” Your intention creates the process. Continue to sense, (see) yourself receiving this energy and you being filled with happiness and joy. You may see colors and feel movement within yourself. Fill yourself as much as possible. 

  • Remain here peacefully. Your eyes will open when you are finished. 

  • Sit in the stillness for a few minutes. [ Do this exercise as often as you choose to.] 

  • “Thank you, all that I Am.” 

Sending blessings of happiness and peace to you. 


                  A message from the Ascended Masters *                                                                                      January 2022

A channeled message for humanity for the New Year.

Stop and breathe, dear ones. You have come through another challenging year and are just beginning a new year. We have been with you through it all, whether you have known this or not. We are always with you, whether you believe in us, or not. We want you to know that you are never alone. Never.

There are so many of us here to help you with your spiritual development, remembering yourself as part of The Divine, God-Source. You are now understanding the message of Covid; pay attention and be conscious of life---yours and others. All life matters—we are all connected as we are each from and part of The Divine. When one helps or hurts another, (or self) you are doing it to all.

Look beyond appearances for the greater meaning of situations in your life. The things you are experiencing you have allowed into your life to learn from, for your greatest development and expanded consciousness while on earth. Your development is what truly matters. 

Do not be fearful. You have the strength to embody the energy and intention of love. Love is the highest and purest energy there is. We are not speaking of romantic love, we are speaking of love as honor, compassion, humility, and justice. 

You have been called and agreed to live on earth at this time of humanity’s awakening - expanded consciousness of all beings. You each are the Divine Spark in human form, here to create a new earth, to live as a compassionate, of Spirit, human beings. 

Call on us, think of us, make us part of your inner circle; we may assist you if we are invited/asked to do so. Your free will remains.


And so it is. 

*Ascended Masters include Jesus, Buddha, Kwain Yin, Genesh, Mary, John the Baptist, and some Archangels, to name a few.


The Age of Intuition   December 2021

The time we are now living in has been called the Energy Age, and the Information Age; (all aspects of the Aquarian Age.) Some channelers are calling this time the Age of Intuition. This feels very accurate.

From the realms of the sacred, humanity and the earth are daily receiving energy, as light and vibrations, to support humanity’s transition to consciously know ourselves as one with the Divine. (Unity consciousness. /The Law of One.) The Divine, God Creator has sent Ascended Masters, (some of these beings have lived as a human being on earth) that possess great Divine healing energies that they are now bestowing on humanity; trans mutating of dark energy to light, within us, (with our permission) and with the earth.  

These sacred beings are named God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Buddha, Saints, the Angelic realm, Mohammed, Ganesh, Vishnu, and others, including cosmic energies. Never in the history of earth and humanity has this occurred. The transitions and transmutations that humanity is growing through will change all life on earth forever, for All’s greatest good.

The Age of Intuition is about sensing and feeling yourself from within. Trusting your innate wisdom, that comes to you gently, quietly, from your soul. Meditation, stillness, prayer are all modalities that support one’s inner development. We, humanity, is a great part of the Ascension process that is occurring on earth now. One’s inner knowing, morality, is always present. Do we slow down to feel, listen to our innate response as to what is happening around us? Do we re-act to a situation, or do we respond? Listening to your intuition brings truth and wisdom. 

The Age of Intuition is about living from your true center—your heart. Thoughts, feelings and intentions that are whole and benevolent for yourself and others; this is from your soul. This is You living as a Divine Being. 

2022 and beyond is about living---radiating love, forgiveness and compassion to yourself and others. Staying neutral to the ups and downs of our material world and sending - intending blessings and peace to troubled peoples and situations. To not become part of the drama---but be the touch stone for peace and fairness. We will learn how to access higher realms of consciousness. We are to envision our reality as we want it to be and set our daily intention, that we are giving our best each day.

Bless you with love, peace and happiness in this holiday season. May you be the light, blessed with great health and prosperity in the New Year. 


Mediumship Program

 Communicating with those in Spirit is a skill that we each are able to master, by consciously developing our awareness to higher and greater levels. We each inherently have the tools to accomplish this. 

A mediumship session supports the healing of family and friends and of the soul of the departed loved one. Connecting with and bringing messages from those who have crossed to Spirit brings to you greater perceptions of life, the universe and yourself.

 This program will cover all aspects of a mediumship session, working with your Guides, develop your innate senses, meditation techniques and learning about ourselves as energy . You will learn how to expand your awareness to reach greater levels of consciousness, connecting and communicating you with those in Spirit.

 Daily meditation is essential, on your own.

$300.00     7 weeks     2 hours per weekly session

 7 – 9 pm CST 

Feb. 16, 23 March 2, 9, 16, 23, 30, 2022  This is a Zoom group class.

*Meditation is required, on your own.


Our Light is Divine, and Creates our Lives (and tomorrows)     November 2021

As a Spiritual/human being, you know that our Soul’s, I Am, is our oneness with God-Source. Every human being is in a state of transition and transformation to restore humanity to its innate nature of decency, compassion, unity, equality, abundance, love and joy.  

Living consciously as Soul - I Am, we access the energy of our Soul - our spiritual knowing of fairness, compassion and infuse each of our thoughts and decisions with integrity. Our words and actions will support a balanced life with others and our environment. We would strive to work harmoniously with each other and seek to meet the basic life necessities, (food, shelter, work, education) of all, in fair and humane ways. 

Everyone is doing the best they can. Here is a meditation to support you in healing and deepened spiritual awareness.   

A Healing Meditation (physical, mental, or spiritual)

Sit quietly in a place where you will be undisturbed. You may choose to have meditation music on and or candle lit. 

Close your eyes. Breathe deeply, feel the movement of air through your nose, or the movement of your chest expanding and contracting. 

Set your intention: “That all of my Being, body, mind and Spirit/Soul is one with The Divine, God, Source now.” 

Intend that God-Source is sending down a great shaft of white Light, Divine energy to wrap you in. This shaft of light completely surrounds you, your auric field and goes through the floor, down into the earth below; there to ground you during this meditation. 

Focus on your heart center. Envision it, or feel it, gently opening. See or sense your Spirit/soul and love, coming from you. The white shaft of light encapsulates you completely. This Divine Light is Divine-God essence. 

Your body is Light and is now energetically blending with God’s. Together you are One. Every particle, atom, molecule, all that you are is united with Source; allow yourself to expand your energy and conscious awareness. Breathe out---expand and expand and expand your lifeforce, the Light of You. Rise higher and higher in consciousness. Let yourself drift up, higher and higher, expanding more and more. Feel expansive-limitless – while feeling safe.  

As you are able, silently share with Creator what you would like healing on, a physical ailment, or emotional healing; or to release fear, anger (your needs.) 
With your mind, focus on the body part, (or several) that requires healing, focus some of the white light onto that part of the body, with this Divine Light. 

Or picture emotional wounds as a shape with a color; place this in your cupped hands. Focus some of the Divine Light to your hands; allow this healing light to dissolve the wound. As the wound/memory is dissolved it becomes particles of dust that fall away from you. Your hands are empty now. Allow more Divine light to fill your heart and your mind, bringing you peace and clarity.  

Allow yourself to drift off. You are the LIGHT, one with Source. You are whole and safe and at peace. Stay here as long as you can. 

When this process is complete, you will gently open your eyes. Sit for a few minutes to bring all of you back to your body and the room. 

When ready, get up slowly and drink water to ground you. 

***You may use this meditation to bless others. Create a circle around you as Light, picture family, friends, (angels, Jesus, Yahweh, Vishnu) standing in your circle with you as Light. Bless them, love them, intend healing to them with God-Source. 
***Record yourself reading this meditation---leave silent gaps for your journey.
Play back for easier use as a guided meditation.
May this meditation be a tool for you in healing and expanded awareness. Bless you and your family and friends as we celebrate together again, Thanksgiving. 

With you in healing and peace. 

The New KIND                   October 2021
We understand that as Souls, Beings of Light, we are always one with God/Source and are here to use our innate Divinity to create our lives; earthly experiences, as we live in a physical human body. Humanity creates through our thoughts, feelings and actions. The Covid-19 pandemic has awakened humanity to the Universal truth that we are all One; that all life is linked together.  

Suzy Miller, an integrative healing specialist, speaks of the new wave of children being born on earth now, within the past two years, (just before and through Covid) and moving forward. They are called “The New Kind,” as in Kindness.  

These souls are coming to live kindness, compassion and love. All the same qualities that each of us possess. It is not that they have more, kindness, compassion or love than the rest of humanity-- as advanced souls they come remembering their true Divine nature and to live in alignment with father mother God. They come to co-create a balanced, joyful and harmonious life with God/Source. 

This new generation of children are here to model kindness to us. The kindness that is already within ourselves. The New KIND came to fulfil their souls work of living for the greatest good of themselves and All life on earth. These children came to assist humanity in healing and to raise mass consciousness regarding honoring all life.

I believe these children will be extremely intuitive, have third sight, precognition, see Spirit and have healing abilities.  The New Kind children came to support life on earth, to show humanity the way of living to one's full potential, as physical and spiritual beings. We as their elders have the opportunity to be great guardians of them and encourage them in their honesty, fairness and truth. 

Blessing you in love and light, 
       ay w No looking back                September 2021

We grew up understanding ourselves through our five senses: sight, smell, taste, hearing and touch. Tod
e know that we are more than a physical being, that we have energetic senses, too. We describe ourselves as feeling, “run down, depleted, no energy left.”  Humanity is becoming transparent to one another. We speak of sensing,” that something isn’t right;” knowing that another person, “isn’t being truthful,” and sensing that, “something else is going to happen.”

We are recognizing - honoring more of our intuitive knowing's and having greater sensitivity to others. These energetic senses are part of our becoming conscious – awake to the oneness of life on planet earth. That we are energetic beings in physical vessels. We are assimilating these new knowing's-senses, using them to make choices from a greater base of information. The goal is transmutation of ourselves from Me to We mentality, with global consciousness that honors all life.
Humanity is living with one foot in each world; the physical and the spiritual, and all life on earth is involved. The decade of 2020 is the beginning of humanity’s transition, and we have resources and support from God-Source and the entire universe.

Today, many of us are conscious of being part of earth’s Collective Consciousness. That is great. Our souls have awakened, and we must monitor not only our physical beings, and our spiritual beings too. You require time to rest, need silence, meditate on peace, your connection to God and your active participation to life on earth. Changing from, “having a job,” to, “what is my calling?”  How may I be of service to the community of humankind?

God – Creator gives us grace to support us. Prayer, stillness and accepting oneness with The Divine are essential, abundant tools to use to support our souls in our awakened energetic development. Wednesday, September 8, 2021, is World Day of Prayer. May we each take time to still ourselves and connect to the Divine, blessing all of humanity and all life on earth, and earth itself.

New News!

A Haven for Angels has undergone a transformation to, Elizabeth Romo.com, 1 with Source.  This transition has been three years in the making. I am grateful for all the support that I have received from you all on my spiritual journey.  There is a new email address: info@elizabethromo.com; the former email address will continue to work, as well.
New too, I am holding in person sessions the second and fourth Thursday of the month from 10 – 6 pm in Chicago.   Sessions are by appointment.  
  Kwai Fah Acupuncture Clinic,   3525 W. Peterson Ave.  Chicago, Il. 60659
With thanks for you,

                                                    August 2021  
                                Is the world spinning too fast, or is it me?

 As August begins, the Ascension energies coming to earth, (which began around 12-12- 12,) from God/Source, the sun, other planets, stars and other cosmic energies in the universe, are supporting humanity and earth in moving humanity from 3rd dimension existence/energy, (polarity thinking; me vs them,) to 5th dimension existence/energy, (unity consciousness and manifestation.)

The energies of 3rd dimensional existence are what is now manifesting to many as feelings of survival fears, depression, and surrender modes. The problems playing out throughout the world are remnants of old thinking, limited and biased beliefs and exaggerated egos. You may be feeling tired, restless, irritable, or emotional and not know why. The finer, higher frequencies of the 5th dimensional energies, Heart Centered Consciousness, have been sent to assist in re-awaken humanity’s DNA, so that we remember that we are part of and always one with God, Creator.

5th dimensional frequencies help us to open and listen to our heart--- your intuitive, soul knowing's; your heart speaking/guiding you. The 5th dimensional energies are integrating with our human energies; many may be feeling out of balance; sensing something has changed, but not certain exactly what. The old is gone and we are now creating the new energy of life.

Living and speaking truth, honesty, integrity; coming from one’s heart. The decade of 2020 will be of energetic transitions and consciousness, changes for humanity. We are the living “New Earth”. As a divine Being, we are consciously more aware that, “I Am patient, I Am forgiving, and I Am compassionate.” The energy of the 5th dimension is thought into manifestation. It is our choice to now live these truths.

How to Stay Grounded Now When feeling out of sorts: (this takes only a minute or two)

⦁ Stop. Consciously decide to connect- be one with your soul. ⦁ Ground yourself to the place where you are standing sitting. See your feet energetically going down, down into the earth; (no matter where you are.)
⦁ Hold the truth, that you are an aspect of God, Source. You are Light-energy, whole and pure. See yourself as a sphere of Light, or a body filled with Light.
⦁ Intend your Light and if you choose, divinely bless Light/energy out into all life on the earth. Bless all life here. All life is sacred. You may feel yourself as expanded awareness.
⦁ Accept the peace and harmony that comes with these intentions and actions. Breathe.
 Do this as many times during the day or night, as needed. 

  Bless you on creating your day consciously, for the best for All.  

                                        July 2021
                          Blessing Others, Blessing Yourself           
To bless another is to intentionally co-create with The Divine - Source, giving /sending energetic gifts of grace, and Divine Light/energy; to the individual you are concerned about.  Blessings may be given to people, places, situations, all forms of life.  Blessings may be for yourself, for another person or for all people who live upon the earth.

There is no limit as to the grace that you may send through a single blessing or prayer.  
Yes, it is alright to pray for and bless yourself. You know when you need additional support.

A blessing does not make judgments about its recipient's --it unconditionally gives/sends support to them. When blessing another by prayer, one does not instruct Source as to what to send the recipient; Creator knows exactly what the individual needs.

Your blessing is your heart bestowing your love and care — extending yourself, with Creator, giving that individual; the power, strength, that they need immediately, in their challenging situation.  A blessing is immediate.  A blessing may support the individual with emotional or physical strength, insights, logical thinking, abstinence/ personal self-control, et al.

Blessings and prayer are humanity’s tools of creation. Our hearts tell us when to use them; please listen to your heart. There is no limit on the blessings and prayers that you may create and give. Blessings and prayers are created for the greatest good of the recipient.

A  Blessing  for You
May you be held in the light of Source in love, grace and wholeness everyday of your life.
May you know yourself as a divine aspect of Source, a soul united with the universe.
May you always have strength, clarity and good will for yourself and others.

With you in healing and peace.


                                             June  2021
                               Our Soul is Consciousness

Our Soul is consciousness, our Soul is Light. All light is energy and contains information. All light comes from Source, (God, Yahweh, The Divine.) We are always one with Source, and human’s DNA holds our Divine code; activates our remembering this.

Since 2012 the universe has been sending us new energies, that earth has never before had, to re-activate mankind’s DNA, awakening us to a higher level of understanding, that we are more than physical matter; it is our duty to co-create our life with Source. As a spiritual being, we are here to create good in all aspects of our lives, impacting ourselves and others. (If you chose to).

 Our thoughts, intentions and actions are all energy and we do create what we focus on. Positive or negative. Listening, feeling your gut knowing's, your intuitive thoughts are our spiritual tools to navigate life here. Following one’s intuitive guidance takes faith – faith in yourself trusting your inner knowing, and faith in Source---that you are choosing what is best for yourself.

You have probably learned that thinking through a decision, often does not bring the best results for you. That our five senses, taste, touch, smell, feel and hearing do not aid us in making decisions. It is our soul = intuition-inner knowing that truly supports us.

 As the decade of 2020 has begun a new era for humanity, our task is to learn to navigate our physical matter-bodies and our energetic bodies consciously and simultaneously. Those thoughts and feelings that you are picking up- that are not always yours; understanding why or where they are coming from; and, more important, how to manage the effect they have on you.

 Your tools:
Knowing yourself as a Soul and a human being. You are energy/light and co-create.

Listening to your inner guidance—don't “think yourself” out of understanding it.

Be brave and take action on the wonderful insights you have.

Live in the present - today — conscious of now. Let go of past pain---a less than image of yourself. “I can’t.” Only you define yourself.

Choose the stronger, healthier you.

Choose happiness and gratitude in your decisions and actions.

Connect with your Soul, Source, angels and guides that work with you daily. They are with you; ask for guidance/support and you will receive it.

Be still and listen and or feel their responses. (Prayer/conversation and meditation). If you doubt this, try it - you will be amazed at the responses you receive.

With you in healing and peace,

                                                   May 2021
                            Making the Connection with Meditation

 Years ago, when I experienced my spiritual awakening, and I was told by the angel that works with me, “It’s time to do your work.” Shaken, I inherently knew this meant I was to regularly connect with the angelic realm and my guides. I came to learn that I was to work with others, bringing messages from one’s soul - for their spiritual guidance and support. How do I do that? Asking the angelic realm they replied, “meditate and you will connect with us, and you will understand.” At the time I did not meditate or care to.

I taught myself to meditate, and I am sharing the tools that I have created through the years, with you. Meditation brings you inner harmony, peace and clarity. Making time for meditation, connection, is essential to one’s mental and spiritual well-being. It is a way to center yourself, create balance and peace within yourself.

This workshop teaches how to meditate and connect to your Soul, the Divine and the angelic realm.

Monday May 10, 2021 Reaching Higher Realms 7 – 9 pm CT
$35.00 https://www.ahavenforangels.com/apps/webstore/products/show/8211751 Zoom class; if no computer access you may phone in to participate.

With you in peace,


                                               April 2021


                                  Reaching Higher Realms                                              

                      Workshop: Personal Meditation / Angelic Realm    


Angels as divine channels of healing have been described as white lights throughout history.  Angels speak to us through our intuition.

In the 1930s, Edgar Cayce. Christian Mystic and seer gave a series of spiritual discourses that viewed Angels as both inner and outer manifestations. To the question, do I have a guardian angel guide? Or a spirit guide.? Cayce said, “for every soul there are guardians that stand before the throne of Grace and Mercy.  Angels are guardians to protect and assist those that they work with if that soul is willing to be guided.”  He suggested that one must be willing to be guided through sincere desire and expectation. Angels may not force their assistance upon us. Our free will allows them to work with us or not.

Making time for meditation, connection, is essential to one’s mental and spiritual well-being. It is a way to center yourself, create balance and peace within yourself. 

This workshop teaches how to meditate and connect to your Soul and the Divine and the angelic realm.

Monday May 10, 2021

7 – 9 pm CT

Zoom class; if no computer access you may phone in to Zoom to participate.


Welcome 2021

Congratulations on living through 2020.  It took F.A.I.T.H. (and courage) to experience all that you did this past year. 

                                                    You were and still are:

Fearless in navigating your life, one day at a time.                                                             Adaptable in changing one’s routine, social behavior, mindset.                                            Intuitive: trusting and following your inner guidance.
Team player: adhering to the guidelines and “rules” created for the  health and safety of all.        Heartfelt/healing nature: more caring and compassionate individual to family, friends and strangers.  

We each are stronger, awake to our environment and more aware of living conditions; social and economic challenges that others are experiencing. 2021 will give us every opportunity to be the greater, instrument of love and compassion that we are and came to Be.

I ask the angelic realm and God/Yahweh/Source to work with me daily. Asking for strength, clarity and the ability to do all that I am meant to do each day. I know that as I am giving, I am supporting all life and living my Divine, I AM self.  You may be doing this, too. You may choose to do this to support yourself with Divine grace. 

Bless you in all life affirming ways. May love, excellent health, abundance and joy be yours in 2021.

                                                           Mediumship Program
I am offering a Mediumship program this January. The program will create a solid foundation for your hearing/understanding one's intuition, learn how to meditate, learn about the world of Spirit, energy, colors, and more. With respect and integrity learn to connect to higher realms and the departed; receive and give messages from Spirit.

There are three parts to the program.
Each part consists of:
Classes are once a week, for five weeks, two hours per session.
Topics will be incorporated into several sessions.  
Practice sessions and demonstration
Required:  *meditation on your own: build to 30 minutes a day or longer.
Click here to learn more about the program


                                               Consciously Awake       December 2020

The Ascension Process is part of what some call the shift  from the belief of human life as strictly a physical existence, to knowing and understanding oneself as a  spiritual soul, an energetic power and an aspect of the Divine.  

As spiritual beings/ souls, humanity is here to experience life in the physical, and to make conscious choices – at one’s best – to repeatedly choose love,( respect and honor ourselves,) understanding that each choice impacts not only our life, all life around us and the earth itself. 

We are living through “the Shift of the Ages.”  Years 2020 - 2030 will be significant in disclosing corporations secret acts/policies of inhumanity and thievery.  Systems built on inequality and corruption will be dismantled and humane systems will be created for the betterment of all. 

Humanity’s ascension is the awakening our Christ consciousness (non- denominational) ---which is the spark of the Divine within us, so that what we desire is to be a compassionate, loving soul who is of service to others. Consistently choosing love - making decisions and  taking actions that are for the well-being of all. 

The more one chooses to live this way the easier one’s life flows with harmony, gratitude, abundance and good health; and the more we begin to see the bigger picture behind the events in our day-lives.  Living less than this, being manipulative, self-serving, prejudice and or aggressive will  bring illness, loss and unhappiness.  

This year has probably been the most challenging year we have ever experienced. Trust your inner guidance; slow down, feel what is the right actions to take. Call upon the Divine and the angels. Open your heart to understand the action to take for yourself. Divine wisdom is yours through prayer and meditation. We have all learned so much this year, about what's important for ourselves and others. Bless us all, in our self-work and support of others.  

As December brings us the end of 2020, the holidays give us cause to celebrate life. May you enjoy peace and good health with your family and friends; whether in person, telephone or via computer. It is love and connection that matter.

Bless you in 2021.


With you in healing and peace. 


                                   Zoom class November 17, 2020!

                         What happens to our Soul when we cross over?   


You are invited to come and learn how a soul prepares to pass over to Spirit. How one’s consciousness transitions from human back to Soul/Spirit.  Do those in Spirit remember anything about the life they just finished? What happens as one's soul realizes that it truly is, Spirit? and the assistance we have in making our journey home. This lecture will enrich and comfort you regarding death, transition and our souls’ next journey. 

Elizabeth Romo is an Evidential Medium, Spiritual Counselor, Reverend, Energy Medicine practitioner, Past Life and Life Between Lives practitioner, teacher and author. 

Tuesday, November 17, 2020    7 - 8 pm    

Zoom class sponsored by The Present Moment



                                               Our soul is our power             November 2020

We are multi-sensory beings, more than just our five senses, and our soul is our power.  Our consciousness is awakening to the interconnectedness of all life forms, animal, mineral, vegetable. As humans we are more sensitive now, perceiving feelings, energy, time and space, which are of the invisible realm. Adjusting to and understanding greater perceptivity and fuller awareness of ourselves and our environment is part of our new normal. 

Our thoughts are energetic transmissions, either retained within ourselves, sent out, or both. All our thoughts, whether private or not, are energy and become part of our collective consciousness;( energy that is felt by all).  We are responsible for all our thoughts, positive or negative whether we act on them or not.

As the Presidential election is days away, let us join together to create the atmosphere of peace, calmness, clarity.  Please consider taking time throughout the day, and the coming week(s) to sit quietly and intend that you are one with your soul and are a vessel of light, an extension of God. The light from God/Source. See your entire being filling with the light of Divinity. You are being filled with peace, clarity, good will.  You become lighter, brighter and expand energetically.

Picture the Unites States below you, intend blessings, peace and clarity, you may see this as waves of energy----send this blessing to the entire nation.  Peace, clarity, good will to every individual living in the United States.  Allow the energy to flow from you, you will feel it coming from your heart chakra. 

This meditation may take a few minutes, or longer---it is up to you. When you are finished your eyes will open and your awareness will be back in your space and your body. Breathe deeply and exhale. You have done a great service for yourself and humanity. Please consider doing this several times during the day.  

“Be the peace you wish for the world.”

Thank you for your service to humanity.

With you in healing and peace.



                                      What is your heart saying?                   October 2020

Our heart’s our inner guidance, intuiting one’s soul wisdom.  

As we are in the ninth month of living with COVID-19, (I’m using the start date of February,) many are feeling that time is moving very fast; when at the same time you know that this past winter, with forced shut in and shut down, it felt like one day lasted forever. 

Your innate feeling was correct.  Time is speeding up, and humanity’s relationship to energy and time is changing. Our physical bodies are now feeling the effects of time. [Humanity moved into the world of energy in the 1940’s when the atomic bomb was used, beginning the Nuclear Age].

Since the 1950’s government and big business has focused on developing weapons and tools. Electronic devices began becoming mainstream in our homes and lives. Today circling the earth and parts of the nearby solar system are satellites, bringing us the internet, G.P.S. and more.  The electromagnetic radiant energy that surrounds earth brings us: 5G, microwave, radio waves, ultrasound, infrared light, ultraviolet, (visible light,) X-rays and gamma rays, to name a few.  We are being influenced by all energies. There is no preventing or stopping this. 

We are no longer 5 sensory beings; we are multi-sensory beings. Yes, we are all psychic (your intuitive feelings come from your soul). We are feeling, sensing - understanding more about a person or a situation, without words or actions. You can feel when something is “true” or not.  Everyone is more attuned - sensitive to what is happening around us.

We have been in the Age of Energy for at least thirty years. 2020 and moving forward is about transition. To what? To understanding we are Souls of Light made of energy and that we are All One. Humanity must live consciously—and responsibly for all that we create----visible and invisible, (our thoughts, emotions, intentions.). Our life on earth must become peaceable by choice—to not someday use the bombs that man has created. Focus on harmony and equality---best for all.

As Beings of Light, from God-Source we are powerful and need to comprehend this. What we each (intend) think, say and actions taken truly have an impact on you, the person or thing involved, and on the environment. Thoughts become things. 

Our thoughts, regrets, sadness, anger, fear all create weight within us - we carry this physically- and it impacts our physical bodies. Energetically we create our health. Illness comes from what we choose to hold onto, (emotions/regrets).

Tools to aid us are prayer-- talking with Creator, meditation, being mindful and living in the present now. Taking time out to be still, become one with Source/God, will support and uplift you.

We each have the ability to intend (send) blessings to ourselves, family, friends, world affairs---to assist in healings now. There is so much help from the angelic realm, Master teachers, Jesus, Yahweh, Buddha, Shiva, one just needs to ask for support, and be open for their response.

So, trust your instincts, take time to still yourself and move into reflection, be kind, grateful and of service when you can. Envision you together with your family, all smiling, all healthy and grateful.

Bless you today and all of your tomorrows.



                                 Compassion and Grace in the Field                    Sept. 2020

Science has proven that all life is created from energy. We are energetic beings. Quantum physics was created in 1900 by Max Planck and was further expanded by physicist Paul Dirac in 1927 with quantum electrodynamics. The quantum field theory explains the important process of the emission of a photon by an electron dropping into a quantum state of lower energy, where a number of particles changes occur—resulting in one atom becomes an atom plus a photon in the final state. This happens innately.

Referred to as the field, we now know that earth is surrounded by consciousness. This life energy is all around us and is not visible to the naked eye.

One spiritual view of the field is that this consciousness is the energy of compassion and grace.  This energy is always available to all humanity on earth and in Spirit. That humans (all life on earth,) always interact with this field. Our thoughts, feelings, actions and intentions all impact the field.

So, we ask, do we make a difference? One person’s thoughts, actions, motives?  The answer is Yes.  The more humanity moves toward compassion, equality, fairness in our relationships, business and personal----the field will respond. The field will contain more compassion and grace. As we change our minds and behavior, with an uplifting mindset, social equality, and ecological stewardship, the field will respond, having more grace---light ---awareness.  

The more humanity lives more consciously and civilly, our social, political, health, educational, business and financial systems will change for the betterment of all. The idea of war and prejudice will no longer be accepted.  This takes time and conscious awareness on our part.

Our intentional connection to Creator Source/God, through prayer, meditation, and our compassionate relationships with others all make the difference. 

Blessing you with peace and healing


                         We are Souls, an Extension of Source                July 2020

The Pandemic and the events of George Floyd’s death are events meant to awaken the world – all humanity to the power that we each possess. Our power is in what we create, with our thoughts, intentions, words, and actions.

Source created human beings, as individual aspects of itself (a soul). As a soul we are given the opportunity to experience life on earth – and have the innate ability to co-create with Source- (the Light), which comprises the aspects of consciousness, oneness / unity, balance, compassion, love, truth, and equality. As one with Source, humanity’s highest objective is to create infinite possibilities of life here on earth, that are loving – fair – balanced, as an extension of Source. Plainly put, to be an extension of Source as a human being.

Created from the energy of Source, each human being is more powerful than we in the West have been taught. Eastern faith traditions have taught about the power of one’s thoughts and intention. How to quiet one’s mind and listen to one’s inner wisdom.(Teachings from Buddha.)

Everything is energy; our thoughts, our bodies, the earth, all of life is energy; it vibrates, moves, and responds to other energy. All of life is linked to each other; (The Universal Law of One,) there is meant to be balance in our being and all forms of life on earth; we have not lived in balance (harmony) for many decades now.

As a human being we create first with our mind with thoughts, then our intentions, then with our emotions, to then produce physical actions, or spoken words and or things---- we have unrealized power of co-creation with Source (God).

Our words and thoughts have power and become part of the collective consciousness of our nation, and then the world. Thoughts and intentions unspoken, too, have weight – an impact on ( the energy,) the collective consciousness. The feelings, knowing, fears, tension that we “feel” is real. This includes hatred and mistrust; we feel it, and this has an energetic impact on us. (stress)

Now as Energetic Beings, we sense/intuit/ know more than what is said (or demonstrated) to us. We are living in the age of Energy: sensing (understanding) more of what is happening, our intuitive senses are now on full-time. This is part of everyone’s energetic make-up.

This understood, our thoughts have an impact on us and others. Compassion, fairness as well as anger, judgment, bias, lies all have an energetic consequence on one’s health and relationships.

What we each think and focus on matters to us all, personally, and collectively. Spiritually uplifting thoughts – fairness, equality, compassion, truth is Universal Law (truths) heal us. Intentions/prayer all bring healing to you and others.

Please consider praying – blessing all affected by racial prejudice in the United States, for unity among all people in every country and nation throughout the world. For honest and fair political responses to unify our nation, now. For robust economic health for all nations, for Covid-19 to be contained and a vaccine created for the public to have available now.

Thank you for being an agent of change in global healing.

Together with you in healing and peace.


                                                   SPECIAL FOR YOU

                       Karuna Reiki ® Holy Fire Energy Session  (long distance)

                                               via Telephone, Zoom or Skype

Karuna Reiki ® is an energy system that assists humanity to heal deeply, energetically and emotionally.   It transcends time and space, working with one's energy fields, (chakras) to balance, restore or repair them, which create ones health.  
Karuna Reiki  ® supports us in releasing stress , fear  and limiting/negative thoughts or emotions. This energy assists in releasing limiting beliefs and or memories; generating new feelings of peacefulness, clarity and well-being often result from a session. 

thirty minute session     $40.00    (normally $50.00)

First Monday evening   
7:30 pm CST conference call
Call: 515-604-9000
Access code: 488506
approx. 30 minutes
Gifted to you

As a channel for God/Source, I bring forth a channeled healing session as participants silently intend blessings for themselves, others and the earth; as each connects with Creator Source, accepting healing of our bodies, mind and spirit. Participants silently join together, honoring our union, intending openness to receive healing for their concerns.  Participants comment  “How powerful, supportive and healing the session was.”   I am very grateful to be a part of this process.

***Join our facebook Healing Circle group for your questions and or comments about the calls.         https://www.facebook.com/groups/mondayshealingcircle/

Third Monday of the month  6:30 pm CST
Dial 1-515-604-9000
Access code 488506
Approximately thirty minutes.
Gifted to you 
Connecting as a group to Divine Source--honoring all life. Non-denominational: Guided group work, with the energy of our intentional prayers, in support of one another - our global community, now dealing with pandemic of COVIDR-19.  The dynamics of group work is powerful.




Long Distance energy session to balance one's energy, releasing blocked and used energy and accepting whole, higher vibrational energy  for your body, mind and Spirit.

SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS available; contact Elizabeth for further information

                                                     Your Referrals are Appreciated

                                                                       Thank You


                   We Have Time to Stop, Connect and Be Of Service            April 2020

As we begin another week of shelter in place, we have time to meditate, pray; take - make private time to silently go deep within oneself to connect and claim one’s mind – heart – and spirit; attaining calmness, strength and clarity. Setting this intention: sit, breathe, be still, relax, stay here until you feel inner harmony.

While in this state of peace, intend connection to your Divine Self. Relax – breathe – feel your heart; envision your heart with white light coming from it and surrounding it. There is so much light you feel its energy radiating from your chest. This is your life force, giving you life; and is your eternal oneness with Creator Source, (use the name that is right for you.) Stay here; be one with your Divine energy. Here together, we balance our energy, receive more of the energies that we need that heal our body, mind and spirit.

Still in this sacred space, you may choose to intend and send your love, compassion and good will to All life on this earth, today. Blessing All with healing and strength.  Yes, we each have this ability to share with others. ( You may think of specific people, and or send the intention of, e.g. containment of the virus --- economic stability to all nations, etc.) Just Be, don’t judge.  Breathe.  Allow yourself to expand energetically sending/giving these blessings/support. No further words are necessary here – it is what is in one’s heart that directs the energy/sharing.  Breathe.  You may lose track of time, thoughts; one’s conscious awareness may suspended during this experience.

When this meditation - healing is complete, your awareness will return, and your eyes will slowly open. Breathe. You may feel a bit dizzy, as one’s energy has expanded and shifted; remain seated for a few minutes. Remember to give thanks for this experience and for the blessings that you have assisted in creating for the betterment of All life here on earth.

This meditation supports your total well-being; including humanity in the healing is a true blessing for us All. Healing one or many, everyone benefits. Thank you for supporting humanity and sharing your gifts.

Together in healing and peace,


just added :  Healing Circle Wednesday April 1, 2020   6:30 pm CST

Prayer Circle Third Monday of month 5:30 pm CST    (non-denominational)

Phone 1-515-604-9000    code: 488506

approx. thirty minutes       free group sessions


Healing Messages from Source      March 2020

A recent Healing Circle¹ call gifted us with insights and wisdom from Source that I would like to share with you. You may choose to work with these intentions, imagery and support for your personal well-being and spiritual growth.

Messages From Source:

“One’s energy, one’s Aura, moves and changes with the thoughts, intentions and emotions one has. You not only receive energy and respond to it from others; you emit and affect others with your energy.”

“The energy from one’s heart center is one’s greatest and wisest guide. One’s energy flows out in waves; further and further out, reaching all lifeforms, (people, animals, nature) more than you can imagine. Your intention(s) greatly impact your life and health.”

“One’s intentions, direct one’s mind – thoughts and behavior -- actions. Choose to focus on higher, fair and humane thoughts, ideals, goals. Intentions create energy that attract people, situations and things into one’s life.”

“Open your heart and intend to meld all of your Being with your Divine Self and Source--- you are choosing To Be your greater self, now, in this human body and consciousness. Stay here for a few minutes, just Be-ing. Breathe and accept balance and harmony = peace.”

“**Picture yourself as a brilliant white star – radiating rays of light (your energy) out in all directions. Allow yourself to feel your energy flow within yourself; imagine yourself as star light reaching out in all directions. Breathe deeply, then exhale deeply; feel your energy intensify and expand outward – and further out -- all is balanced, flowing. As you do this you are affecting /impacting others around you –

· Accept/Be the light that you are
· Continue to positively affect all life around you
· One with Source for greater support, strength, clarity/purity
· Here you are balanced (peaceful) and in harmony with all life
· Here you feel unity with Source, always connected

· **The more often you do this meditation, the easier it becomes, you will physically feel your energy shift and expand. You are working with trust and letting go of limiting beliefs in this experience.

Welcome Spring and the flowers that you bring us.

With thanks for you.


1. Healing Circle call: First Monday of each month. 7:30 pm CST. Approx. thirty minutes. Phone 515-604-9000; access code: 488506; Gifted group session.


                   Out of the Mouth of Babes            February 2020

February’s stillness offers us time to begin the changes that we have decided to make in our lives; possibly changing habits that are not in our best interest, or begin new activities that add more interests and joy to one’s life. Listening to and trusting our intuition, then taking action on the message that spoke to us so clearly.

Working with a client recently, I learned of a surprising intuitive message her daughter acted on. Here is their great, true story worth sharing.

Jane* is a single mom who owns her own business, working full time and cares for her daughter. Her daughter is active going to school and with friends and activities. For the past many weeks, her daughter Ann* did not want to be rushed in getting ready for school; “Why do we have to rush? Can’t we take it easy, and have some fun before school?” Ann asked Jane. This tug of war went on; how to make morning rush hour at home less stressful. That was the challenge.

As fall progressed, Ann came up with a wonderful solution. “Mom, let’s put on some music and dance in the morning; that would be fun!” “What? dance before you leave for school?” asked Jane. “Yes, that would be so much fun, and then I can go to school.” Ann said.

So Jane agreed and wakes Ann up earlier, happy to be dancing together, to their favorite music before the school day begins. Why? “Because it’s fun and dancing feels good!” exclaims Ann.

Ann followed her "knowing" that to be fully present for her day, she needed to be grounded, share quality time with her mom, and connect and celebrate her body and life; dance does that for her.
This wise and listening soul is 6 years old. What a creative and adaptable girl she is. Thank you Ann and Jane, for showing us a new way.

May you try something new, just for you, this year.
Blessings to you.


                                               Retreat, Process, Intend               January 2020

Happy New Year and new decade.

To retreat is to withdraw, and it is understood that the wise person knows when to withdraw from a situation, so that they may re-evaluate; change their mind, change their actions and gain the larger picture of what has occurred or is occurring.

January is the month to quiet oneself, reflect on the events and lessons experienced and learned from last year. Winter supports us by being cold and shortening the hours of sunlight, sending us inside. Being home, safe and warm assists us to Be still, sit, and reflect on what has changed and or how we have changed in the past year.

It is beneficial to take time to be mindful of personal successes and losses of the past year. Listening to our hearts is always a part of the process. Do you need time to grieve a loss, or understand better a relationship that is painful in your life? Do you need time to say , “Thank you” for the gifts you have received? Sacred time in the silence with Source, being open to greater insights, will help. Honoring yourself with patience may be required. Intending the aspects of oneself that we want improved and expanded.

May this new year be one of greater insights, sharing of love, compassion and equality. May we each have the time and desire to share ourselves with others; as the world requires strong, light-filled / Source conscious, awake Beings, to live the true nature of our Being. As we each do this, we greatly support all life on earth.

Blessings of peace, good will and good health be yours every day.

With thanks for you.



                                                              Who We Are                         October 2019

This past summer was very intense for many clients, friends, and some family members of mine. When speaking with me about their situations, which in a few instances were tragic, there was often doubt as to not only how to deal with their situations, but also doubt as to their personal strength to keep themselves “held together” through it all.  Their challenges were tests of character, will and spiritual  strength. It was a tough summer for many.

As I opened to Spirit, one message dominated these sessions; it was to honor the divine wisdom that is yours; to live the truth that we each are an aspect of divinity and as such we are each part of I AM. 

Trusting your intuitive knowing = Divine Wisdom. Difficult situations require personal strength and action; speaking and acting in truth, often when others do not want to deal with the truth; is stretching our own limits to BE sensitive/intuitive – compassionate—strong (emotionally, mentally and or physically). Through “a trial,” one needs to endure, keeping on, having faith in yourself, that you will get through the situation, making the best decisions/choices that you have available to you. One needs to just “Keep Going.” Through it all one attains greater personal and spiritual strength and wisdom. 

This theme ran through the months of August and September. During one of the  Healing Circle group calls, (the first Mondays of each month,) Spirit boldly voiced to all, “ …trust your Being; know thyself and claim:

I AM in one with the Divine.

I AM an infinite Being and one with all of Creation.

I AM love, light, grace and peace.

I AM whole, strong and well.

I AM thankful for all that I AM and all that I create.

I AM grateful to all those I am in relationship with.

I AM using all my talents for my highest and best good.

I AM grateful for all that I experience, give, receive and have.

I AM grateful for my life.

Today humanity is still receiving and integrating more intense cosmic energies that have been coming to earth since 12-12-12.  These energies are sent from Creator in support of all life on earth and part of the bigger plan for humanity’s evolution. The Golden Age for humanity and earth was foretold ages ago and we are living through its birthing process. 

All souls living now and moving forward are considered brave and strong souls for living at this time of humanity’s greatest challenge: awakening/ consciousness of our Beings true essence, a divine soul, spiritual remembrance of who and what we are.

Thank you for your souls’ strength and being part of our new beginnings.

Blessings to you.



.                    One Woman’s Journey: A Modern Day Saint                 September 2019

Small acts of kindness do have great impact on others. Said to be one of the most admired individuals of the 20th century, Mother Teresa was a humanitarian; giving tirelessly physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Her goal in life was to help the sick and the poor. Her calling was in India, from 1929 until her death in 1997.

Quotes by Mother Teresa and her philosophy that she lived by:

“Peace begins with a smile.”

“Intense love does not measure, it just gives.”

“Not all of us can do great things, but we can do small things with great love.”

“Kind words can be short and easy to speak, and their echoes are truly endless.”

“If you can’t feed one thousand people, feed just one.”

“The most terrible poverty is loneliness, and the feeling of being unloved.”

“If you judge people you have no time to love them.”

“What can you do to promote world peace? Go home and love your family.”

“Joy is a net of love in which you can catch souls.”

“It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into the giving.”

Some of Mother Teresa’s achievements:

Founded: Missionary of Charity to help the sick and poor

Founded: A Hospice and a Center for the Blind and Aged

Founded: The Kalighat Home for the Dying 

Founded: Nirmala Shishu Bhavan for Homeless Children 

Founded: A Leprosy Colony with Clinic

Some Awards Mother Teresa received:

1962: The Ramon Magsaysay Award for Peace and International Understanding 

1971: Pope John XXIII Peace Prize 

1973: The Templeton Prize 

1976: The Pacem in Terris Award The Decree of Praise 

1979: Nobel Peace Prize The Jewel of India Soviet Union's Gold Medal of the Soviet Peace Committee 

1982: Honorary Companion of the Order of Australia

Mother Teresa died on September 5, 1997 and was canonized a saint on September 4, 2016 by the Catholic Church. She became Saint Teresa of Calcutta.

No matter how large or small your act of kindness is, it is one’s selfless intention that matters. As you give of yourself, you bless another.

With thanks for you and all that you Are.



                                   The Healing Circle                      August 2019

Last August I created the Prayer Circle. The intention of the Circle was:” Taking time to unite with God, together with others of like minds, Spirit and intentions; together co-creating blessings and healing's for humanity and the earth through prayer.”

We have gathered almost every Monday evening at 7:30 pm CST, via a group conference call, with open hearts, minds and souls. Every gathering is channeled and unique, healing and supportive.

As a channel for God/Source, I bring forth a channeled healing session with God as participants silently intend their blessings for themselves, others and the earth;  accepting healing of our bodies, mind and souls’. During the year the call has evolved to have participants silently join together, honoring our union with God and to all on the call, intending blessings to all. Often after the session participants comment, “How powerful and inspiring the session was.”    I am very grateful to be a part of this process.

I have learned that our calls together are truly healing, and that compassion and support and healing came from not only those of us on the call, but from God, the angelic realm and others in Spirit. Many times those energies let us know they were present and actively involved in the calls.

The calls consistently left participants with a greater sense of peace, assured of being supported, guidance, greater clarity and a better connection to their souls.

As the circle has evolved, I am changing the name to The Healing Circle, as that is what is really happening during the call.

You are invited to join The Healing Circle

Now the 1st Monday of each month: 7:30 pm CST

Conference call: 1-515-604-9000

Access code: 488506

The call is approx.thirty minutes




                                                   Compassion as a Tool                    July 2019

Recently I had the privilege of meeting and attending a workshop by the Venerable Bhante Wimala, called the Traveling Buddhist Monk. He travels the world assisting communities that have experienced natural disasters and brings aid by building homes, schools and or water systems that these devastated communities require.

Bhante spoke on compassion as a tool that we may use when facing strife and hostility from another. Bhante believes that when a person insults or says hurtful things to you, that instead of reacting, feeling hurt, to instead:

+ Mentally step back, do not react; be aware of yourself in that moment

+ Stay calm, do not let your emotions surface

+ Focus your attention on the person being rude / hurtful-negative

+ Realize that the person creating the strife is feeling their own pain and is striking out at you with it.

+ That you may “feel hurt” by these remarks, if you allow your own pain to accept these negative words as true about you.

+Your compassion prevails in wisdom, by staying calm and non-defensive to the person/situation. That non-attack by you brings comfort to the interaction. “I’m sorry you feel that way, or We should speak again at a later time, when you’re feeling better.”

+ You do not engage in retaliation or self-defense, and your calmness and clarity bring healing to the situation and the person.

Compassion assists us in coming from a place of inner peace and self-awareness. Compassion is love and equality in action; coming from one’s heart is always the best guidance that we have.

May you enjoy a wonderful July.

Blessings to you.



                                        One’s Highest and Best                         June 2019

Our Divine Self is the energy – consciousness that came from Creator God and remembers -knows our oneness with Creator; understands that we are Divine Beings here creating all that occurs in our lives. Our Divine Self holds our akashic records of all lifeforms that we have ever been. It holds truth and wisdom. Our souls’ are only a fraction of the energy – consciousness of our Divine Self, because our physical bodies cannot hold all that we truly are energetically.

One’s intuition is information - guidance that comes from our soul. The more we act on guidance from our intuition, the better choices we make, and we come’s to trust our intuition more and more. The more we work with our soul, the more we are able to access and receive more from our Divine Self.

This is working with your soul for your highest and best good. Our soul always has the best solutions for us if we have patience and quiet ourselves to comprehend it.

Often one’s ego gets in the way and offers us a solution that is really self-serving or fear based. When this occurs we may feel (know) that the solution is a quick fix to the problem and hope that, “…things will work out”, just to have the situation become worse.

Taking a step back from the situation often helps. Meditation – sitting in the stillness with the intention of connecting consciously with one’s Divine Self and Creator – to listen and or feel the ideas – knowing’s that come to you. Sit – breathe - intend – trust – relax - open one’s awareness and release fear. Breathe – feel your connection to your Higher Divine Self and the peace that comes to you.

Divine guidance comes in all forms and in unexpected ways and times. Be open to the signs you receive. Acknowledge the new thoughts that you receive, ideas and inspiration; follow what feels right to you. Listen and trust your feelings, now is the time to break old habits of letting fear run our lives and thoughts.

Calmness – clarity – peacefulness – wholeness are ours for the living, if we let go of old learned limiting habits and beliefs and instead claim ourselves as one with Creator and an aspect of the Divine. We are here as an extension of God; to live peace filled, honorable and compassionate lives with all of humanity. This is our choice.

Hope you are enjoying a wonderful, (finally) Spring!

With thanks for you.



                            "... Show Me, Tell Me “                     May 2019

If you have been to a class, lecture or had a session with me, you have probably heard me say that when working with Spirit, (which is constantly,) I say to them, (God, my soul, my guides, angels,) as I am seeking guidance and support, “Please, Show me, Tell me… clearly, loudly… “. I do this and encourage others to speak directly to their soul, Creator, your guides and angels who work with you, and to actively listen for a response. I try to remember to say, "thank you" for the insights.

If am stuck or confused with a particular situations, I ask for guidance, “Please guide me,”( I’m doing my best to hear the messages  - understand the information that is for my highest good.) “Please speak louder that I will hear you. “ I don’t say please every time, and I probably should; I am grateful to hear the insights and ideas my soul gives me. If I don’t catch the messages it is my own lack of paying attention to the signs I am given, as I am too busy DOING in the physical.

Last week a friend acted on this advice; here is her story.

Anna was having a health concern as a side effect of another health malady she was dealing with. This adverse reaction was causing serious challenges to her total well-being and her day to day life. She and the doctors did not know if these imbalances would correct themselves, or become a permanent disability.
Meditation, prayer, mindfulness, gratitude and surrender were all needed here and now. Anna was doing her best in not giving into fearful thoughts; she was strong in her faith in herself and her connection to Creator---- it is the day by day not knowing that take its toll on you.

Strong in faith Anna meditated, prayed, and took a walk through a beautiful semi private nature preserve that offered a small lake, trees, flowers and wild life. She immersed herself in this nearly private sanctuary. As she walked she was grateful for nature, it soothed her mind and her Being.  She was quiet, intent to hear messages of comfort and direction from her soul; none were coming here in this exceptionally healing place.

Anna needed divine guidance, support from her soul. She thought, “Please, Divine Self, Show me, Tell me what it is I need to do now, to comfort my doubts and fears.”  Immediately the idea came to her, “See the Holy Woman sitting there, ask her to pray for you.” Anna stopped walking, looked around and saw a nun sitting on a bench. Without hesitation Anna walked mindfully to her and as she approached the nun said, “Sister, will you pray for me?”  
The nun smiled and said, “yes,” stood up and took Anna’s hands. Sister prayed for Anna with compassion, conviction and gentleness. Then Sister blessed Anna. 

With thanks, Anna walked away feeling complete peace and gratitude. Her mind and body felt whole, balanced; at peace with all of herself.  She was very grateful she acted on the idea of prayer from the nun.  Anna thanked her soul / divine guidance. She acted on, “Show me, Tell me, “and by doing this Anna became one with her soul to guide her physical body, mind and spirit for healing.  

May you hear and understand the insights, messages and divine guidance that you are given each day, and not be afraid to take action for your highest and best.

With thanks for you.



                                                       Life and Loss                     April 2019

Recently I lost a dear relative, quite suddenly. I received the phone call giving me this news and as I listened I was present as to what was said, and the underlying knowing that my Being has changed with this passing.

After the call, you feel numb, in disbelief, out of sorts trying to comprehend the real magnitude of this personal loss. I slowed down the rest of that day, slow to be able to think; part of my mind was always on the person’s passing. That did not seem real.

Three days later was the one day wake and funeral. Just as you begin to understand the death as reality---the wake makes it so. She was such a good, kind and sweet person that everyone loved her. She was just a good person—a true, good hearted, minded, spirited, generous and non-judgmental person. She always smiled, and never had a harsh word to say about anyone. A friend to all who knew her.

That is what makes her passing so difficult---She was the kind of person the world needs; giving, kind, and a caring soul. The interesting thing about her, is that if you were to tell her that she was all of these things, she would downplay this, and not accept any praise for her kindheartedness. She was just herself, nothing special about her. Her wake was attended by more than one hundred, who stayed all evening, until closing.

Loss is often sudden and dramatic; one feels its impact immediately. Although I only saw this person a few times a year, her passing will be with me for a very long time.

                                                Life and Loss remind me to:

Appreciate the people, pets, places, situations that you are in right now; one never knows if we will be there again.

Let the people in your life know that you love them; forgive yourself and others, anger and resentment are heavy, self-inflicted burdens to carry, and only lessen you.

Be in gratitude for all that you experience; share what you can---you are a gift to someone in your life.

Respect others and all forms of life; take nothing for granted.

That each of our lives have purpose and impact others; let’s be a positive influence.

That we are souls, one with Creator God, and are inherently good.

Blessings to you and all the souls that you touch this day.



                                     The Power of Your Intentions                 March 2019

I facilitate a Prayer Circle ¹ every Monday evening at 7:30 pm CST. It is via the telephone, and you may participate as you feel drawn to. You may be on the call and be acknowledged or participate silently, you decide what you need that evening.

During the call we gather consciously as one, sitting together in a circle around the earth. We invite in our departed loved ones and the angelic realm, healers and master teachers. Everyone has a turn in prayerful intension for themselves or others. I appreciate the wonderful ways in which Spirit, our guides, angels, God, works with us on the call.

This last session we intended healing for an individual who is terminally ill. As we each sat in silence intending wholeness, compassion, forgiveness and acceptance to the individual, Spirit showed me images of the petitioner and the recipient sitting together in the circle; their hearts were open, looking like a blazing fire, golden, glowing, massive energy in their hearts center; this energy was being shared and sent to the ill individual, and the recipient was receiving. Spirit’s message was, “…See your love, compassion and kindness here---this is what you are gifting to another. Know this is your strength, faith and oneness that you are sending in this act of prayer. You are consciously living/Be-ing your spirituality self.

At another point in the call, Prayer Circle participants all focused sending healing to another individual for emotional support/healing.

Spirit this time showed the petitioner and her friend sitting across from one another, at their hearts was a swirling blue and white spiral, flowing upward. The message was, “You have opened your hearts to release pain from loss; you are able to let go of the energy of these painful emotions. As you release the pain, you are accepting balanced energy that supports your whole Being. Ask for and accept the healing that you require. This is your right and always available to you; take care of yourself—consciously embrace your oneness with Creator God----ask for and receive without doubt.” (And be in gratitude)

As we each had our opportunity to request and receive prayers and support, the topic of loss, grief and dying came up in our sharing. In response to this, Spirit’s final message to us was, “You are never alone. God is with you, as are your Guardian Angels; and often family members or close friends that have crossed are with you as well. They energetically send you love and support through their intentions. Know that only one’s physical body is shed with death; one’s soul as consciousness continues on, everlasting. You will be with your departed loved one again.”

After the call, I am always thankful to have the opportunity to share healing intentions, prayers and messages from Spirit with all on the call, (physical and non-physical,) and that much healing was sent to others beyond our physical reach.

Please know that our prayers are always heard; they are not always answered in the way, or speed in which we would like.

With thanks for You,


1. Prayer Circle --- Monday evening at 7:30 pm CST --- phone: 515-604-9000 --- Access #488506

                                                     All are Welcome


                                                                                                          February 2019

The following poem is powerful and I believe you will find yourself here. 

                                                   Think of Yourself

                                                                          by Jan Philips 

Think of yourself as a thought of the Infinite One, made flesh by your sheer desire to see and be seen. 

Think of yourself as nature looking upon nature in awe at its grandeur, in tears for its wounds…nature loving itself, healing itself, speaking out for itself. 

Think of yourself as a vessel of stardust and clay, a child of the cosmos, transforming energy into matter, wave into particle, mortal into immortal….as a soul who took on a body to be of use, to radiate love and receive it in return. 

Think of yourself as necessary, purposeful.   Remember that you came here to light the world.

Think of yourself as a shaman, whose hands heal whatever they touch, as a story teller whose words fall like rain on a drought stricken land, whose stories are medicine, miracles that heal the sick and raise the dead.  

Think of yourself as a circle holding Yin and Yang; as Unity cradling the dualities in your arms. 

Think of yourself as a thought leaning towards radiance, an early dawn rising into daylight.    Deep inside you the fire of creation burns day and night.   Adams forged from the Big Bang spin and swirl in your blood and bones, your lungs and your legs.    

Like salt in the tear, joy in the laughter, the Holy One is in you being scattered like seeds across the land as you speak and write and reach out to touch.   

You are the hands and feet, the eyes and ears of the Great Beloved.   You are the one we are waiting for.   Your stories are the ones we are waiting to hear. 

It is time now for each of us to speak, to say what happened and what we learned.

To reveal ourselves is to heal ourselves, and to heal ourselves is to heal each other and the world entire. 

From our revelations of intimacy and truthfulness, vulnerability and generosity, the future takes shape and enters into us… our words made flesh, our thoughts made real. 

Yes, think of yourself as a creator.   The peace you desire, the justice you cry out for….these will come as we speak them into being.   As the cosmos is being created by the mind of the Infinite One, this world is being created by the minds of the finite ones…by us! 

Let us be mindful and full of care for the words we speak, the thoughts we think, the stories we tell, for these are the tools with which we build tomorrow. 

by Jan Phillips

Wishing you joy in your day,



                  C Stands for Change -- Courage -- Conviction -- Calm        January 2019

As we live our first month of 2019, you may find your thoughts and feelings of wanting to make changes to some of one’s old thoughts, beliefs and behavior you have lived by for a long time. Feeling an inner calling for self-improvement; compassion and patience are required, to allow the true beauty of yourself to become real and shared with the world.

The cosmic energies that abound on the earth now are all about positive Change. This is the time of personal change. With conviction, courage and compassion in committing to allow yourself to be the observer of yourself and your life; finding what beliefs no longer serves me? How may I improve/change myself and my life?

Bending and stretching ourselves with new self-images, while embracing new behavior and beliefs will strengthen all of ones Being. Patience and care with oneself in this ever evolving process is key.

I heard a song recently, and it spoke to me about this:

I Am That I Am:

I Am that I Am has sent me to this moment, here I Am

To be the voice, to be the heart, through which Heaven is made known on Earth.

May you be patient, forgiving and kind to yourself in allowing the greater you to come to Be.

With thanks for you.



                                                     Tis the Season            December 2018

Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa may symbolize for us one’s unity with The Divine; a time to reflect on one’s greater purpose of our life here on earth. The Christmas season for me symbolizes many things, and is a time of reflection on:

* One’s relationships with our family members— How well do I communicate with them; or care about them? Do I demonstrate my care for them?

*One’s relationships with friends and neighbors—how do I treat these individuals? Am I a good neighbor? Do I need to be more involved here?

*One’s work life and social life associates—are my relationships built on honesty, peace, and caring for these individuals?

*Supporting one’s community---do I contribute my time, talents or financially to others who are less fortunate than I? How may we make a positive difference in society?

The holidays mean so many things to each of us. They are an opportunity to examine one’s relationships with truth, respect and compassion; and to honor the learning and personal and spiritual growth that we each have experienced this year.

We each have so much to express about ourselves and share with the world. Let us focus on the best aspects of who we are, and share that with God and all those that we know and in relationship with.

May you experience happiness, unity and oneness with The Divine this Christmas. May you have peace of heart and mind. Blessings to you and your family, having a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!


                                                      Thanksgiving                           November 2018

Gratitude and appreciation for what one is and has is everything. On a recent Prayer Circle call, (every Monday evening at 7:30 CST; info at ahavenforangels.com) one of our members shared this fable ¹ with us, demonstrating the discernment and wisdom that is a large aspect of gratitude.

A man is granted permission to visit both heaven and hell and returned to tell the tale.

With an angel for his guide, the visitor is first ushered through the gates of Gehenom, (hell) which, he is surprised to find, are made of finely wrought gold. The gates, in fact, are incomparably lovely, as is the verdant landscape that lies beyond them. All this is quite astonishing to the visitor, who turns to his angelic guide in disbelief. “It’s all so beautiful,” the man says. “The sight of the meadows and the mountains…the sounds of the birds singing in the trees…the scent of thousands of flowers…” And then another scent catches his attention: the aroma of food being prepared.

The angel leads the visitor toward an immense banquet table laden with every sort of delicacy. However, something is terribly wrong. Hundreds of people are seated around the table, but they all appear to be starving. Their emaciated condition is painful to see in the midst of such bounty, but even worse is the frustration and anger that they are obviously experiencing. Each person at the table has a long-handled spoon chained to his wrist. The handles are so long that no one may place food in their mouth. But that does not stop the condemned souls from trying. For all eternity they are struggling to feed themselves a meal that is right before them, but that might as well be one hundred miles away.

Taken aback by the tragic spectacle, the visitor is now more than ready to visit Paradise, and the angel immediately complies. At once they pass through another set of golden gates, alike in every detail to the gates of hell. In fact, a great deal about the two locales seem to be identical, including the banquet tables and the diners chained to their utensils. But the people around this table are well-fed and happy, despite the fact that their circumstances are identical to those of the damned.

The difference is not in the physical situation, but in how they respond to it. As you might have guessed by now, instead of trying to feed themselves, each of the souls at this table feeds the one across the table.

This fable is so powerful in its simplicity:

Life isn’t always about “me.”

Sharing your gifts with others will serve you and the other.

Gratitude for what we have is just as important as having gratitude for our gifts and achievements.

May you enjoy a loving, supportive and bountiful holiday with your family, friends, and neighbors. May friendship and heartfelt community be yours and those you are with every day of the year.

Blessings to you.



October 2nd is the Feast of the Guardian Angels

I believe in the Angelic realm, Archangels and Guardian Angels. Guardian Angels are here with humanity to serve each of us with support and guidance throughout ones’ entire lifetime. It is only after one accepts - allows your guardian angel into your life; awareness, that they may assist us. This is because we each have the free will to say, “No, I don’t believe in you.” With that your angel will stand with you, but not interact with you, per your choice.

We may understand them through our intuitive insights, feelings, dreams, or synchronistic meetings or happenings. Guardian angels are always in support of humanity and want us to enjoy happiness and a fulfilled life. They want us to accomplish the goals we set for ourselves this lifetime, before we were born.

In 1993, 69% of American’s polled said they believe in angels. The Angelic realm reminds us, “…that you are not alone. Creator God is one with you,” that we (humanity) are of Divine heritage; and Guardian Angels assist us in having a conscious relationship to Creator God.

An open heart and the intention to connect with one’s Guardian Angel is all that is needed to create a lifelong relationship with them. May you follow your heart to the assistance and blessings that they may bring you.

With gratitude for you.


Prayer Circle 
                                  You are invited to join                                  
 September 2018

 “Prayer fulfills the need humans have for God, for inspiration, for affirmation of our own spirits. In prayer, we communicate with the essence of everything that exits, including our own essence.”   Don Miguel Ruiz

I have wanted to create a Prayer Circle for many years. Most people pray privately, unless they are in a place of worship; so I put the idea away.

The past three years our society and world events have become so cruel, traumatic and common place that I know now is the time to begin a Prayer Circle.

I consider prayer a conversation between God/Creator Source and ourselves. A two way conversation. It is sacred, intentional and personal. Yes we request support, guidance and healing for ourselves and those we know and love.  It is also important to pray/send blessings of healing to all who live upon our earth, those experiencing trials that are man-made and from natural disasters. Prayers for humane leadership are needed as well.

Group prayer is powerful in the unity that is created in a group, intentionally sending our light/energy/healing prayers in support of one another and societal-world needs. It is this benevolent and sacred union with God/Source that as a group our intentions/prayers are amplified, for the greater good of those we pray for. Prayer group participation enhances and supports one’s spiritual growth. May we send the love and compassion that we each have, intentionally sharing ourselves with the world.

The Prayer Circle Intention: Taking time to unite with God, together with others of like minds, Spirit and intentions; together co-creating blessings and healing for humanity and the earth through prayer. There is no fee for this.

We would gather via the telephone once a week, at a set time, for approximately half an hour. If you would like to know more about or participate in the Prayer Circle, please email me your name, weekday(s) and evening and or early morning times(s) that are convenient for your participation. I will email you the details. (elizabeth.romo@ahavenforangels.com)

“...Prayer is the concerted effort of the physical consciousness to become attuned to the consciousness of the Creator.”       Edgar Cayce

With thanks for you.



    Toning: A Tool for Your Health         August 2018

I am frequently asked for tools to help us, “… release feelings of sadness, fear or distress.” The oldest, quickest, simplest and cost free technique is Toning.

Toning works with the vibrations of one’s voice by making long, sustained vowel sounds; or consonant sounds or a combination of both. The vibrations that these sounds create internally affect our physical bodies and aid in balancing our chakras/energy centers, which promote our physical healing. Chants, songs and whistling are considered toning, as well. Toning aids in expressing and releasing feelings and sometimes thoughts deep within us.

To Tone, give yourself private time and space to do this in. Set the intention that you gratefully release anything that no longer serves your highest and best. Ask Creator for and accept healing energy to your body, mind and Spirit. You may take as much time as you feel you need.

One method is: With intention breathe in, and on the exhale, opening your mouth and allowing whatever sound / tone your body creates to be released / sounded. You are releasing vibrations that you have held on to unconsciously and or stuck. You are now releasing, “that which no longer serves you.” As you release Tone for as long as you feel the need to. Your process is unique to you.

The more often you Tone the more natural it will feel to you and the deeper your breathing will become. With Toning, no matter what form you choose, your lungs will develop and allow more oxygen into them. More oxygen into the bloodstream brings healthier blood and promotes anti-aging throughout your body.

Second method: Begin by Toning each vowel sound, one at a time. Do this loud enough so that you hear yourself. As you do this you may find that one particular vowel sound is all you feel the need to sound. Work with that particular vowel sound; that chakra is out of balance. (see chart below)

Anytime that you feel out of sorts, fearful, depressed, you may Tone either AUM, or AH, or UU, or the individual vowels. Do this as long and as loud as needed. You will simply stop when you feel you are in greater harmony; there is no thinking about it.

Working with this tool, you will experience the quick calming effects it creates, and will tone more and more often. You may also begin to notice that you are able to hold a tone longer and longer; your lungs are holding more oxygen and you are breathing more deeply.

As you complete this process, you may choose to give thanks to Creator and your body for all that you Are.

I have used Toning for so many years, that I automatically use it when my mind keeps  running negative thoughts, or feelings. The healing and calm that Toning brings to me is fast and consistent. Then with clarity, I take responsibility of these thoughts, feelings and or beliefs, and choose how to perceive, change or release them. It is always one’s choice. 

May you gain support, strength and clarity with this tool.

With thanks for you and your bright Light.


Chakra / Toning Chart

First Chakra: Location:Tail bone Characteristic:Grounding
Color: Red Tone: E Healing Property: Blood circulation

Second Chakra: Location: Below Naval-Spleen
Characteristic: Creativity Color:Orange Tone: O
Healing Property: Muscles/emotional balance/reproduction

Third Chakra: Location:Solar Plexus Characteristic: Inspiration Color:Yellow Tone:A Healing Property: Wisdom/digestion
headaches/adrenal gland

Fourth Chakra: Location: Heart Characteristic: Love Color:Green Tone: Ah Healing Property: Heart /lungs /ulcers/ circulation

Fifth Chakra: Location: Throat Characteristic: Speaking Truth Color: Blue Tone: UU Healing Property:Throat/lungs/thyroid

Sixth Chakra: Location:Third Eye Characteristic:Clairvoyance Color: Indigo Tone: MM Healing Property: Purifier/sinuses

Seventh Chakra: Location: Crown  Characteristic:Christ Consciousness Color: Violet Tone: EE Healing Properties: Calming nerves/ insomnia/ skeletal issues

Eight Chakra: Location:Soul Star ( above head) Characteristic: Linking us to Our Soul Color:Magenta Tone: AUM Healing Property:Your Light Body


Prayer Circle
coming soon!   September 2018

                                                           Faith and Trust                                   July 2018

What is faith? Merriam Webster defines faith as: firm belief in something for which there is no proof; without question.

One’s faith in God/Creator Source is tested when trials, disappointments and tragedies happen in our lives. The questions of, “Why is this happening to me? What have I done to deserve this?” are often part of ones’ inner dialogue.

Strong spiritual faith is knowing, that somehow you will get through the situation and learn and become spiritually stronger and wiser from it all; that there is a positive aspect to the entire event possible for you to achieve. Often more than just yourself will learn and develop positively from the experience(s). The potential growth is in living through the challenging situation with this knowing. Faith- (Inner strength,) being non-judgmental, discernment and patience are needed. So is trust.

Trust is defined as: assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something; one in which confidence is placed.

With faith, (no matter how much or little one has,) is trust. Trust in matters of Faith say, “I know, (in my heart; not always in my head) that I am able to persevere and make it through all that this situations presents to me. I will overcome this. (I might not look pretty or feel good, but I will be able to cope/handle and learn from this.)

Trust is the energetic glue that supports the many aspects of ones’ spiritual strength. You are trusting in your oneness with God/Creator, in your soul’s wisdom to bring you this challenging experience, and your human will that you are making the best choices for yourself (and others) in this trial.

Meditation, prayers, quiet alone time, art and dancing are all tools to help one through these times. Seeing yourself sitting with God/Creator, accepting oneness with the Divine; asking for clarity in understanding the lessons in the situation, potential for growth. Allowing oneself to listen and understand your intuitive messages that come to you. Taking one day at a time, as best you can is all that is asked of us. Remembering to be thankful for all that is experienced: All that is experienced.

Faith and trust go together. Faith in yourself is required. Faith is the ladder and trust is the bridge that gets us to greater and greater spiritual truths and development of our souls. We grow through all of our life’s experiences.

Wishing you a summer filled with happiness, sunshine, and peace.

Sending you Love and Light,



                                                   Peace Inside and Out                     June 2018

I am part of a small group of individuals who pray together regularly and make prayer and conscious connection to God part of our daily lives; every day---sometimes more than once a day. Whether it is setting aside an hour or just ten minutes; it is a choice to focus deep inside oneself, connecting to one’s soul that knows our oneness with God/Creator Source, and choose to be still with the Divine.

You may choose to “be One” with God/ Creator Source through prayer, meditation and with intentional thoughts.  As you deepen your commitment to these often silent modalities you find yourself more and more at peace with yourself. Recognizing that all in your world is not balanced, and in fact, is out of your control most of the time; you are better able to cope with and see the bigger picture of your life and how we each interconnect in each other’s’ lives.

This greater connection to our soul supports us in becoming more peace filled and compassionate to ourselves and others. As all of life is intimately connected, the more we each are able to positively connect with one another, bringing peace into our daily activities and relationships, we are supporting others through our acts of selflessness. 

Through intentional prayers for others, world climate, political affairs, human rights; we may intend and bring peace, love and unconditional love to all life on earth. One’s prayers and intentions have a real effect on the whole of life on earth. We create Peace on Earth one act at a time, one day at a time. We have that gift. There are no greater gifts that one may give.

We are each the Light of God, Creator Source. Some individuals have forgotten this and need compassion and understanding from us to recognize their Light. May you have the spiritual strength to Be the Light that you truly are, and share it with others for their opportunity for growth.

Sending you blessings of Light and Love,



                                                     Silent Action                                         May 2018

I received a call from a good friend of mine, I will call her Alice. Alice was distraught over what had just occurred at her last family gathering a few days prior. Alice said, “…the party was so great; family and a few close friends together, everyone catching up with one another; shared happiness. All that you could want a family gathering to be.”

As the afternoon went on, two siblings, (much older and could have used more restraint), began to banter with one other, their voices getting louder, their language getting rougher and finally, words and feelings of hostility and tension filled the room. One of their parents came and stopped the wrangling from escalating any further. The bonding and gaiety of the afternoon had been broken.

As a result of the altercation the host said, “... and I don’t want to have them, (feuding family members) to my home ever again!” Alice and several others decided to leave shortly after this.

This all shook Alice; what if the host really meant it; banning these two family members from future events? Family holidays and parties would not be the same again; and that would only create more division among the entire family. “I feel so helpless, said Alice; I don’t know what to do.”

I felt for the entire family, I knew them, they are all good individuals. I was quiet for a minute, then Spirit guided me to say, “If you will, pray for your entire family, including yourself. Begin by sitting and envisioning all of your family standing together. Ask God Creator to come and be with all of you, bringing healing to each of you.”

“You may see a brilliant white light surrounding all of you. God’s brilliance/ light is glowing, there is healing, comfort and support for you all here. As this process continues, pray and send blessings to all, as a united unit. Ask for and give thanks for balance, compassion and peace to each of you. On a soul level you will each receive as much or little as you choose to. When you are finished your eyes will open; know that you assisted in a healing.”

Alice said she would do that. When I hung up the phone with Alice, I did the same. After the meditation, which lasted about one hour, I felt lighter and whole, not sad and unnerved as the conversation had left me. I know more focused meditations like this are needed for that family.

We took Silent Action using meditation, intentions, prayer and by sending blessings. No situation is hopeless as we always have a choice in what to do, think, say and how to Be. If you are able to send blessings and healing to others, the earth and humanity could use your support. Please give as you are able to.

With thanks for you and the Light that you are.



Life -- Living -- Spiritual growth --Transitions                 April 2018

The story I am about to share is true, uplifting, and a wonderful example of spiritual growth. Its Soul growth at its best.

We have a quite elderly mother, strong willed, a hands on, in control woman, who demanded a lot from herself and expected as much from her daughter. As an aged woman she still had her full mental capabilities, and her, “need to know” what is going on at all times, of you and the households’ activities. Extremely hard of hearing, communicating with her is challenging. She has been living with her daughter’s family for over six years now. Both daughter and son in law work full-time jobs. Caring for an elderly parent is a mix of emotional and physical work; as those of you who have lived through this type of situation know.

Recently Mom’s health dramatically changed for the worse, experiencing intermittent dementia, and life threatening health issues; their doctor called in hospice.

As her daughter was getting Mom up and dressed for the day, Mom said unexpectedly, “I want to say I’m sorry that I have been so hard on you.”  “What?” asked her daughter, confused by the statement. “You know, I’m sorry that I have been so hard on you.” Stunned, as this statement has never been spoken or demonstrated by Mom before, she replied, “Alright, thanks.”    " I mean it,” said Mom. “And tell Jerry (son-in law) that I love him, Okay?” Her daughter stood still, her brain was trying to make sense of all that was just said.

As Mom was washing up, she said, “You know how I picked out the clothes for my funeral?” “Yes” replied her daughter. “Well, if you don’t like what I chose,you can decide what I should wear.” Hearing this, her daughter was truly at a loss; confused and feeling deep emotions, these sentiments were foreign to the lifelong relationship she had experienced with her Mother; She almost didn’t believe they were spoken.

From a spiritual perspective, Mom lived a life of being in control. As her soul has helped her to learn/understand that controlling another is not the same as loving them. Mom apologizes to her daughter for her controlling, inconsiderate and demanding treatment of her, she also speaks of her love for her son in law, (and inherent love of her) daughter. In allowing her daughter to decide what outfit Mom will wear to her own funeral, Mom is releasing her reins of control and gracefully gives them to her daughter; something Mom had never done before. Truly a change has taken place in Mom.

Soul growth is when we consciously understand a shortcoming of ours, and with intention, effort and good will (for yourself and others,) change your mind and behavior; letting the old belief go; asking forgiveness is usually part of the actions taken to make amends. Mom’s Soul growth multiplied with those intentions and words that day. Healing took place for Mom; it is her daughter’s free will in choosing to accept or reject the apologies. I believe that much healing is occurring now for both of them.

We each do the best we can each day. May we live more consciously aware of how our beliefs, words and actions impact others.

May your Light shine out onto others.
In Peace,




                          Giving All He Had, He Continued to Give More               March 2018

Bob was a special needs individual. He was developmentally and physically challenged. A quiet person, he had a handful of friends and his family.

Bob accepted his life and made the best of it; he was pleasant and caring; gave great hugs. He was always looking out for others; whether it was that you were fed, safe and comfortable, or careful about crossing the street, Bob was looking out for you.

This past week Bob passed, quickly, and in an unexpected way. You would have thought that his funeral was the final chapter of his life. You would be wrong.

Being the thoughtful and kind individual that he was, years ago Bob became an organ donor. With good fortune on his side, Bob was hooked up to life support systems that kept his body alive, while his brain was dead.

With the help of the Organ Donor program, Bob was able to contribute organs, valves, bones, tissue, and other vitally needed parts; totaling 50 donations; all going to waiting transplant recipients. 50!

What a tribute to Bob. He cared about others, selflessly when he was alive---and even into death. Bob’s loving nature is expending the life and good health to fifty needy individuals.

God bless you Bob. May your good will be a shining example to us all; to be the best we can each be, no matter what challenges we face, every day.

May your Light shine out onto others.
In Peace,



                                                             Focus                                       February 2018

Do you remember how we were all preparing ourselves for the changes that were predicted for 12-12-12? We received new, celestial energy sent to earth from Creator for humanity’s Shift in Consciousness; our, “New Age.”

This new energy enriched so many of us to open – acknowledge ourselves as Spiritual Beings. Early results of this shift may be seen in the mass number of individuals who today are developing and using their given intuition, healing skills, psychic abilities and mediumship, to assist and support themselves and others.

As each of us develops our greater connection, becoming more unified with Creator Source. Our re-awakening and empowerment supports oneself to truly being a co-creator with God. That is our reason for living on earth at this time. Humanity is being given all of the tools, (meditation-prayer-the angelic realm, guides and Ascended Masters) assistance and support for this next step up in mankind’s history. It is time again to focus.

You may choose to make one of your priorities: what you are creating as your own daily, spiritual practice; connecting to your Divine Self/ High Self? The more one connects to your Divine Self and Creator, you create more of what happens in your life. We are the solution; our light-energy, love compassion and forgiveness heal ourselves and others. We may (create) bring ourselves more joy, love and forgiveness!  What you focus on, is what you receive more of.

Your spiritual practice is what you decide you need it to be. There is no wrong way to create your spiritual practice, so long as you take action.

Today, we are still receiving healing energy for all life upon the earth. Add to that Lightworkers and all those who meditate, pray and bless all life here on earth.

We are each an aspect of Creator Source. We may heal the planet and ourselves if we focus and do our work. We are worth it and the time is now.

2018 is a great year; (let’s focus on that, too!) We have the knowledge, tools and strength on all levels to grow and BE. Success is ours if we continue to trust ourselves; if needed, ask for spiritual help and you will receive it.

Blessings for all that you are.

With thanks for you.


        The Book of Mastery, Book 1: A Channeled Text By Paul Selig            January 2018                                               

Paul Selig is an intuitive and clairvoyant who channels teachings and spiritual insights from his guides. He has written three other channeled books, I Am the Word, The Book of Love and Creation, and The Book of Knowing and Worth.

Paul Selig is considered one of the foremost contributors of channeled literature today. I have read all of his work and found it to be profoundly direct and spiritual in its messages/teachings. This work is like no other, and is to assist humanity in understanding the greater meaning of our life experiences and how our experiences and perceptions of them are filtered by our spiritual nature.

The Book of Mastery, Book 1 is the first of a trilogy; book two coming out in 2018. Book one explains and offers guidance and support in understanding/knowing yourself as a spiritual being, and how to open to greater oneness with your Divine Self. There is great compassion and direct spiritual insights here.

An excerpt from the book:

“Sit where you are for a moment and do this with us: Imagine that everything that ever happened to you, good, bad …was brought to you for a reason, whether or not you know it.” “…achievements, or things you thought harmed you, will be put into proper perspective……”

The Book of Mastery is like a light house in a storm--- bringing light, clarity and purpose to what we think we know, to understanding what is, or has, happened and why. The guidance moves us forward with specific, practical direction and wisdom. This book makes sense.

I hope you experience this book. If you complete the book and would like to have a group discussion about it, please let me know.

May your Light shine.

With thanks for you.


                                             Reverence of Life                        December 2017

December 2017. I am grateful to be in the final month of this year that has brought so much adversity and loss to so many people. Hurricanes, tornadoes, floods and mass killings; this year has been a year of challenges and change.

December is traditionally the month of celebrations; Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and New Year’s Eve. It is a time of faith and honoring the sacredness of life; renewing our connection to Source and all of Life.

This December many may require more time for quiet reflection; choosing to experience communion with our Divine Self, having gratitude for our own lives and those we love so dearly. This holiday season, reverence of life is our foundation, as we have experienced the frailty of life and understand how quickly life may be taken and or dramatically changed by unforeseen and uncontrollable events.

Celebrating the beauty of the season, may you experience peace and shared love to those you are with; whether they are your family, friends or strangers.

Wishing you and your family a peace filled Christmas, and a New Year filled with happiness, good health and prosperity.

With thanks for you.



                                               Inviting God In, with Thanks              November 2017


In the United States, the month of November is all about Thanksgiving, Americas’ first was celebrated in 1691. I can picture William Bradford with fifty brave colonists and the ninety Wampanoag Indians who lived here, all coming together to celebrate their bountiful harvest.

Words that describe that time are: discovery, opportunity, cooperation, co-existence, survival, creation of one’s environment, gratitude, and faith that one’s efforts will create a new and better life today and tomorrow. Of course I can’t forget turkey and abundance!

How our “New Land” has changed in countless ways in the past 326 years since that first Thanksgiving. What has not changed is the need of faith in ourselves and our oneness with God/Creator Source.

Our opportunity to live a spiritual life today:

Discovery and opportunity: to understand and seek equality/fairness and oneness with all of humanity, in human rights, living conditions, etc... Fairness in our dealings; how are humaness makes us one.

Cooperation and co-existence: with millions of people on this planet the need is great to work and live together harmoniously. Respecting our natural resources and not polluting the environment. (November 13th is World Kindness Day!)

Survival and creation: As the settlers had physical hardships to deal with and overcome, today we understand that we are stewards of this planet and guardians of one another. Understanding that physical neglect, starvation, homelessness, abuses of all kinds are not to be ignored and that solutions are to be created and enforced to end them. More education for all, so as to enrich and empower individuals in developing their talents to create a stable and productive life for themselves and their community.

Gratitude and abundance: Self-respect for ourselves and all forms of life; human, animal and natural resources. The wealth of information that we share each day across the globe, world events. Abundance of earth resources and ways to balance the needs of many fairly; to use and export them all over the world.

Faith: Life today requires spiritual awakenings—awareness –love--compassion—fairness—equality---unity—for each of us, every day. This takes effort and a solid connection to God/Source to keep us balanced energetically. Inviting God to be with you all day helps; “be with me in my thoughts, intentions actions and words.” 

Today we truly need to live, “Do onto others as you would have them do unto you.” Seeing the bigger picture of life; we are not here to serve ourselves, we are here to be our best, and by doing our best, one inherently serves many.

May you enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving.

You are the Light.




                            F.E.A.R. = False Evidence Appearing Real              October 2017

Fear of the unknown, fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of lack, fear of change. There are many types of fear. Webster dictionary defines fear as, “to be afraid or apprehensive.”

The emotion of fear transmits in us many ideas/beliefs and feelings:

1. That one is vulnerable; being judged, or punished in some way.

2. That one cannot perform in a desired way.

3. That one will not achieve or receive a desired outcome.

When we are in a fear, we may feel helpless, unworthy, and alone. Our behavior might be aggressive, defensive, nervous or solitary.

Fear is really False Evidence Appearing Real. As a spiritual being we are never alone; as we are part of and one with Source/Creator at all times; one with all of life.

Fear is humanity’s greatest challenge. Fear, is ego based, and insists our physical world is more valid than our Souls’ and hearts’ wisdom. Fear is the exact opposite of our spiritual nature. Fear says, “I have little or no faith that I will do well, or be well in this situation. I am at a loss, helpless; and questions, will I be alright?”

The devastating earthquakes and hurricanes that we have been experiencing are earth’s way of self-correcting, balancing itself. In times of fear, we are asked to stand in our power, as a Divine aspect of Creator. If you choose to:

Close your eyes, sense your entire being; all of you/your energy; now set your intention to open your heart and connecting with your soul; breathe and intend your energy connected with Creator/ Source. When you are ready, send your love and gratitude to the people/situations that are in turmoil and fear. Continue to send these healing energies from you and Source, together. You may feel this interaction or sense this. Do this as long as you are comfortable; you will know when the process is complete.

As a conduit of Creator we have Divine Potential, the ability to receive and send balanced, healing energy to people and situations that are out of balance/ in fear or upheaval. Using our Divine Potential, through blessings, prayers and meditation, we may positively affect devastating situations; by energetically raising the vibration and consciousness of all in that situation, bringing as much healing as possible to those involved; to people, animals and the earth. Seeing the situation and individuals as whole and complete, helps to raise their vibrations, assisting one in transcending fear based consciousness.

These are acts of spiritual beings; caring for and supporting all life on earth.

As we live intentionally, may we be conscious of our beliefs and choices that we make. May we choose joy, communion and sharing with one another.

You are the Light.

With thanks for you.




                                   Living a Soulful Life and a Passing                September 2017

Very recently I had a very dear friend of mine pass away. He was a medium, like myself. We would have great conversations and occasionally exchanged readings. He was always a bright and positive person. He never complained; he had something good to say about everyone. He always saw the glass more than half full.

His memorial was attended by nearly one hundred individuals whose life he touched in meaningful ways. People from all walks of life, who knew him at all different times in their lives. I was one of many who spoke at his memorial. There was a common thread that ran through each testimonial: His ability to consistently be and give love and compassion to others.

A schoolmate of his from the second grade sent him this email just before he passed; he found comfort in it, his sister read it aloud to us:

Hi Dan,

You probably don’t remember the time in the second grade, when I was new to the school, and didn’t know anyone in class. The schoolyear just began and I came to school feeling a bit queasy. I threw up in front of the entire class, right by the teachers’ desk. As teacher escorted me to the rest room, she instructed you to, “Help clean up and throw the red sawdust onto the mess.” You stood up and did just that.

When I came back into the room a few minutes later, you were on your hands and knees on the floor, cleaning up. I looked at you, and you said, “Don’t worry, you’ll be alright, everything will be alright.” I never forgot how kind you were to me, and willing to clean up that nasty mess and not be upset with the task. We were only second graders, yet you had real compassion for me.

Today I am a physician, M.D. and try to be as considerate and compassionate to others, as you were to me that day. God bless you.

A long-time friend summed up the philosophies that Dan lived his life by:

  • Help those in need.
  • Be kind to others.
  • Say please and thank you.
  • Treat others with respect, as you would like to be treated.
  • Don’t judge others, you don’t know what their life is like, or what they have been through.
  • Live your life with humility and gratitude.
  • God and I are one; have faith.

Dan lived a spiritual life, as a regular man with the same ups and downs that we all experience. He understood that our relationships are our greatest opportunities to live who we are.

May we each have the will power and faith in ourselves to keep the beliefs and habits that are positive and loving, and change the beliefs and habits that keep us less than who we truly know and want ourselves to be.

You are the Light.


                                               " I'm Here! Where are You? "                 August 2017

I would like to share a story about a strong, capable woman and the grace that keeps her going/growing. She has a great heart and a kindness that you feel when you speak with her.

This woman has spent years taking care of her elderly mother, while also caring for her own home, family and a full time job. She has worked hard to make all of their lives run smoothly; handling tasks, schedules, appointments for her mom and family with little outside help from others.

After several years of her good natured, positive attitude and good will, she began to feel the stress and the physical toll this was taking on her. She was encouraged to ask other family members to help out with taking mom/grandma to some appointments, picking up some supplies for her, and coming to visit mom more often. The requests were fulfilled slowly. There have been several times when she felt overwhelmed and alone; once in desperation yelling to Creator/Source, “I’m here! Where are You?”

At these times her willingness to experience and feel all of her emotions, doubts and fears were acknowledged and released. Carolyn Myss would call this type of strength and surrender, the grace of Fortitude.

Myss states the grace of Fortitude is the strength to bear misfortune, or pain calmly and patiently; in this situation, one has no choice but to help as needed. Humility is also involved, as you give and bend to the situation at hand, grounding yourself in your everyday reality. With the grace of Fortitude, you give up your personal vision, to the divine plan that is already in motion; this grace challenges you to grow to your highest spiritual potential.

As she released the building tension, calmness filled her. In her quiet and reflective moments her faith intuitively told her that there truly is a purpose to this living arrangement and all the challenges it creates. As she regained her sense of wholeness, patience, and empathy filled her, giving her the strength/energy to be a kind caregiver to her mother again.

During these many years, this woman has lived her faith. She knows how to honor one another, to be supportive in listening and aiding others, and that kindness heals you and the recipient.

She lives her life with compassion. She realizes that the time will come when this situation will end, her mother gone, and her life will be simpler. Her faith, patience, endurance, kindness and free will have all been stretched to their (growing) limits. She understands that life is what you contribute to it. She now accepts acts of kindness from others, as she knows that the kindness another extends to you also enriches them.

May you never feel alone, and know that you are much stronger than you realize.

Blessings to you.


                                           The Stars Say New Beginnings                          July 2017

The cosmic energies of the summer solstice offer us new beginnings. This year is half over, and we may be experiencing new opportunities of self-growth, or bringing new life and variety into our lives, or possibly working on finding a resolution to a situation or relationship that is weighing heavily on you.

All that we are and do, come from one’s commitment to being our best; at times acknowledging and stretching our own limitations; like changing one’s mind, giving more of your time to others, or sharing more of your gifts.  We empower ourselves when we do this, and are living our higher virtues: honesty, compassion, fairness, truth, respect.

Every day is a new creation—new opportunities to be goodness and peace on earth; making this real in the world for ourselves and others that all may experience and heal from. We may be The Light to the world; a living example of the virtues of humanity---at work—real—unselfishly giving to those who need compassion, friendship or understanding; we have that ability, choice and power.

Our divine nature is our inner light---oneness with Creator and all of life. As we help others, we help ourselves to grow and Be-- living as the divine light that we are.
May you be a bright, shining Light today, illuminating your path and uplifting humanity, assisting in the healing of all.

With blessings and thanks for you

                                                  Tend Your Own Garden                 June 2017

We are nearly to summer, and spring has blessed us with rain, followed by glorious sunny, warm days. Enjoying time outside is truly a gift for us.

Taking care of yourself is like tending your garden; it requires your time, attention and delicate care. As a gardener knows its plants and carefully removes the weeds and grasses that try to inhabit the garden; so the gardener wisely and lovingly knows the beauty and potential growth of its flower beds.

I recently experienced a new meditation which I find healing, supporting all that we are.  I call it the Virtues Meditation; modify the words to make the meditation yours.

The Virtues Meditation

As you prepare for meditation, set your intention that you are open to receive an abundance of healing energy for your highest and best, and that you release anything that is not yours, or in your best interest.

Breathe in gratitude for all that you receive in this experience. As you sit in the silence with your eyes closed, breathing at a pace that is normal for you, envision your chakra centers;

Root chakra; at your lap—focus your attention here, see energy there as red---this is the center for Joy. “I Am joy, and I accept more joy into my life.” Breathe and take time to feel your joy----allow and accept more joy into yourself.

Sacral, at your navel—see energy here as orange---this is the center for Peace. “I Am peaceful, and I accept more peace into my life.” Breathe and feel peaceful----allow and accept more peace into yourself.

Solar plexus, see the energy here as yellow---this is the center for Strength. “I Am strong, and I accept greater strength for my personal and spiritual growth.” Breathe, taking time to feel strong/capable----allow and accept strength into yourself.

Heart center, see the energy here as green---this is the center for Courage. “I Am courageous; and I accept the energy of courage in all that I Am and do.” Breathe, taking time to feel yourself as courageous----allow and accept more courage into yourself.

Throat center, see the energy here as blue---this is the center for Gratitude. “I Am grateful for all that I am and have in my life; and I thankfully accept the energy of gratitude.” Breathe, taking time to be in gratitude----allow and accept gratitude into yourself.

Third Eye, see the energy here as purple---this is the center for Humility. “I Am humble for all that I am and have in my life; and I thankfully accept the energy of humility.” Breathe, taking time in sensing yourself as being humble, being one with Creator/Source.

Crown Chakra, see the energy here as white---this is the center for Divinity / Love. “I Am love and one with Creator /Source. I thankfully accept love and oneness that is Source.” Breathe, taking time to completely open your soul and High Self, intending to be fully one with Creator/Source.

Blessings to you.  May you enjoy a peace-filled and safe summer.


            Archangel Nathaniel assists us to “Step into your power”                   May 2017

Today I was gifted with learning about Archangel Nathaniel, meaning Gift of God. This angel works with the Universal Law of Cause and Effect/Law of Karma; meaning that what you give out will come back to you.

Nathaniel is known as The Angel of Fire/ Energy/ Purification/ Life Purpose. It works to open and expand ones’ heart chakra.

Archangel Nathaniel is said to be the patron of Lightworkers, and assists us in staying grounded when in meditation and supports us in our communications and spiritual connections. This Archangel supports us to fully move forward in using our natural talents to fulfill our life purpose and uplift not only ourselves and humanity.

Associated with the energy of fire, this archangel works with the energy of the sun and the planets. Its colors are red and orange; stones associated with it are: crystals, Carnelian, Garnets and Rutilated Quartz. Nathaniel’s symbol is the orange flame of transformation.

Bringing purification and protection to you, this Archangel helps in clearing away clutter, situations and helps you in making life changes for your highest good; helpful when you are moving through transitions. 

Archangel Nathaniel will support you energetically when seeking guidance in life choices and changes; bringing you clarity and peace of mind in your thoughts and decisions. This energy helps one to overcome obstacles in your life, assisting you to move forward in your true hearts’ goals and desires.

Archangel Nathaniel supports us in working collectively together in being peace on earth and intentionally bringing and sharing healing energy to all of humanity and all life on earth.

This powerful Archangel is here------ready to support us. Please consider partnering with this wonderful resource for your highest good, and all life here on earth.

With thanks and blessings for you.




                                                         Gratitude                                         April 2017

Scientist have proved that being grateful is healthy for us. That being in the state of gratitude for big and small things in our lives makes a positive difference to one’s attitude and mental and physical health.

Also noted that:

  • People who keep a gratitude journal exercised more, felt better physically and were more optimistic about their life, than those who did not.
  • A scientific study found that a single act of gratitude created a 10% increase in personal happiness, and a reduction in depression.
  • Taking time to reflect on what one is grateful for increases your well-being. Living in the Now is important.
  • When in a relationship, being grateful and kind to that person increases the satisfaction of the relationship for both of you.
  • Acknowledging another in many ways, saying: “Hello, Good morning, Have a good day, Thank you, Take care, See you soon, Safe trip, I love you,” are all positive ways to easily show your gratitude for that person, client, associate or even a stranger. It is true that gratitude is an attitude, and it is a Win- Win for all.

Heartfelt gratitude is also a factor in manifesting ones dreams and goals. Instead of hoping or asking for something, Thank Creator for the gift; see and feel it with you now, and or already accomplished. Be in thanks that that gift is acquired now. Remain focused and calm; and thankful in this space; say,” thank you that this is mine now.” Be at peace and joy with this process. Accept the gift.

May you live with peace and gratitude in your heart and lives.

With blessings and thanks for you.



                         Shifting and Changes Lead to a New Foundation              March 2017

In the past several weeks, the same question has been asked by my clients; "What do I do? How do I make spirituality real in my life?"

I believe that by being truly conscious of one's thoughts and intentions, this will support us greatly to keep ourselves balanced in this time of not only energetic shifts, as well as domestic and political challenges.

This is our opportunity for each of us to live our spiritual wisdom. Intend ones' Being to be peace-filled; sending from our hearts, blessings upon all of humanity, peace, happiness and wellness. To live with forgiveness and compassion in one's heart and psyche. To send healing blessings to all of the earth, land, water and sky. To have conviction, (belief) that we are creating this with Divine Source. We may choose to co-create with Divine Source everlasting peace, equality and abundance. This is living our spiritual truths.

Living as a Spiritual Being means reviewing one's own beliefs and making positive changes in how you see yourself and your contribution to life on earth. This takes time and attention to one's thoughts, beliefs and feelings. With diligence this is possible; the benefits to this is being more emotionally balanced and being able to see the bigger picture of what is happening in ones' life.

As we create a more caring and forgiving mindset, we generate more energy of care and love. As we heal ourselves, we help heal one another.

As the Pisces cycle has ended, we are into the Aquarian Age. New energy, changes and our opportunity to live as compassionate humans equals, on this planet.  It is time to create the Peace on Earth that mankind has sought through all of time. We are building the foundation for peace right here and now. Our souls know it is time. Time to get our ego's out of the way, and let our hearts and souls guide us to living our Divine wisdom.

With blessings and thanks for you.



                                                  Change is Constant                       February 2017

Here we are, in a new year, with a new president of our country. As a nation seeking to improve itself we understand that needed changes are coming to some of the fundamental systems that we live by. Wanting fair policies and laws, these unknown changes are creating fear, aggression and stress in many who live here.

As spiritual beings who have been preparing by listening, learning, developing spiritually and acclimating to the new energies that have been coming to earth since 2012; most are prepared to handle these coming changes. This is our opportunity to live our spiritual truths/wisdom that have been awakened and made conscious within us.

Calling upon our inner wisdom in creating solutions and forgiveness in life, we are living one’s spiritual strength saying no to greed, favoritism, prejudice and sending healing intentions of compromise and justice to domestic and world events. We each may envision and intend healing and peace to all of the United States, and the world. (You may picture this as a cloud/light of healing energy surrounding the planet.)

When fear or negative emotions arise in you, you may choose to close your eyes; breathe then exhale deeply, while focusing on your oneness with your Higher Self and Creator Source. See/feel yourself as one with Source; stay in this union in silence. Accept the healing and peace that this conscious intention brings you. This will only take a minute or two; take as much time as you need with this. You may choose to do this many times during a day. The more balanced you are, the better one is able to handle change.

Remember that your thoughts, intentions and feelings are a part of the collective consciousness of this nation, and the world. How we think and feel contributes to the events of what is happening here in the physical. Feel your inner peace---kindness---forgiveness. This may take some practice. It is all in one’s intention---these are core aspects of our spiritual being. As part of your meditation or prayer time, please consider sending these compassionate energies out to all of humanity.

May you know yourself as one with Creator Source, and assist humankind in creating peace and fairness in the United States and the world this day.

With blessings and thanks for you,


                                         Honoring Ourselves and Growing On                Jan.2017

Happy New Year!  This New Year we may again make some personal resolutions to improve some part of ourselves; our life. All of this done with the greatest intentions, but often after a short time, many find ourselves back in old, comfortable patterns of self-sabotage.

We may honor ourselves by taking small steps to achieve our resolutions. No more grand, mammoth goals; instead focus week by week; making and sustaining the small changes that we want for ourselves, in doable steps with realistic timetables.

So if you are like me, having the best intentions isn't always enough to fulfill ones objectives. Here are a few tools to support our efforts:


  • Appreciate yourself right here and now--  
  • Focus on today- right now: stay aware of what you are physically doing and feeling-be here now.
  • Be aware of your thoughts-negative self-thoughts are alarms for us; time to bless and let those thoughts go; honor yourself and see yourself peaceful and content, moving steadily forward, becoming your best self.
  • Listen with your heart-feeling/understanding its messages to you will keep you on track to achieving what is best for you and your life.
  • Patience with yourself; change takes time and repetition. One day at a time.
  • Courage to allow yourself to have good and not so good days. Let go of the self- criticism and have faith in your own resolve.
  • Acknowledge your accomplishments-or a fantastic day!
  • Journal what works for you and what doesn't; repeat what works! J
2017 is the year of positive changes for me; I have made this my new mantra. If you would like to stay in touch with me and your progress; how you are working through your resolutions, that would be great.

Being and living as a balanced and harmonious soul not only support ourselves; we impact everyone we interact with. Calmer, more present, personable, kind and forgiving individuals are what the world needs more of. May we each experience and live as the peace and compassion that we are.

Blessings and thanks for you.



                                                    Let it Begin With Me                           December 2016                       
I asked Spirit what message is needed now, to assist us each in our personal and as a nation, communal healing?

Peace is required.  Peace that begins in one's heart, then mind; and with that embracing forgiveness and compassion. Yes this calls for really living in the now-being conscious of one's thoughts and intentions moment by moment. No easy task.

The song, Let There Be Peace on Earth ¹ came to mind. How appropriate.

The words are here for you to consider.

Let there be peace on earth
And let it begin with me.
Let there be peace on earth
The peace that was meant to be.

With God as our Creator (Father)
Family (Brothers) all are we.
Let me walk with my brother
In perfect harmony.

Let peace begin with me
Let this be the moment now.
With every step I take
Let this be my solemn vow.

To take each moment
And live each moment
With peace eternally.
Let there be peace on earth,
And let it begin with me.  

Tuesday, December 6, 2016 at 7 p.m. at the Libertyville Civic Center, 135 W. Church Street, Libertyville, IL., The Present Moment, Inc. and I will be hosting, Healing With The Angels. A healing meditation to support us through the holidays and gain balance and closure to 2016. This is a free event and all are welcome to attend.

May you and your families share a safe and peace filled holiday season.

Blessings to you.



                                                              Choices                                    November 2016

Peace, unity and unconditional love are the intentions and energy that is needed now as our Presidential election is just days away. We each are needed to share and send our integrity and compassion out to not only our fellow Americans, but to all of humanity.

Several years ago Spirit gifted me the concept of a Global Healing meditation. A channeled meditation where you receive personal healings and one may choose to send love and blessings to all forms of life on earth. Sending peace, love, healing to all areas of the globe, and peoples of the world, in support of them. I remember when I first began this, the meditations were focused on different geographic locations in the world affected by earthquakes, tsunamis and war.

As I facilitated this channeled meditation earlier this week, Archangels Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Ariel, Metatron, and Sandalphon all made their presence known to me. Standing shoulder to shoulder, the joint message from the Archangels was, “Do not be afraid. Remember that your essence is Divine Love, and that you have the power to choose love as a response to all that is happening in your life – your world, right now. Whether it is in a thought, action or an emotion, you have a choice; to be –to live as love, forgiveness and compassion. We remind you that you have the ability to send love to others, and that your love heals.”

Fairness, honesty and forgiveness are required now, and moving forward. Please take the time to send unconditional love to everyone affected by the election; envisioning a peaceful election and a unified country.

Sending you peace, love and blessings in support of your Divine Being.



                                                 Feeling IS the Prayer                         October 2016

In his new DVD, The Science of Miracles, Gregg Braden; an earth scientist, aero-space engineer, and scholar, shares with us the wisdom from the ancient Essenes, (a religious sect/ brotherhood that flourished in Palatine from about the 2nd century BC to the end of the 1st century AD.), who are documented in The Dead Sea Scrolls.

The Essenes believed that, “the world around us is a mirror of the beliefs that we harbor from within.”, and that, “our world is soft and malleable, and that it is our consciousness that creates our world.”

Quantum science is proving these two beliefs to be true. Studies now confirm that the violence in our communities and our violent and stormy weather patterns are a collection of our collective consciousness of anger, jealous competitiveness and hate that humanity harbors within, in large populated cities. Science has also proven that emotions are magnetic in nature.

The Essenes knew that, “What is happening within (ourselves) is mirrored in our environment.”

The counter aspect of this is that if we each heal the personal challenges in our lives, through forgiveness, understanding and compassion, then we may expect our outer world to mirror these same qualities in ourselves and our lives; happening as waves of gentle positive changes.

As Gregg Braden visited a Tibetan monastery to learn more about ancient teachings and prayer, he witnessed an Abbot in ceremonial prayer, using chimes, bowls, smoke and chants. He asked the Abbot, “What happens to you on the inside?” The Abbott responded,” A prayer cannot be seen. The ceremony we create helps us create a feeling in our bodies. The healing is in the prayer/ the feeling."

The power of feeling IS the prayer. This is the Fifth mode of prayer called: Feeling Based Prayer. (The first is informal prayer, second is petitionary prayer, third is ritualistic prayer, and fourth is meditative prayer.)  Feeling that the prayer is already answered means that one’s thoughts and feelings become one and create changes in you, in the present time. It is true that the feelings that we experience greatly affect our physical bodies/health.

The following is a link to a short video that shows a woman in a medicineless hospital in Beijing, China. Gregg Braden explains the healing session the woman is experiencing. The session is truly powerful.  http://www.sapphyr.net/peace/peace-thinkcreate.htm#.V9l-qNOQO70.email  (1) [click on the link, then scroll to the end of that page]

The Ancients knew what we are now learning; humanity has the ability to heal ourselves, our lives and environment.


Blessings to you.



1.    Quantum Healing of tumor through the power of thought and feeling; Gregg Braden    



                                                An Extraordinary Soul                             Sept 2016

I recently had the privilege of working with a woman of pure spiritual knowing and strength. I relay her remarkable journey to you, as I know she is a light bearer, here to show us all the way to live a life of faith:

I will call her Jane, (not her real name). Jane came to me for a reading; she wanted to hear from those relatives who are in Spirit. Jane looked fine, a bit excited to hear from Spirit.

Jane’s messages from her soul spoke of the great advances she has made; accolades for her fearlessness and strength. Her personal integrity and knowing that God was with her, and that she would not fail. Messages confirming her as a strong soul, thanking her for being a true example of belief in God and being fearless in the challenges that she has recently faced.

As the session went on, several of her departed relatives identified themselves and told her, “Yes, it is a big deal!” giving her additional confirmation of their love, support and attendance with her, through it all. It was truly an uplifting session, and Jane understood their messages and was grateful.

As the session was concluding, Jane asked if I would like to know the challenge she was dealing with. I said, yes, whatever it is, you certainly are handling it exceptionally well—you are an example to your family, friends, and co-workers of personal strength and faith.

Jane explained that she was dealing with a form of cancer and was being treated by specialists. That when the diagnosis came, she knew she would be alright; that she would survive and be well again. Jane knew that this was a great challenge of her faith in God. With all of her being Jane understood that she was to be unwavering in creating an even stronger oneness with God, and that she would not perish.

Jane said, “The messages from my relatives just now, I know why they said, “It is a big deal.” As I was going through surgeries and treatments, I would say to myself, “… it’s not a big deal.” I asked them to be with me, I knew that they would be, and I am grateful they were.

Jane just began a self-created pilgrimage: three months to focus/ work intimately with divine energies, as part of her healing regime; focusing on teachings of patience, unconditional love, forgiveness and wholeness.

I was just as happy about Jane’s messages as she was. I have never met a person so fearless in the face of personal hardship---or one who unquestionably knew her bond with God would not fail her. I am grateful to have worked with Jane, as she is an example for me--- of faith in God and of our sacred relationship together.

Bless you for the unique soul that you are.



                                               Our Time for Action and Clarity                      August 2016

Our presidential elections are twelve weeks away. Now is the time for each of us to calmly and clearly set our intention to be fully one with our Divine Self in God, I AM. This is our time for clarity and action. With your souls’ wisdom and grace, you may choose to affirm the following:

Being fully present, I affirm my oneness with God. I request and accept healing light for myself, and for all of humanity as our nation moves forward in electing new leaders.

“I am one with God, I AM; and in this light we shall live in peace, love and by humane laws of decency and equality.”

“As a peacemaker I claim harmony, justice and self - respect for every human being.”

“I choose to share my love, decency, humanity, wisdom and I AM wholeness, with others.”

“I choose to focus my energy, thoughts and intentions on sharing blessings of love, compassion and grace upon all of mankind and the earth.”

“I understand that all of my thoughts, feelings, words and actions impact all of life; I choose to live and speak respectfully of myself and all others.”

“I am grateful for my life and all life; thank you God, I AM, for all that we share together. I choose peace and cooperation for myself and mankind here and now.”

We are the peacemakers, spiritual leaders in love and compassion for self and others.

May you envision the United States as a peace filled, economically strong, harmoniously integrated and unified nation. In liberty and in God, I AM; we are one.

With blessings and thanks for you and your souls’ strength and clarity.



                                     We Each Have It and Could Use More of It!                July 2016

Love is invisible, tangible, powerful, magnetic and healing. Lack of love often results in emotional and sometimes physical illness. An aspect of humanity, we consistently need to give and receive love to remain balanced/healthy.

Love must be shared— it is an energy that is in every cell of our being, and only we decide when we will share it with another. Sometimes we express love spontaneously--as in a random act of kindness. You find love in the thoughts that we create, the items and work that we manifest, and in the compassionate and thoughtful feelings and respect that we have and give to others.

The energy of Love is God, and we manifest Godliness when we are: kind—merciful—generous—caring—respectful—compassionate—non-judgmental—selfless.

Honoring God as intricately part of us, as love—and honoring all life forms here on earth, while creating peace in your own life, one develops the spiritual beings that we are. 

Wishing you a wonderful summer.



                                                     The Seven Directions                                 June 2016

North, south, east, west, up - the sky, down - the earth, All - the inner- most sacred of all.

As humanity moves forward in our Ascension process, expanding our consciousness is required to access and navigate the fifth dimension. (Fifth Dimension: One moves by Divine Will; may be still here in the physical; you are working in the Eternal Now, one with your Spirit. You accept and consciously live—the Universe is working through you; miracles are given to you.)

Understanding and developing one’s spiritual self is our greatest step toward remembering ourselves as spiritual beings. We are created from energy – the same energy that is in all forms of life; plants, animal, mountains and the stars. Each of our lives have purpose. Our ascension is a spiritual process which includes being able to remain in our physical bodies while accessing greater frequencies and dimensions of creation.

Experience is truly the goal of living here- all of it---the good, bad, and ugly aspects of life. “We” are the spice of life. From our best accomplishments, to our greatest heartaches, all of what we each live/experience every day builds earth’s reality. This is part of humanity’s work.

Earth is said to be “the heart” of the universe. It is through one’s conscious choices, that we open our own hearts more and more, to connect not only with our soul, and with creator God; and transitioning to ascend the physical and mental limitations of our humanness, assimilating to higher frequencies; accessing the fifth dimension where we will truly walk this earth while at the same time commune and co-create with God and other realms of life.

Our world is in conflict and chaos right now. In this disorder will come dissolution, re-building and re-birth. Limited negative thinking builds walls. Humanity’s hearts and minds are being stretched to open greater than they have ever been before. Wisdom, humility, forgiveness, compassion, truth, compromise and love are all ingredients needed to resolve major issues crippling our world today. Living consciously, staying grounded in the here and now, connecting to your heart and God-self, and being at peace with yourself and others are ways to honor all of life, and grow spiritually; progressively accessing the fifth dimension.

May you always know and feel your oneness with The Divine.

With thanks and blessing to you.



                           10% For Your Well-Being and Spiritual Growth              May 2016

Everyone is busy. Time is speeding up. Not enough time to do the things that you really enjoy; do you remember what it is that you really enjoy doing? Take time to rest and relax; take a vacation. Be with family and friends—but your schedules just don’t work out.

In his book, God this is a Good Book, Rich Work relays a conversation that he had with an angel about tithing.

When Rich found that his professional career was in great shape and his family well cared for, he also realized that he had no personal time for himself and very little time to enjoy the company of his family, let alone his friends. His angel asked him, “…did you come here to look for a job and work?”

Yes, your responsibilities are important to address, however it is you, the entire person that is here to experience many aspects of life and spirituality.

Tithing is a timeless concept of giving a 10% part. As one grows your perspective broadens, and there is a greater meaning to this concept. Tithing is about manifestation. “That which you give to God, so shall you receive tenfold or more.” The time and energy that you spend nurturing yourself and developing (connecting) on ones’ spiritual nature- is giving to God. 

Time spent deepening your God connection; via meditation, prayer, time sharing love and friendship with others. These are all aspects of you that are ready to be nurtured and developed. As you grow and thrive in your personal happiness your abundance and gratitude will blossom. You may only give of yourself what you have.

Can you afford to give yourself 10% of your time each day? Here’s how to do this.

In one day, I will tithe hours per day ___; ___per week; ___per month to live the true reason I am living this lifetime.

Create a Tithing worksheet for yourself with experiences such as:

Spend time with family and friends.

Create personal time to do things I love.

Creatively expressing the divine nature of my being.

Meditating on the love within myself and the world.

Seeing and acknowledging the divine essence in all things.

Expand my conscious awareness reading, attending lectures, seminars and workshops.

Time working with the divine and the angelic realm.

Journal revelations, inspirational ideas, conversations.

Health care and exercise.

This is about re-prioritizing your time. Will you make time for yourself? Do you love yourself enough to honor yourself?

With thanks for you, I send you blessings.


Rich Work, God this is a Good Book, Asini Publishing 1998


                                           The Power in the Words, I AM                             April 2016

The energies of humanity’s collective consciousness today are predominately chaos, fear based and aggressive. Just look at our presidential race and economy, beside world events.

As humans we feel energy; energy as emotions that others transmit. We have the ability to focus our attention on what we choose to. Do you focus on how you feel, how someone else feels, or how the environment that you are in, feels? If we feel uncomfortable, many of us shut down emotionally; decide not to feel at all, just riding out the situations in our lives. This is like sleep walking; unconscious, not knowing or being responsible for one’s actions.

As an evolving spiritual being, choosing to honor yourself and life, your focus may be on understanding your feelings and work to balance them.

Focus on centering yourself, choose to live your greatest strengths. You may affirm: “I Am one with Creator. I Am safe and complete. I Am love. I bless myself and all of creation.” Consciously take positive steps in your life to create harmony and clear communication with others. Be the love to yourself and others that is missing in the world today. All loving efforts and blessings raise the collective consciousness for the betterment of all.

Our thoughts/beliefs create our feelings and also one’s reality. The emotions that we do not release are held within our bodies. For better health and continued spiritual growth, it is essential to acknowledge our feelings and transmute any emotions that are less than love.

Affirmations are a powerful tool to support and uplift you. Saying aloud —claiming— believing these statements as true for yourself assist you in creating these changes in your life.

I Am one with all of creation.

I Am happy and healthy, and accept abundance in my life right now.

I Am strong in body, mind and spirit.

I Am safe and complete.

I accept gifts from Creator right now, and I Am thankful.

I Am the power and authority in my life.

I accept peace of heart and mind for myself right now.

I accept only right actions in my life.

I release anything that no longer serves my Higher Self.

I Am grateful for all that I Am.

Thank you God Creator.

Wishing you a wonderful spring.

With thanks for you.



                                                    Why Am I Here?                                 March 2016

Most of us have wondered, why am I here? What is my real purpose in living now?

Every life we have lived adds to our souls’ development. Humanity is in the early stages of Ascension and we are each responsible for our souls growth, and is why we are here now. 

Following your heart’s desire is a tool in your development. What are you great at? Speaking, writing, being organized, listening to others, being a creative artist, thinker, caregiver? What do you do with ease? Possibly you have several talents, this all matters.

Using your talents to your best ability not only serves you, also humanity. Many times you are a positive example for another. Being your best self supports you; finding what limits you or causes you pain, and learning about yourself from this lesson-relationship, is part of your self-work. 

          Ascension is:

·        To know ourselves as one with God Creator

·        To balance our energy and refine it, (so that we vibrate at a higher level, this supports our becoming one with our souls’ wisdom) One does this by being and living in truth and love with yourself and others.

·        Re-unite with the many aspects of our divine self.  Taking time to regularly pray and meditate, intending to connect to your soul and Creator essence. Silently being one with yourself---on all levels. This takes time and effort, as this supports your spiritually. One’s growth comes about at its own pace and naturally.  You will feel calmer, more centered and less fearful about life and world events as you develop this skill.

·        Accessing more of your souls’ wisdom.  You instinctively know what is best for you. You understand yourself and others much better, seeing the bigger picture of your life.

·        Integrating your humanness with your spiritual being—your soul and High Self, (that which remembers its oneness with Creator.) Understanding that you are a vehicle for your soul to overcome physical illusions and direct your consciousness to working closely with Creator for your greater good this lifetime; co-creation of your life. Working with the non-physical aspects of self and Creator.  

We are here by choice. Our choice. Our task, if we chose it, is to move toward greater union and co-creation with Creator. Doing this is a process that only you can do; however we have many angels, guides and Ascended Masters here to assist us in our growth. Their job is to assist us at all times; call them and ask for assistance. They will respond. 

As spring is coming early this year, may you take the time to grow a deeper connection to your soul---your immortal you. 

With thanks for you. 



Refining Ourselves                                                                  February 2016


Stop. Look within. Feel yourself within. Feel yourself gently. Feel yourself completely.

At this time we have a great opportunity to slow down, stop, and take an honest look at what we want to change about ourselves right now.  This self, re-evaluation is in our highest and best good.

With love and respect of ourselves, choose one or two beliefs, or past painful memories that you would either like to change, or release completely. This will take humility, understanding, patience, clarity and love of yourself.  Are you able to embrace some very personal refining for yourself?

Through meditation and or prayer, you will find that you already know what thoughts, beliefs or heartaches need to be released or changed, for you to begin healing. As you accept your own choices, you are healing yourself and are positively changing your future life and happiness.

The wisdom and integrity that accompany this task comes from your soul. Your heart will guide you in this work; listen and allow yourself to feel your inner knowing. You are removing illusions of this physical life, and are creating yourself and the life you want to live.  

Now is the time to allow yourself to grow and know happiness and peace within, as we connect even more consciously with our soul/High Self.

With blessings and thanks for you. 



 Expanding Your Consciousness                                                   January 2016

What do you want for yourself this New Year? For most, part the answer is more peace and joy in your life.  

How to create inner peace and joy for yourself:

     1. Allow for change in your life; try to learn and adapt to change and not fight it.
     2. Have no great expectations regarding people or situations.
     3. Maintain your individuality.
     4. Quiet and center yourself in now; connect and feel /know yourself as one with             God/The Divine; take time to do this regularly.

In this private space, know that you are safe and loved and that your life has purpose.

  • 5.Be able to manage your emotions.
    6.Do not judge yourself or another harshly.
    7.Know that you are complete as you are.
8.When situations are difficult, view them as an experience to deal with, not fear. With confidence focus and open your heart space; connect with your High Self and The Divine and feel that energy bloom within your heart/being. This will calm you. If you are able to send forth some of this loving and healing energy out into the world, or situation that you are working through.
9. You are amplifying Spiritual wholeness - love.
10. The more you intend to be your best self, the greater your connection to The Divine is.

Blessing and thanks for you.


Consciousness Expanding                                  December 2015

Humanity’s Ascension continues as we focus on living as Soul consciousness moment by moment.  This means living intentionally, self-aware and conscious of our human ego and the fear that our humanness knows.

Our opportunity is to allow our God-self to grow within our hearts and connect more and more deeply with our Soul through intention and stillness.  To listen to our inner feelings, hunches and direct knowing for ourselves. Honor them— act on them. Live by your pure insights for your highest and best welfare.

Yes, we still have personal crisis and dilemma’s to experience and learn from. These challenges assist one in correcting old, negative thought forms of consciousness that one’s soul knows. We act instinctively; out of habit.  Our Higher Self, Soul Star is sending us higher frequency energy, calibrating one’s soul and ego personality.  As our souls’ works in greater unity with our Superconscious Mind, the clearer we will hear and understand messages (wisdom) from our soul.

By dealing with what is happening in our lives right now, for the betterment of all involved, we are choosing to create a better, more harmonious and peace filled life now and in the future.  This self -work   is assisting us in self- mastery.   

With all of the world’s crisis in our news and awareness, humanity’s collective consciousness is full of fear and prejudice.  As spiritual beings transitioning, we understand that unity, forgiveness, love, peace and compassion are the energies/blessings that are needed to heal and uplift all of mankind now.

As our soul is intuitively speaking to us and we choose to send these intentions out to our brothers and sisters here on earth:  “… peace be with you, I send you love, I send you healing,” know that you are ascending spiritually.  Some here are light workers, having created another level of human consciousness; one of unity and love. Working with higher frequencies, you are assisting in healing all of humanity to accept greater frequencies of Light and to know themselves as being one with God and all of creation.

May you feel and know the love that you are made of. Wishing you joy and a wonderful holiday with your family and friends.

With thanks for you. 



The Warbler                                                                               November 2015

This morning as I looked out the patio door; I was surprised to find a Warbler sitting on my deck. He stood there for several minutes; he was alone and should have migrated south by now. He was out of sync with his natural instincts.
Outside, I tried to pick him up and see if he was injured. With this he moved forward, hopped a few steps and then flew to a near- by tree. He was alright. Back in the house, the Warbler's plight made me think.

How many times are we confused, our timing off; or we feel stressed or emotional for no apparent reason? This year has been a time of powerful energies coming to earth from the sun, to reactivate our DNA and to balance the earth. This to assist us in our awakening of our spiritual essence and the godseed that is within us.
We need to be grounded now; stay in the "now moment." For those of us who love stability, it has been a tough year. As more changes come into our lives, we need tools to calm and stabilize us, assist us to create peace within ourselves. Tools to help us create a greater understanding of ourselves as spiritual energetic beings.
It would be helpful to focus on our inner knowing of love and respect for God and self. Creating silence, see yourself completely engulfed in the energy of Christ Consciousness; know that you are part of this Divinity. Silently, hold this truth: stay open and accept this healing and loving energy as yours-as long as you are able to. Be one with the Divine and this intention. This process aides your spiritual growth and in creating your present reality.
As you do this, you will feel peaceful, heart, mind and soul. Breathe it in---steep in it. Now picture yourself smiling happily, being with loved ones. You are happy and satisfied, so are they. Stay in this peacefulness. Picture if you can, that as you look around your friends, neighbors are also happily together with family and friends. You set the intention that all of humanity is loving and kind to one another. Hold this intention; feel it within your heart. Feel your gratitude in this. Stay here as long as you are comfortable. When ready, gently bring your awareness back. Feel yourself lighter and more relaxed.
Life and living is about love and relationships. Our hearts have and are love. If we follow and trust the loving, kinder feelings that we are, the balanced life that we want is close at hand. It is time to live the higher truths that our souls know.
May you share a very Happy Thanksgiving with your family and friends.
With thanks for you.


The Photon Band and Wave X                                                September 2015



In 1961 astronomers discovered a nebula phenomenon; a vast cloud like mass of gas, and named it Golden Nebulain or Photon Band.  This nebula's location coincided with the orbit of our solar system. About every 26,000 years Earth travels twice through this higher frequency band, affecting our material world and our consciousness. In 1999 Earth entered this magnetic band and will be moving through it for the next 2000 years, along with the rest of our solar system.

NASA recognizes the Photon Band as an immense region of space which is radiating intense electromagnetic radiation, into high-frequency invisible and visible light; including some x-ray spectra. Spiritually, the Photon Band; also called Photon Belt, signifies Christ Consciousness.

Traveling through this band in the year 2000, the  Earth entered the 4th dimension. 


Dr. Simon Atkins, author of  Wave X Shift of 2015, is a well-known climate risk economist and planetary threat forecaster, with a doctorate in Biometeo-electromagnetics. The Photon Belt is actively creating changes near and far; the unusually high frequency of solar flares which are occuring on the surface of earth's sun signaling changes in the suns activity and solar radiation, have multiplied. Feb, 2012-66.9; 2013-in the 70's, Feb. 2014 - 102.8; April 2014-81.9. 

Other evidence of unusual Earth activity are the number of earthquakes across the planet that have increased as well: the years of 1939 - 1979 a total of 71; the years 1977 - 2014 a total of 164.  Large scale earthquakes doubled in the year 2014.

Time Magazine reported that powerful waves of gamma light coming from the Galactic Core are expected to reach Earth the last half of September 2015, lasting for approximately three days. These magnetic waves come to us through sunlight and are assisting humanity in our spiritual awakening.

From channeled messages we have been told that humanity's DNA is being re-activated, which assists humans to remember/ know themselves as Spiritual Beings, and assists us to realign with our Lightbody. Your Lightbody is a grid of light and sacred geometry that connects your physical, mental, spiritual and emotional being. Your Lightbody radiates light and energy, electromagnetically connecting your multidimensional self with the all of life/ the universe.

We are in phase two of the Ascension process. Living through your heart, you may choose love, integrity, equality, forgiveness, for yourself and all of life. Our bodies are changing; our minds are open to learning more of how to do this with comfort and ease. Our hearts direct us to live in the moment, in the light of The Creator; intentionally connecting with our High Self.  In doing this we will know ourselves as a spiritual being, creators of our reality; who is always one with all of creation.

With thanks for you.



                 Working with Your Chakras and Toning Assist in Your Ascension       Aug ‘15

Our body is our physical vehicle in blending our human experience with our Spiritual Being. The chakras system that we each have, the seven major energy centers that exist in one’s body, are our means of maintaining good health—to free healing energy frequencies. As our bodies have a consciousness, our chakras are tools for us to change our physical vibrations that we have created by the experiences of our past, present, thoughts, feelings--emotions. We create our own history each day, and our health is the reflection of that.

Working with each chakra, you are releasing old patterns, memories and disharmony that you have lived with for years. The process is to return your chakras to balance, opening, asking for and accepting Christ Consciousness in, to clean, clear and balance each chakra; creating greater harmony and flow, then opening the next chakra above it. Being a clearer vehicle, a greater connection occurs with the God seed atom coming to you—evolving you into your greater self; Spiritual Being, working toward self-mastery over one’s human aspects of limiting thoughts and emotions.

Toning is an ancient method of healing; a release; cleansing of the body. Sounding the vowel sound associated with each chakra, these vibrations directly impact your physical frequency—vibrations. Your intent with this process is crucial. Trust and understand that you are healing your body and co-creating with the Divine for your highest and best Spiritual development and actualization.

As you do this, you may find yourself drawn to tone--sound, only one tone. That is fine, as that chakra requires more healing than the others. Have fun with this, it will all create balance within you. Feel more like singing as you tone?; that works well, too. Do what feels right for you. You can not do this incorrectly.

Crown Chakra     located: head         sound: ee           Christ Consciousness and inspiration

3rd Eye Chakra   located : center forehead  sound: short i       clairvoyance 

Throat Chakra     located: throat        sound: uh            speak and do right words/actions

Heart Chakra       located: heart         sound: long A      balance, love forgiveness

Solar Plexus        located: gut            sound: ah,aw       intuition, inspiration

Sacral Chakra     located: spleen       sound: oh            creativity, sexuality

Root Chakra        located: end of spine  sound:huhh     vitality, survival              

As I have worked with toning for many years, I have found toning not only calms you; at times you may feel rejuvenated from it. Toning always clears the mind of limiting thoughts and emotions. Singing and humming are also considered aspects of toning.

May you gain a peaceful heart and mind with this process, while your Spiritual Being grows clearer and more radiant.

With thanks for you.




                                        Inspired Living For A Greater You               July 2015

Like many today, you may feel that your days are too full and your week is overly busy; and the next week, and the next. If your days are blurring into each other, do you often feel that you just exist -- not really enjoying — nor living, a meaningful life? How do you change this?

Wake-Up Inspired, Fuel Healthier Success and Love the Life You’re Meant to Lead, by Master certified coach Marian Baker is an excellent book to support you on your journey.

Ms. Baker believes that we each “desire more wholeness and truth in our lives.” That personal growth, spirituality and dedication to developing and nurturing personal happiness are essential components in living a more fluid and meaningful life.

Marian teaches, “It is time to wake up and claim who you are meant to become.”

“Inspired living is the key. That means being:

Intentional: on purpose, by design; fueled by awareness of values.

Conscious: tuned in to true guidance; surrender and co-creation with spirit.

Creative: creating, building, playing with possibilities; mission and vision in action.”

Ms. Baker teaches that an inspired person is authentically ambitious and contributes positive energy to humanity. The question she asks is, “… do you love yourself enough to create the life you are meant to live? It takes self-love, structure and support to do this.”

Some of the compelling aspects of this program are: reconnecting to who you really are; responsibilities and choices; vision in seeing where you want to go ( to be); your mind-body-spirit connection; exploring and playing; faith; go inward and reach higher; name your vision; what is success to you?; claiming your vision; how do you want to feel?

I am grateful to have found such a dynamic program to work with. May this book with its clarity and wisdom support you on your journey as well.

May you have a safe, joyful and fun summer.



                                        Developing a  Very Happy Brain                          June 2015

Dr. Amit Sood, M.D. runs a global center for resiliency and well-being. He teaches that when we are feeling fear and or self-doubt, our brain is believing  that we are not safe and are unworthy.

Three traits the brain exhibits when we are stressed and drained:

1.  The brain feels others pain as if it is yours. Seeing others in pain fires our own pain                   network.

2.  The brain does not know the difference between imaginary vs real. Feelings are real.               Imaginary fear has real effects on you.

3.  The brain can not distinguish between physical pain and emotional pain. An argument or         nasty comment by someone does hurt you as  much as physical pain.

To sustain lasting inner happiness and peace within oneself, the traits of compassion, kindness, and forgiveness are to be developed. These traits bring us into gratitude. When we are able to find similarities between ourselves and others, we will truly know our    oneness with each other. Our imagined fears that created boundaries between ourself and others will disappear.

A daily practice of finding gratitude within the people that we interact with, meet and work with will create a more meaningful life for ourselves. The Very Happy Brain is one that is active, creative and compassionate.

We have all the tools that we need to create inner peace and stability; they are in our heart and soul. Our mind will follow where we lead it. Allow yourself the time it takes to listen to your inner wisdom. Trust yourself.  

May you have a great summer.

With thanks for you.


A Very Happy Brain by Dr. Amit Sood M.D. and Gauri Sood @ global center for resiliency and well being.



                                             The Creative Genius of YOU                      May 2015

Have you noticed that as we develop our spiritual awareness, what we are really doing on a human level is changing our consciousness?

As we have been gifted with the more powerful, higher vibrations coming from the Sun and the cosmos, the energy here on earth is more intense. Part of The Enlightenment process is one’s self discernment; challenging ourselves in how we think, feel and relate to others. We are challenging our own identity, values and self-worth; and we wonder why we feel tired, alone, and out of balance? We are processing a lot! This is our spiritual opportunity to consciously connect with our “I AM” self.

“I AM” is Christ Consciousness = I exist. I am one with Creator. Those who are spiritually developing may allow themselves to observe their initial responses to challenging situations: thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Allow these responses to come to you and then consciously choose your thoughts, feelings and emotions. WE CHOOSE, WE DECIDE how we want to feel. We make our thoughts and feelings real. Ask: What is really happening? What is an illusion?; then decide.

Mass consciousness is extremely mental now—we “pick up” – sense, others feelings/ fear; impressions/ stress and confusion. This sensory over load requires much of our energy and this is what is keeping most of us out of balance and not clear.

How do we restore ourselves? Creativity. To create is to bring something to life, to birth an idea, a project; to bring change and energy; to restore yourself brings one balance/harmony. We are each inherently creative; this is you expressing your self. Allowing ones creative thoughts and impressions opens us to new ideas to express our feelings, wants and needs in a positive way. Our natural creative nature will assist us to problem solve, join together or create whatever is in the best and highest good for oneself and those concerned.

Allowing your inherent “I AM” self, (our oneness with God) to take a fresh look and go deep inside to understand what our better solution to a situation is. Our natural creativity will bring our “I AM” self to truly create outside of the limited paradigms that we have learned and lived by for lifetimes. 

The good news is, we are progressing! in our spiritual growth; well-being = balance = health. At this time we are Spiritual Warriors, working through all types of global and economic changes. (Humanity is also moving from 3rd dimension through 4th dimension toward 5th.) It is important to understand that we each are in control of our selves. We have a choice with each situation, deciding what we think and feel about what appears to be happening in our lives.

Creator is giving us these empowering energies to assist humanity’s Shift (in Consciousness.) There are angels, Spirit Guides, Master Teachers and spiritual helpers always available to each of us for our continued growth and support. This transitional time is supporting and preparing mankind to live as a true Spiritual Beings.

Ask for the support you need. Know that our awakening aids us in creating / manifesting better, more peaceful and prosperous lives for ourselves and others on our New Earth.

With thanks for you.




                                    Feeling the Path of Spiritual Ascension                      April 2015

As having consciously decided to embrace one’s spirituality, we are consciously choosing to integrate all aspects of ourselves, past-present and future. This requires us to: 1) like ourselves, for some “love” is too strong a word; 2) truly live in the here and now; 3) consciously choose to develop the ability to create our own reality--- experiences; manifestation; 4) accept that Spiritual Ascension is a process and that we each move forward at our own pace; 5) understand that we each have support from The Divine and celestial energies working with us.

One symptom you may be experiencing is intense pain at the base of your head, usually on both sides, where your skull and neck meet; you feel it most when you turn your head from either the left or right.  Your body is assimilating the high frequency energies being received. Those who are very sensitive are more likely to experience this. 

You may also be experiencing times when (old) painful thoughts and memories suddenly rush into your awareness. As you were not consciously thinking about these memories, you may be flooded with sadness, fear, anger or loneliness; all of the time questioning, “What is going on? Why is this coming up now? I thought I was past that?” What is actually happening is that these memories and painful feelings are leaving you.  Part of the Ascension process is to release your lower vibrations, (thoughts, and feelings) and accept stronger, higher frequency vibrations---more light—into your conscious and physical being. When these thoughts occur, do not become involved with the old drama, memory, feelings. Look at the memory, do not engage it, and allow it to be released from you. Nothing more is needed. You may choose to bless yourself and say” thank you” for your continued growth. Do what feels right for you. 

Some have also experienced feeling as though you are falling; sometimes wide awake or while sleeping. This means that the limiting aspects of yourself are being released and that you are accepting and assimilating higher vibrations. All of these processes are Spiritual Alignments, aligning our human bodies with our light bodies needed to shift us, giving us the ability to create in the fifth dimension; the place of manifestation and wisdom. 

Humanity is evolving so that mankind will be able to create our own well-being; where our daily lives have no fears, doubts or limitations. We do this by placing our consciousness into our feelings and energy, creating what we are able to imagine. Today, right now.  To do this:   1) stay in the now,    2) observe what is happening---stay calm,   3) decide your goal,    4) take appropriate action. The more we are able to take these steps, the easier it will be for us to create more peaceful and stable experiences right now.

The earth and humanity have waited thousands of years for this opportunity. It is our choice how we each energetically create our lives and  one another. For the highest and best for all of life, peace, joy and fairness are needed.

With thanks for you.


                                         Our Heart and its Energy                  MARCH 2015

Gregg Braden¹, a scientist and visionary, in speaking about, “the power of the heart and how it affects our energy,” references indigenous W. Nigerian peoples, The Kogi. One Kogi tradition emphasizes the power of the relationship between our self, to our hearts’.

The first few years of a Kogi child’s life, they are kept separate from the physical world, learning to first work with their inner knowing’s, through their hearts; before they develop perceptions of the physical world around them. In this way these young children’s frame of reference is heart-based.

The Institute of HeartMath² studies the power of the heart. There is a field of energy surrounding the heart which is electromagnetic; called the Heart Field. When we are with another, we share a Heart Field; we connect.

The human heart signals our brain which chemicals to release to the body to keep us healthy. This signal is called “a coherence.” A new field of science is “Epigenetics.” Scientist now knows that more is happening between our genetics and DNA; that our emotions influence our longevity and our aging process.

As we create and feel our emotions, one’s DNA strands are affected. The ends of DNA strands begin to become brittle from the chemical reactions taking place. In time, the ends of the DNA strands become brittle and break off; this is part of the aging process.

Our bodies create a chemical enzyme to repair the chromosomes breakage and lengthen the strand, called “telomerase.”

There is a direct relationship between one’s emotions and the creation of telomerase. The emotions of care, gratitude, appreciation and compassion, activate the production of telomerase and begins to repair your DNA; slowing down the aging process.

So, the Kogi people were so intuitively wise in their ancient tradition of learning to feel, understand and connect with your Heart wisdom early in childhood. Our bodies do reflect the many consequences of all of the emotions that we have ever felt.

Your heart is wise beyond measure. The emotions of gratitude, compassion, care and appreciation are not only healthy for you to feel and share, they are also healing to all that you bestow these emotions upon.

May you be blessed with great health and a loving heart.

With thanks for you.


¹ Gregg Braden

² The Institute of HeartMath is an internationally recognized nonprofit research and education organization dedicated to helping people reduce stress, self-regulate emotions and build energy and resilience for healthy, happy lives. HeartMath tools, technology and training teach people to rely on the intelligence of their hearts in concert with their minds at home, school, work and play.



                                                         To Forgive                                  February 2015

Recently I held a Messages for You session.¹  This is a small group session where participants come and I relay to each participant personal messages from their guides, High Self, angels or a loved one in Spirit. The messages are meaningful and bring support, clarity and love to the recipient.

Sometimes during the group session, a message for one person is also gifted to the entire group. I let everyone know that, “this message is for everyone.” I call this a group message. These messages are very profound and clear and truly meant for one’s well-being and healing.

The message began with the image of a person coming in, wearing many, many bulky layers of  clothing; bent over, head hanging down, not looking up and barely able to walk. She was burdened, and was just making it through life. She could not look up and “see.” She did not feel, nor move about as she wanted to; she was constricted by the layers that were “protecting her” from her thoughts and feelings, from life. 

The meaning was that she had held on to old arguments, criticisms, disappointments in herself and others, anger, and loss. She kept these negative thoughts and feelings so well, that she had many regrets and repressed anger. The layers held the pain that she experienced and the lack of forgiveness she chose for herself and others.

Your High Self tells us that we are responsible for our own healing. The sooner we take the responsibility of our errors—understand it, learn from it, and forgive ourselves, our healing begins. If you have hurt someone, do your best to make amends; whether it is in person or through prayer. Then let the pain or anger/memory go. It serves no healthy purpose to carry it with you. None.

High Self reminds us that we are spiritual being here to love and respect ourselves and others; that we are one with each other. That as human beings we learn and grow through relationships with ourselves and others.  The act of forgiveness is a spiritual act and heals our emotions first, then our physical body. The more we can forgive, the greater we live in love and compassion and realize our true spiritual nature. 

With thanks for you and all that you are.



                            Creating a Better Me                      January 2015

As we welcome 2015, solar flares continue to occur on earth's Sun and affect our energy and earth energy. They are believed to be part of the reason for the increase of active volcano's and earthquakes occurring on earth today. Solar flares and other changes occurring on the sun have electromagnetic frequencies that influence earth's magnetic field and our--human's, electrical and magnetic components. You may be experiencing these influences as feeling overwhelmed, time speeding up--not enough time, and being forgetful more often.

These new energies are assisting humanity's shift of consciousness. This transition was spoken of back in 12/12, and is part of our evolution. These transitional times will continue for several more years worldwide, as people are demanding non-biased political and social systems, based upon fairness, equality and human rights for all individuals. "For the greater good of all, " are the philosophy, foundation and mantra of our new times.

These greater energies are assisting us to wake up--change--grow--release limiting beliefs, so that we may live more consciously aware of our  interconnectedness with all of life--each other. A New Year heralds a time of fresh starts. Take time to decide what changes you would like to make in yourself and your life. What isn't working for you in your life; ideas, habits, beliefs? Allow yourself to focus on what is in your highest good to keep you peaceful, healthy and productive.  With confidence and clarity, set new intentions--attainable goals for yourself.

So breathe, relax, and in the quiet of your heart, ask, what will help heal me? What do I need to do or change, to be a better me? What steps will you choose to take to make this happen? You honor life and all of your being by developing and nurturing yourself.

Blessings to you in 2015!


The Power of Thought
                                and How Love Heals        December 2014

Quantum physics has proven that there exists a basic electromagnetic field that underlies the nature of the universe. This field creates harmony and order, creating a complete level of balance for humanity; some call this field "love." Dr. Dean Shrock considers love, "as oneness." Self-love, wholeness, our core internal guidance system is in our heart. The bestseller, Why Love Heals, by Dr. Dean Shrock ¹ shares with you his thirty years of experience and study on how to stimulate the natural harmony that is within yourself to heal; and how to get well or stay well.

"People who are busy doing what they like to do not only tend to forget their aches and pains, but experience a positive effect on their quality and length of life." Dr. Shrock served as Director of Mind-Body Medicine for a group of 40 cancer centers.

Dr. Shrock believes that having a sense of well-beingand a consciousness of self, strengthens your ability to change your internal environment = a healthy self. A significant mind shift in present time evokes self-appreciation. Science has proven that everything is connected.  When an individual feels separate from others, or from self, that leads to an energetic imbalance, leading to symptoms of illness.

Illness is a sign that one needs to restore wholeness to oneself. Most individuals are looking for peace of mind and heart. Doing what you are passionate about helps greatly. Healing comes from feeling connection with others, and to be heard and listened to. All of this feels good and assists healing of your body.

Mindful meditation: being fully present in the moment, guided imagery, and connecting to your intuition-soul, your spiritual nature (one's eternal identity,) and communicating with God all support and assist in one's healing process. (90% of American's believe in God, Divine Source, Higher Consciousness.)

How may you create more balance, good health and happiness within yourself? We are each eternal beings that are one with God and the Universe. May you know the greater goodness of who you are.

With thanks for you.


1 Why Love Heals, Mind Body Spirit Medicine by Dean Shrock, PhD,  Heartfelt Intent Publications, Eagle Point, OR.    

                                                       Conscious Choices

As this is already November; I am still in disbelief that summer is over and that the holiday season begins just weeks from now. I know that time really is flying by. 

The Shift that occurred back in December 2012 supports our conscious departure of third dimensional parameters that we were born into: limited thoughts, rigidity, competition, winner vs loser, past vs future, worry, lack, anger and jealousy. The belief that we are separate from one another, the earth and God. 

We are in transitional times and will continue to be for another few years. Experiencing time moving both fast and slowly for us, today's challenges are world-wide and impact all of us, no matter where one lives. With life moving quickly we have our own personal challenges to deal with and solve. Life is feeling uncomfortable; out of sync. How does one process all of this? 

Understand that our current thoughts and emotions are based on third dimensional habits and beliefs that we grew up living. These are limiting and hold the basic concept that someone is the winner and another is the loser. To change our old patterns of thinking, our thoughts and emotions need to be focused and intentional now. Conscious thoughts, words and deeds, moment by moment. This transition is you consciously creating and maintaining your own higher consciousness; asking you to keep your focus on ease, balance and well-being.

As we transition into fifth dimensional experience, the higher level concepts are: co-creation, consciousness, well-being, dignity, respect and appreciation. This takes conscious, intentional work on your part to do this. This is about looking at what is happening around you, good and bad, and creating a place of balance within yourself to experience and help heal the situation. This is about controlling your thoughts and emotions that would unnerve you.

In that moment, quiet and focus your thoughts and emotions. Set the intention of harmony- focus on your heart, wait to feel love there. Now send love and peace to all who are involved, and for the resolution of the situation for the highest and best good for all concerned. Wait-feel the peace that comes over you. This may take a few minutes. This is co-creation; this is you experiencing yourself at a higher level of integrity and oneness with the universe.

This is not new information for us. The truth is that it is paramount that we live this way now; conscious choices create our state of being----each moment. We do not have the luxury of stopping and sitting in meditation for this; this is about creating balance within you by living the higher concepts of well-being, cooperation, abundance and respect for all life. The balance and well-being that you allow for yourself will be infused in all that you do and who you are. The more consistent you are in choosing your thoughts, the more natural the process becomes for you, and the more balanced/peaceful you become. Your positive being will support positive changes for the earth and humanity. This is our next step in our evolution, we always have a choice. 

Wishing you a happy and bountiful Thanksgiving.


                                                              August 2014


                                                 The Paramount Question Is...

Dr. George G. Ritchie, a psychiatrist who wrote, Return from Tomorrow, details his near-death experience at age twenty, while serving during W.W.II. Dr. Ritchie was legally dead for nine minutes and was even placed in a body bag in preparation to being moved to the morgue. In his book Dr. Ritchie describes meeting God, and the paramount question that God asked him was, "Did you learn to love?" 

As I read that question, I could feel my heart beat and a growing expansiveness of my heart chakra. My heart was telling me, "Yes, this wisdom is essential, and you are working on this as well." I stayed out of my thoughts and allowed myself to simply feel. The feelings my body was relaying to me were gentle, peaceful, calming, nurturing. I sat quietly feeling safe, whole and supported by all of my physical and energetic bodies, my soul, God and the Universe. 

The greatest gifts that were are given here on earth are our physical bodies and minds, and free will to daily choose to experience love, whether it comes from ourselves, another human being, plant or animal life, earth energy, or from those in Spirit, angelic or Divine. Also available to us is the grace to embrace forgiveness of self-first, and then forgiveness of others. With this come the experiences, lessons and opportunities of non-judgment, humility, charity, service, gratitude, making a complete circle back to oneness with God Creator and the Universe. 

Each day we are given a gift called today. Many of us take today for granted, and in doing so, really take ourselves for granted. Theodore Roosevelt said," Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." This philosophy calls one to embrace yourself and your life now. Calling upon the better aspects of you, how can you make your today a better day, with no issues, no excuses?

Today, how would you answer the question, "Did you learn to love?"

                                                                  July 2014                                           

                                                          Beginnings and Endings
In creating each newsletter, I often write about books, articles, or emails that have brought great meaning to me.  I was feeling, “summer is finally with us, after our long, cold and snowy winter”; let’s discuss new beginnings-life. However, it was a phone call that altered that topic. 

A person very close to me called to say that a young person, someone whom she knew and had worked with had committed suicide. He had just graduated high school, and had struggled with depression all of his life. She was at a loss; and could not imagine what his family was going through from this tragedy. How do you cope with such a loss; make sense of it; learn from it?

This experience gave me much to reflect upon.

Transitions in our lives, (changes, movement, passages from one state to another,) whether they are personal or professional, offer us many opportunities for self-reflection, interpretation and evaluation.

In mourning the loss of another, you naturally imagine the loss to you, personally. You question more deeply what life was like for the person. Was there any meaning to his life for him; were there every any happy times for him; did he ever look to the future; make plans for life as an adult? 

With these questions, comes self-reflection: How happy am I; Am I satisfied with my life?  Is my life fulfilling? What am I doing to create happiness in my life? Am I the best person that I am able to be? Do I understand the true value of my life, and how it impacts others (all of life)? Do I live my connection with God Creator?

Transitions bring changes, and often we feel that we are not prepared for them. Endings are inevitable. We each create our own beginnings and endings. May you experience love, happiness and peace in sharing these gifts with others.

May you enjoy your summer.



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The Summer of Peace  2014
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