Elizabeth Romo            1 with Source

Spiritual Counselor and Teacher, Medium, Past Life Regressions, Energy Medicine 

                                                                                           Mediumship Program 

                                                                                            Seven week course

The program will create a solid foundation for your hearing/understanding one's intuition, learn how to meditate, learn about the world of Spirit, energy, colors, and more. With respect and integrity learn to connect to higher realms and the departed; receive and give messages.  

Developing your Intuitive Nature    Part I


Feeling your gut response is your intuitive nature (aligned with one's soul); we are neurologically wired to sense our environment for our safety; our intuition is always on. By developing a greater understanding of one's intuition you are consciously connecting to your I AM being to receive insights, guidance and clarity in your life. To, “Know thyself” is the greatest gift you could give yourself. 

Learn the basics about your energetic being, your soul, and expand your awareness to listen and understand the messages you receive all day, everyday, but don't acknowledge or fully understand---for your best guidance and well-being. Learn about the Spirit realm, and other topics that open one's awareness of yourself and our energy nature.

This class is held on: February 16, 23, 2022    March 2, 9, 16, 23, 30, 2022       7:00-9:00 pm CST

Development of Intuitive Nature:
Part I   The Foundation:

               1. Your spiritual team:  High Self/ I AM  (your soul) --- guides--- angels--Ascended Masters
               2. The 5 Clairs and practice sessions
               3. Colors, chakras and the aura and practice sessions
               4. Meditation and intent and practice sessions
               5. Safe practices--Clearing your space. Sacred space for your work.
 Part I Foundation  

This is a Zoom group class
Classes are once a week, for 7 weeks, two hours per session
*Meditation time is essential and on your own: 30 minutes a day; or longer


Part II   Essential Tools

               1. Ethics and the Spirit realm and practice sessions
               2  We are energy--balance and toning and practice sessions
               3. The Spirit realm and practice sessions
               4. Symbols and practice sessions
               5. Higher Realms and practice Sessions


Part III   Intention-Connection-Clarity

                1. Blessing and prayer ---intention-- do's and don'ts
                2. Guides and Individual practice sessions
                3. Questions and Individual practice sessions
                4. More symbols and Ascended Masters and practice sessions 
                5. Spirit realm --- techniques and practice sessions

This is  a Zoom group class
Classes are once a week, for 7 weeks, two hours per session
*Meditation time is essential and on your own: 30 minutes a day; or longer