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Spiritual Counselor and Teacher, Medium, Past Life Regressions, Energy Medicine 

                                             Mediumship Sessions and  Course 

Mediumship Session

An Evidential Medium, Elizabeth connects with those in Spirit to bring you confirmation of their eternal soul and your continued connection to your loved ones in Spirit.  Receiving information from Spirit by seeing, hearing and sensing their emotions, personality traits, and or physical characteristics, all to convey their connection to you and to relay their personal messages to you.  These sessions offer you a first-hand experience that is supportive, loving, and genuine.  


Private session:   $100.00 for one hour  

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       How to Prepare for a Mediumship Session   


 Have an open mind. Do not have any preconceived ideas as to how the session will flow.


The energy of the Medium, Spirit and you all play a part in the session. Be positive.


Days prior to the session think of, speak with those in Spirit that you would like to hear from. Your intention to connect with them is important.


Be open when listening to the messages that are given.


Be in a peaceful state of mind so that you are able to be fully present during the session. No drinking of alcoholic beverages, smoking of substances, or outside distractions during the session. This will detract from the session. 


During the session you may be asked to acknowledge a message; answer only yes, maybe or no. Spirit will bring forth the information that it wants you to understand and hear.


So much information comes forth during a session it may take time to understand it all. Give yourself time to process the information.


It is helpful to take notes; you are not able to remember all that comes through in one session. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________

Mediumship Program      Seven week course

Communicating with those in Spirit is a skill that we each are able to master, by consciously developing our awareness to higher and greater levels. We each inherently have the tools to accomplish this.

A mediumship session supports the healing of family and friends and of the soul of the departed loved one. Connecting with and bringing messages from those who have crossed to Spirit brings you greater perceptions of life, the universe and yourself.

This program will cover all aspects of a mediumship session, working with your Guides, develop your innate senses, meditation techniques and learning about ourselves as energy . You will learn how to expand your awareness to reach greater levels of consciousness, connecting and communicating you with those in Spirit.

Daily meditation is essential, on your own.