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Spiritual Counselor and Teacher, Medium, Past Life Regressions, Energy Medicine 

The Healing Circle 

  The Healing Circle Intention: Taking time to unite with Creator Source, together with others of like hearts, co-creating blessings and healing for oneself, humanity and all upon the earth.

We gather via a conference call, at 7:30 pm CST, on the first Monday of the month for approximately half an hour. 

As a channel, we unite with  Divine God and together we intend/send blessings for ourselves, others and the earth; as each connects with Creator Source, accepting healing of our bodies, mind and spirit. Participants silently join together, honoring our union, intending openness to receive healing for their concerns. Focus healing for the earth and all life here, as we come together with the intention of healing ourselves and others. 

I have learned that our calls together are truly healing, and that compassion, support and healing came from not only those of us on the call, and from Creator Source, the angelic realm and others in Spirit. Many times those energies let us know they are present and actively working with us during the calls. Our time together consistently nourish participants with a greater sense of peace, feeling more balanced, calm, and supported and one with the universe. 

The Prayer Circle is  channeled prayer - intentional healing modality for all.  Both Circles are non-denominational and All are welcome to join us. 


The Healing Circle

1st Monday of each month: 7:30 pm CST

Conference call: 1-667-770-1025

Access code: 488506

The call is approx. thirty minutes

Gifted to you    

The Prayer Circle


3rd Monday of each month: 6:30 pm CST       

Conference call: 1- 667-770-1025

Access code: 488506

The call is approx. thirty minutes

Gifted to you    

Together in prayer, for healing and support.

Thank you so much for your support in sharing the gift of you.

With thanks and blessings for you.                    

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Messages from Prayer Circle 

Energy of peace of heart, peace of mind washing over you and through you. 
Divine energy of peace to be with you on all levels.

Unconditional love comes abundantly to us. Unconditional love flowing to each of us. Flowing gently washing every soul, situation that we have gathered here. Light like diamonds dancing on water.

With this message," no more tears, let tears be tears of joy. This time is about Being – accepting yourself as unconditional love—work with yourself, day by day, changing your mind, beliefs, behavioral changes. What is needed for you to change in your life?- unconditional love is the foundation."

Working through your life—day by day; no need to condemn, no need to hate or fear. Those are man made emotions and ideas; they are not divine. Let the energy of peace and unconditional wash through you again, again and agin. Through your thoughts, emotions, all levels of your energetic bodies.

This helps to release old limited thoughts, patterns, beliefs, conscious or subconscious; allowing yourself new insights and greater understanding of yourself and others. Greater capacity of self-love and compassion of others. As we see another – we see ourselves.

These energies are working with all souls that are here. Rest here – in peace; accept the energies that heal you, that are yours now. Breathe and relax.

In this energy is forgiveness its strong, subtle and flexible---- able to see the underlying truths in each situation.

Forgiveness knows wholeness and oneness – understands humanity and how humans Ego has helped us to make bad decisions, actions, words. Forgiveness: gentle waves embrace you, enfold about you – like a warm soft robe. Secure and comfortable – forgiveness does not harm – it heals the forgiver. Forgiveness is about compassion; into your heart, your mind, into our subconscious, conscious aspects of us. Compassion moves exactly where you need to be healed ----physically locations – pain -- energy that is trying to be released.

In the Cosmos—we are the circle of light – working with the Angelic realm. The energy of peace, unconditional love, forgiveness, compassion are working with you. We are releasing old used energies. Accept yourself to be balanced – whole.


Messages from Healing Circle

Sending us Universal energies of compassion; to our hearts and our minds gentle healing --to comfort us. Help us to process the feelings, emotions, that we are dealing with. Extra compassion for us to comfort and calm us. Accept and receive these energies; rays of emotional strength, physical strength----working with you/in you effortlessly. As you breathe, these energies are becoming part of you----and you are releasing the energies that we no longer need- that has been used.   

Inhale compassion – exhale stress

Inhale compassion –exhale stress

Inhale compassion for yourself –  exhale stress

Inhale  compassion for others – exhale stress

Inhale compassion for the situations that we are each dealing with – exhale stress.

Receiving strength; healing energy for our physical bodies – rejuvenate us, --- cleanse our lungs—our blood—circulatory system.

Healing of our neurons and chemicals in our bodies; what we each need.

Sending us peace----gentle energy-----gentle as a soft whisper: peace—calm, “calm yourself – love yourself”.

“You are strong enough to handle this; be at peace. Trust yourself---you can do this, one day at a time. Live in gratitude- one day at a time. You are all being blessed through these trying times. Being blessed so that we can handle another day.

Exhale—release any frustrations you may have.

Know that in this time of healing---you are allowing yourself to rest—recuperate.

Breathe – exhale – accept more peace of heart, peace of mind. Relax.

We accept all the energies that we need, we become stronger and stronger, able to handle more each day. Having greater clarity and more gratitude – for all that you are.

Inhale peace exhale stress. Inhale peace – exhale stress.

Allowing ourselves to relax into this healing.

With your heart—we may include others that we are concerned for; time now to include them in our Healing Circle-----lets intend in those people that you would like to bring into this healing Circle now. I will be silent while you include them now.

Coming to us – beautiful purple energy– compassion and Love; spiritual strength and connection. Note: *Archangel Zadkiel, the angel of Mercy works with the Purple Ray. 

We have more than doubled the size of our circle. The Universe is connecting us---blessing us all---sending more intense energy to all of us. It is like a network system---for the highest and the best of what each one of us need. Inhale and accept----continuing to receive---this energy is always available to us--.

Now let us connect to the souls who have crossed in the past 6 months---may these souls be in peace , now – resting  with The Divine, Creator, right now—today. All who have crossed to Spirit, we send blessing and healing to them all. We send love and blessings.

The energy is flowing----as we send healing—our energy is like a geyser --- abundance of  energy.

We are at our bests , right now—in intending healing (sending) --connecting – sharing in love and gratitude with others. We are also receiving and sending love – peace- compassion breathe, exhale as deeply as you can.

Archangel Metatron—works with the earth--- is sending healing to the earth, and all life upon the earth---right now.

Picture the earth wrapped in white light, and then may different shades of colors-energy upon the earth right now. Blessing all life, animals, minerals, vegetables, every soul that is here, the air, water, and the earth itself.

We graciously accept healing gratefully release all that we no longer need; we embrace those souls that have crossed----sending them peace to these souls----may they be in peace right now.

You may feel relaxed, stronger, calm; just allow yourself to Be. Allow yourself to rest.

There are sparks of joy in each of us. The energy of joy is buried in so many of us. It is like a small sparks of light. The energy is there --- it’s our responsibility to find the joy---in the moment---little things of the day; connect with joy— Find the joy---as best you can, each day.

Creator and the angelic realm have sent us peace and feelings of comfort--- for us to feel safe.  We are always here with you----connect often during your day-(and night) as needed. 

Blessings to you.


Messages from Healing Circle

As we connect with Creator Source, we connect with our Divine nature, and life force:

As we consciously connect with the Divine, we open our hearts to receive grace, know that grace is always available to us

Grace is gentle and a conductor of blessings, of possibilities, of support and guidance.

These energies strengthen you emotionally and physically - supporting you, relaxing your body and mind--releasing one's tension and stress

We intentionally join with the Archangels in sending blessings, compassion and love to all life upon the earth. To all people on earth, nature, the animal kingdom and the mineral kingdom. We accept healing as well.

Picture a healthy earth, green fields, clean air and water, healthy soil and abundance of minerals. People of all ages, ethnicities, gender, denominations are compassionate and treat one another with respect and living harmoniously together. Nations honor, and work well with each other.

Uniting with Divine guidance and Light, we are one in sending blessings to all life here on earth. Sending blessings to all souls who have passed, and to those who are ill.

The Divine reminds us that we are loved, blessed and so much stronger than we know. Reminds us not to be in fear---as fear acts to limit us and limit our thinking and creates feelings of helplessness. Instead feel your heart---focus on your Divine Light there and your eternal connection to Source.

Remember the strength that you Are; the Support you give to others, your kindness, attention and love for others HEALS. You are part of the solution - the healing. You are thanked for being here now.

Blessings to you.


Messages from  Healing Circle

We are working with Creator Source and other Universal energies that support us in this intentional time of transition shift of consciousness for humanity.
This time is having everyone slow down
Re-evaluate one's priorities
Focus is on human beings / relationships

The needs of you, others / all people, all races are love, shelter, food, education-skills
Equality for all -- we all eat - breathe- drink - require rest and personal attention.
The angelic realm/guardian angels are always here with you -- call upon yours--make time to be still with them.

Take the time to meditate- pray - connecting with your inner heart and soul and Creator. Your strength is here---always.
Remember others less fortunate --- include them in your prayers /blessings.

We will learn and transform ourselves and the way we live as a result of this pandemic. Social and personal changes will results from this.
Creator and all of the Universe supports Earth and humanity through this.

Blessings to You