Elizabeth Romo            1 with Source
                                                                    f ormerly: A Haven For Angels  

Spiritual Counselor and Teacher, Evidential Medium, Past Life Regressions, Energy Medicine 

          Calendar of Events      

                                                          January 2022

IN PERSON SESSIONS in CHICAGO: The second Thursday of the month
Soul readings, Mediumship, Karuna Reiki Energy sessions, Past Life regressions.
email: info@elizabethromo.com  or 847-540-6977    10 am - 6 pm    by appointment 
Olive Blossom  Acupuncture Clinic
3525 W. Peterson Ave.
Suite 612
Chicago, Il. 60659

Connecting with Angelic realms, Guides, those in Spirit
$40.00   January 10, 2022    7 - 8:30pm  CST   Zoom group class  


Communicating with those in Spirit is a skill that we each are able to master, by consciously developing our awareness to higher and greater levels. We each inherently have the tools to accomplish this. 

A mediumship session supports the healing of family and friends and of the soul of the departed loved one. Connecting with and bringing messages from those who have crossed to Spirit brings to you greater perceptions of life, the universe and yourself.

 This program will cover all aspects of a mediumship session, working with your Guides, develop your innate senses, meditation techniques and learning about ourselves as energy . You will learn how to expand your

awareness to reach greater levels of consciousness, connecting and communicating you with those in Spirit.

 Daily meditation is essential, on your own.

February - March 2022

Zoom group class
7 - 9:00 pm CST
Feb.: 16, 23,      March:  2,9,16,23,30, 2022  
First Monday of the month 7:30 pm CT       
Dial 1-667-770-1025
Access code 488506
Approximately thirty minutes.
Gifted to you 
As a channel for God/Source, I bring forth a channeled healing session as participants silently intend blessings for themselves, others and the earth; as each connects with Creator Source, accepting healing of our bodies, mind and spirit. Participants silently join together, honoring our union, intending openness to receive healing for their concerns.  Participants comment  “How powerful, supportive and healing the session was.”   I am very grateful to be a part of this process. 

Third Monday of the month 6:30 pm CDT
Dial 1-667-770-1025
Access code 488506
Approximately thirty minutes.
Gifted to you 
Connecting as a group to Divine Source--honoring all life. Non-denominational: Guided group work, with the energy of our intentional prayers, in support of one another - our global community, dealing with pandemic of COVIDR-19.  The dynamics of group work heals.

Private session working with Spirit bringing you information, messages in support and love of you. Spiritual insights into what is happening in your life. Private sessions by appointment. Group sessions available. 

Is your life too intense?  Do you feel depressed or stuck in negative thoughts and feelings; or in relationships that are draining you? No one is ever alone; let's work together for your greater wholeness, clarity and happiness.  

Understand yourself from another perspective; see yourself in another incarnation. Understand where some beliefs, habits or fears that you currently have, began, so that you may begin to heal. 


Need a speaker for your event? Do you have a group that would like to learn more about Crossing Over, the Angelic realm, Being one with Source/Creator?  A Zoom webinar will bring us all together to share and learn from.

Contact Elizabeth.

LONG DISTANCE KARUNA REIKI ENERGY SESSION : private session   Thirty minutes of Karuna Holy Fire Reiki energy.  

                            Thank you for your referrals