Elizabeth Romo            1 with Source
                                                                    f ormerly: A Haven For Angels  

Spiritual Counselor and Teacher, Evidential Medium, Past Life Regressions, Energy Medicine 


Life Between Lives : A Spiritual Regression Session


Dr. Michael Newton, author of  Journey of Souls,     Destiny of Souls   and   Memories of the Afterlife  developed a Spiritual Regression system through hypnosis that allows one to experience your souls energy as Spirit. 

Using hypnosis you are guided to experience your souls’ energy as Spirit, reviewing a past life that provides you with direct correlations to understanding aspects of your current life situations to lessons from your past life. Moving into the Spiritual realm, experience yourself as Spirit, in another time, personality, gender, career and more. You meet your Spirit Guides, Master Teachers, Council, angels and others. Receive guidance and inspiration to help you in your life today. 

Please send your contact phone number. This is a 3 hours session.

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