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                                                                    f ormerly: A Haven For Angels  

Spiritual Counselor and Teacher, Evidential Medium, Past Life Regressions, Energy Medicine 


Here is what people who have worked with Elizabeth have to say about their experience.

Quotes Elizabeth is someone who comes along once maybe twice in a lifetime. She is a professional and inspiring counselor, with a compassionate sense of humor during less-than-ideal conditions. Fortunately, too, Elizabeth's amalgamation of skills come packaged in a wonderful blending of friendly practical savvy, witty sensitivity, and sincere caring for the human condition. With clear guidance, Elizabeth keeps everything balanced, as she helps individuals to create their own unique plans for personal growth and healing. Well respected by her clients, it is always an enjoyable and valuable experience to work with Elizabeth! Quotes
Sherilyn A. Illinois

Quotes Dear Elizabeth, I have been remiss in sending you this testimonial. I shared a past life regression with you recently and it has truly been a life-altering experience. Not only did it provide answers to many questions, but it enabled me to put burdens I had been carrying behind me. I have been able to more fully live in the present and plan for the future. Meeting three of my guides felt like a family reunion and the immense love they and the others in my circle shared was humbling. I would encourage anyone who feels uncertain about who they are and why they do as they do, to schedule a session with you. They will definitely come away with a greater depth of understanding and feeling of peace. Blessings, Cindy from Grayslake, Illinois Quotes
Cindy Grayslake, Illinois

Quotes Hi Elizabeth, I loved the past life regression session we had! I was very affected by each of the energies,( past lives,) for different reasons, and, as you said," I knew they were a part of me." The experience has given me much food for thought and I find myself returning to the conversations, (messages from my past selves,) often. Thank you. Gerhild from Iowa Quotes
Gerhild, Iowa

Quotes I have been working with Elizabeth for nearly two years now and I would consider her to be one of the most advanced souls I have ever met. Elizabeth has the unique ability to delve into your past lives, some of my past life experiences carried over as cellular memory and have been a stumbling block for me in this lifetime. Elizabeth's insights have shown me the way to recovery. You are truly a gifted person. Quotes
Robb from Williams Bay, Wisconsin

Quotes I wanted to let you know I thought my past life session was beneficial to me. It was interesting that I maintained many of the same character traits I have now that I did in my past lives. I learned from the past lives to not care so much of what people thought of me and to speak up. Something I always known, life is about soul development, not about jobs, money, or anything in physical. As long as your on your spiritual path, that's all that matters. Looking forward in doing it again. Thanks. Quotes
Scott from Lyons,Illinois

Quotes Our session on Friday was great. I've been a big advocate of you over the past few days, telling my friends all about our session. Thank you, and thanks especially to my guides. Quotes
Meg S. from Palatine, Illinois
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