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                                                                    f ormerly: A Haven For Angels  

Spiritual Counselor and Teacher, Evidential Medium, Past Life Regressions, Energy Medicine 


Here is what people who have worked with Elizabeth have to say about their experience.

Quotes Hi Elizabeth, I just wanted you to know that this email came at the most appropriate time in my life....it has helped explain so much as I have had many of the symptoms you spoke of, thank you. I had met with you a couple of years ago and you were able to help me through another 'fearful' time in my life. I just wanted to let you know that your work is helping me and I am sure, so many other people too. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Quotes
Clare IL.

Quotes Hi Elizabeth, I'd like to thank you for such a wonderful "Messages for You" event on January 21st. The messages that came through for me were profound in more ways than I ever could have imagined. It truly touched me to see how compassionate and gracious you were with all of us, especially those who are in spirit form now. It's an extraordinary gift that you have. Thank you again for such a beautiful, and moving experience. Quotes

Quotes Dear Elizabeth, Thank you for words of strentgh and support. I have listened to my session a few time and have been implementing the request for blessings and thank you's to our spiritual support for Mom and I. As far as the apologies from my Dad I know that my road is long, but the destination will be beautiful and bring my heart and soul a sweet breath of fresh air! Thank you again, Elizabeth Quotes
A. Grayslake, IL.

Quotes Elizabeth, I just wanted to say, "Thank you" for all of the insights and communication with " the other side" It truly helps! Love, B Quotes
B from Buffalo Grove, IL

Quotes I thought the session was wonderful. I loved the beginning and all of the information that was given. It was very educational and compassionate. I appreciate the messages. Thank you. Quotes

Quotes Elizabeth provided me the opportunity to connect with my Dad's spirit who died over 46 years ago when I was quite young. Receiving my Dad's message after all these years gave me a feeling of wholeness. He has been with me all these years and I never knew. Then to find out my mom who died 5 years ago, and my Dad were together brought so much joy to my life. My mom has spent her whole life taking care of us kids and to know my parents where together again has brought so much peace and happiness to my life. I now know they are with me every day! Infinite love and gratitude Elizabeth. Quotes
Patty L. from Hawthorn Woods, Il.

Quotes "On February 19, 2013, I went to "Messages For You" with Medium, Elizabeth Romo. I have known Elizabeth for some time now, but have never been to one of her group sessions. I was excited to go, however, I was not expecting to be as moved as I was. My intention was to communicate with my mother and my brother, both who have passed away at young ages. Elizabeth described my mother perfectly and the message was very profound and very personal. I knew, it was just for me. Then she said, your mom is saying, "there is never a time, when you are not on my mind." This brought me to tears, as I miss my mother, even though she passed away in 1997. There were other messages as well (3 in total), that were also perfect, and again, I knew, these messages were just for me. I found the session extremely beneficial, not only at the tim Quotes

Quotes I loved it !!! You were right on with so many things; it was all positive and very validating for me. Quotes

Quotes It was so nice to meet you at the Simple Balance Holistic Fair on Saturday! The Intuitive Reading you gave me was wonderful - very on target! The messages you brought through for me were beautiful, meaningful, encouraging and empowering! Barbara Quotes
Barbara I. Elgin Illinois

Quotes Dear Elizabeth, I can not thank you enough for all of the kind words and healing that you have provided to me. You are so gifted and have made my journey these past years so much easier. I look forward to working with you again in the future. Thank you. Quotes
Judy Palatine