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                                                                    f ormerly: A Haven For Angels  

Spiritual Counselor and Teacher, Evidential Medium, Past Life Regressions, Energy Medicine 


Here is what people who have worked with Elizabeth have to say about their experience.

Quotes Elizabeth: You have brought me so far in the past year. Through our private sessions, group meditations, billets and all of the other wonderful services you provide I have gained so much. With your support, assistance, guidance and perceptive approach you have allowed me to grow and improve my skill set. Meditation has become a welcome respite for me and has allowed me to tap into my higher self. You are patient and nurturing and this has provided me the confidence to continue to stretch, to learn and to try new things. I have grown to trust and rely on the counsel you provide and enjoy seeing how it plays out in my life. So many things we have discussed show up at a later date and I chuckle and think ?Elizabeth told me this was coming?. You have also taught me to trust my inner voice and to realize that I have the answers; I just need to ask my angels and guides, listen with an open heart and mind and pay attention to the messages. I appreciate you more than you know. Thank you. Quotes
Joanne Mundelein, Il.

Quotes Thank you for our session together. It has changed my life. The messages that you brought to me from my departed loved ones in spirit truly have healed my heart and soul in many ways. I am a new person; not feeling down as I have been for several years. Thank you for this assistance. Quotes
S. Gurnee, Il.

Quotes I was very fortunate to have a Life Between Lives Regression session with Elizabeth. It was a life changing experience. There were many personal messages and helpful information I received from the journey through my past life, but the greatest gift was in feeling the peace and "pure bliss" of the afterlife. I highly recommend working with Elizabeth. Her energy and guidance create a space that makes me feel safe and comfortable. and then able to deeply relax and allow the experiences to occur. Kathy B. Gurnee, Illinois Quotes
Kathy B., Gurnee Illinois

Quotes My sister-in-law had a reading with you and not to my surprise, she was really amazed with what you told her, and how you helped her to communicate with my deceased brother. She said she cried through about 99% of the reading (happy tears). I told her I cried too at my first reading. I'm sure you can't remember each reading...and maybe sometimes you don't realize how intense it is for the other person, or even how much you help, you truly are gifted. I'm sure you will be seeing my sister-in-law again, and me. I'm so glad you helped her. Thank you so much. Dorothy Illinois Quotes
Dorothy, Libertyville Illinois

Quotes I was amazed at the clarity and accuracy you had in bringing through three of my past selves. I knew you were right on with their messages and descriptions of them, as I have had dreams about these people; knowing that they were me in another time. Their messages to me were loving and profound. I am grateful for the experience and truths that they shared with me. I am honored that so many aspects of me still are an active part of who I am. Quotes
Gail, San Diego, California

Quotes It was such a pleasure meeting you for a past lives reading. My past lives that came through during that reading really made me understand why I do some of the things I do today. Why I feel so strongly about certain issues. You are so awesome to share your gift with us. You are always tuned right in to allowing spirit to deliver the perfect message at the right time. It was fun, informative, and awakening to be able to get messages from my past. I look forward to seeing you again soon. Being able to connect with my past lives has prompted me to delve deeper into myself in all areas of my life. To look at my goals more closely and to re-evaluate priorities. I haven't changed who I am, but I certainly feel I have been given the ability to enhance who I am. Thank you, Elizabeth. Quotes
Denise B. Muskego, Wisconsin

Quotes I prayed to be led to the right person for me and that's when I found you. I was spiritually motivated to meet you. We met and from the moment you started to talk with me I was mesmerized. I felt completely comfortable. You said some things that were surprising because they were only secrets of mine. I truly need help and find it in your gentle, comforting, and clear guidance and reassurance. I've always wondered about guardian angels. You've helped me to know and rely on their help. Instead of thinking they're part of my imagination, I'm beginning to safely experience them as spirits that will help me. Thank you. Quotes
Susan W. from Chicago, Illinois

Quotes Thank you so much for the wonderful, enlightening time I spent with you. I re-read my notes and it was both exhilarating and exhausting. Most of all I feel happy and just have clarity that I didn't have before. Thank you so much for the affirmations. Thank you for sharing your gifts with me.I am so glad we met. Thank you. Quotes
Glenview, Illinois

Quotes I wanted to take this opportunity to not only thank-you, but to tell you what my past life session meant to me. First I should tell you it opened my eyes to the idea that we may know and realize much of our past, if we will explore and allow ourselves to entertain the idea that we all have a past and it can and does influence our future. To say this was enlightening would be a massive understatement. With your help and gift you were able to communicate with two past lives of my own, and I found it inspiring and thought provoking. You also were able to communicate with my father who passed away 46 years ago when I was only 11. His messages to me were profound & emotional. This touched me deeply and is something I will never forget and will always treasure. I hope others will take the opportunity to meet you and experience what I have with your help. God Bless You. Quotes
Ron B. from Naperville, Illinois

Quotes Hi Elizabeth ~  I wanted to thank you for the amazing energy healing session that we had.  I loved it and thought it was great!  Looking forward to working with you again soon. Quotes