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April 2010 Angelic Message

Posted on April 5, 2010 at 7:05 PM

Dear Ones,

Awaken to the glorious day that is yours today. It is days like today, beautiful weather in all of its majesty; that one may truly experience oneness with Creator and all that is. With the beauty of the pale blue sky, the brilliance of the sun, the warmth and gentle breeze of the wind. you can easily imagine yourself one with God. It is time to refresh yourself in the loving glow that is God. Love, healing and being in balance with yourself and your environment is your gift to be accepted. The gift is yours, the responsibility for its care and nurturing are all part of accepting this gift.

Acts of love, kindness, forgiveness, friendship and compassion are all gifts that you have inherent in your being. God/ Creator bestowed those gifts upon each of you. It is a daily choice to be made by you, of how you use your gifts in sustaining yourself and how you share your inherent gifts with others. Just as there is abundant sunshine and gentle breezes in the air today, so to is there abundant love, compassion & forgiveness inherently available to you to give to yourself and to others.

For it is true, that in giving does one truly receive. Your life & time here is a gift. Daily, you have endless choices as to how to live your life. In using your best assets, your strengths and wisdom, and kindness, you help yourself and others in becoming the best individual/ soul that you can be in this lifetime. With blessings to all.

Yours in love & light.

Your Angels

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