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The Stars Say New Beginnings July 2017

Posted on June 23, 2017 at 3:35 PM

                                                                                       The Stars Say New Beginnings

The cosmic energies of the summer solstice offer us new beginnings. This year is half over, and we may be experiencing new opportunities of self-growth, or bringing new life and variety into our lives, or possibly working on finding a resolution to a situation or relationship that is weighing heavily on you.


All that we are and do, come from one’s commitment to being our best; at times acknowledging and stretching our own limitations; like changing one’s mind, giving more of your time to others, or sharing more of your gifts. We empower ourselves when we do this, and are living our higher virtues: honesty, compassion, fairness, truth, respect.


Every day is a new creation—new opportunities to be goodness and peace on earth; making this real in the world for ourselves and others that all may experience and heal from. We may be The Light to the world; a living example of the virtues of humanity---at work—real—unselfishly giving to those who need compassion, friendship or understanding; we have that ability, choice and power.


Our divine nature is our inner light---oneness with Creator and all of life. As we help others, we help ourselves to grow and Be-- living as the divine light that we are.

May you be a bright, shining Light today, illuminating your path and uplifting humanity, assisting in the healing of all.


With blessings and thanks for you


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