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The Stars Say New Beginnings July 2017

Posted on June 23, 2017 at 3:35 PM

                                                                                       The Stars Say New Beginnings

The cosmic energies of the summer solstice offer us new beginnings. This year is half over, and we may be experiencing new opportunities of self-growth, or bringing new life and variety into our lives, or possibly working on finding a resolution to a situation or relationship that is weighing heavily on you.


All that we are and do, come from one’s commitment to being our best; at times acknowledging and stretching our own limitations; like changing one’s mind, giving more of your time to others, or sharing more of your gifts. We empower ourselves when we do this, and are living our higher virtues: honesty, compassion, fairness, truth, respect.


Every day is a new creation—new opportunities to be goodness and peace on earth; making this real in the world for ourselves and others that all may experience and heal from. We may be The Light to the world; a living example of the virtues of humanity---at work—real—unselfishly giving to those who need compassion, friendship or understanding; we have that ability, choice and power.


Our divine nature is our inner light---oneness with Creator and all of life. As we help others, we help ourselves to grow and Be-- living as the divine light that we are.

May you be a bright, shining Light today, illuminating your path and uplifting humanity, assisting in the healing of all.


With blessings and thanks for you


Archangel Nathaniel May 2017

Posted on April 21, 2017 at 3:15 PM


                                                          Archangel Nathaniel assists us to “Step into your power”


Today I was gifted with learning about Archangel Nathaniel, meaning Gift of God. This angel works with the Universal Law of Cause and Effect/Law of Karma; meaning that what you give out will come back to you.

Nathaniel is known as The Angel of Fire/ Energy/ Purification/ Life Purpose. It works to open and expand ones’ heart chakra.

Archangel Nathaniel is said to be the patron of Lightworkers, and assists us in staying grounded when in meditation and supports us in our communications and spiritual connections. This Archangel supports us to fully move forward in using our natural talents to fulfill our life purpose and uplift not only ourselves and humanity.

Associated with the energy of fire, this archangel works with the energy of the sun and the planets. Its colors are red and orange; stones associated with it are: crystals, Carnelian, Garnets and Rutilated Quartz. Nathaniel’s symbol is the orange flame of transformation.

Bringing purification and protection to you, this Archangel helps in clearing away clutter, situations and helps you in making life changes for your highest good; helpful when you are moving through transitions. Archangel Nathaniel will support you energetically when seeking guidance in life choices and changes; bringing you clarity and peace of mind in your thoughts and decisions. This energy helps one to overcome obstacles in your life, assisting you to move forward in your true hearts’ goals and desires.

Archangel Nathaniel supports us in working collectively together in being peace on earth and intentionally bringing and sharing healing energy to all of humanity and all life on earth.

This powerful Archangel is here------ready to support us. Please consider partnering with this wonderful resource for your highest good, and all life here on earth.


With thanks and blessings for you.



Gratitude April 2017

Posted on March 29, 2017 at 7:20 PM

                                                                                                   Gratitude                                                                 April 2017

Scientist have proved that being grateful is healthy for us. That being in the state of gratitude for big and small things in our lives makes a positive difference to one’s attitude and mental and physical health.

Also noted:

• People who keep a gratitude journal exercised more, felt better physically and were more optimistic about their life, than those who did not.

• A scientific study found that a single act of gratitude created a 10% increase in personal happiness, and a reduction in depression.

• Taking time to reflect on what one is grateful for increases your well-being. Living in the Now is important.

• When in a relationship, being grateful and kind to that person increases the satisfaction of the relationship for both of you.

• Acknowledging another in many ways, saying: “Hello, Good morning, Have a good day, Thank you, Take care, See you soon, Safe trip, I love you,” are all positive ways to easily show your gratitude for that person, client, associate or even a stranger. It is true that gratitude is an attitude, and it is a Win- Win for all.

Heartfelt gratitude is also a factor in manifesting ones dreams and goals. Instead of hoping or asking for something, Thank Creator for the gift; see and feel it with you now, and or already accomplished. Be in thanks that that gift is acquired now. Remain focused and calm; and thankful in this space; say,” thank you that this is mine now.” Be at peace and joy with this process. Accept the gift.

May you live with peace and gratitude in your heart and lives.

With blessings and thanks for you.



Archangel Michael March 2017

Posted on March 3, 2017 at 5:55 PM

                                                                                               We Are Here                                                                    March 2017


Dear Ones,


We are with you always. Always here, ready for your call, thought, intention that you have in seeking support, understanding, strength emotionally, physically, or spiritually. It is the Angelic Realms purpose for being here on earth with you--- to be here at all times for YOUR support. Always. Never doubt this.


If you have a heavy heart, or your mind is running crazily with fear and or doubt about your own success and survival; stop and call my name aloud, ( or in your mind). I will be next to you instantaneously. Stand still and allow yourself to feel my presence. Have faith in this promise.

I will support you in calming, centering and protecting you. 

The Angelic Realm and I are here for you. 

With love and respect for you.


Archangel Michael and the Legions of Angels



Creating a New Foundation March 2017

Posted on March 3, 2017 at 4:35 PM

                                             Shifting and Changing Lead to Creating a New Foundation


In the past several weeks, the same question has been asked by my clients; “What do I do? How do I make spirituality real in my life?”

I believe that by being truly conscious of one’s thoughts and intentions, this will support us greatly to keep ourselves balanced in this time of not only energetic shifts, and domestic and political challenges as well.

This is our opportunity for each of us to live our spiritual wisdom. Intend ones’ Being to be peace-filled; sending from our hearts, blessings upon all of humanity, peace, happiness and wellness. To live with forgiveness and compassion in one’s heart and psyche. To send healing blessings to all of the earth, land, water and sky. To have conviction, (belief) that we are creating this with Divine Source. We may choose to co-create with Divine Source everlasting peace, equality and abundance. This is living our spiritual truths.

Living as a Spiritual Being means reviewing one’s own beliefs and life, and making positive changes in how you see yourself and your contribution to all of life on earth. This takes time and attention to one’s thoughts, beliefs and feelings. With diligence this is possible; the benefits to this is being more emotionally balanced and being able to see the bigger picture of what is happening in ones’ life.

As we create a more caring mindset, we generate more energy of care and love. As we heal ourselves, we help heal one another.

As the Pisces cycle has ended, we are into the Aquarian Age. New energy, changes and our opportunity to live as compassionate humans equals, on this planet. It is time to create the Peace on Earth that mankind has sought through all of time. We are building the foundations for peace right here and now. Our souls know it is time. Time to get our ego’s out of the way, and let our hearts and souls guide us to living our Divine wisdom.

With thanks and blessings for you,




Change is Constant

Posted on January 21, 2017 at 3:50 PM

Change is Constant


Here we are, in a new year, with a new president of our country. As a nation seeking to improve itself we understand that needed changes are coming to some of the fundamental systems that we live by. Wanting fair policies and laws, these unknown changes are creating fear, aggression and stress in many who live here.


As spiritual beings who have been preparing by listening, learning, developing spiritually and acclimating to the new energies that have been coming to earth since 2012; most are prepared to handle these coming changes. This is our opportunity to live our spiritual truths/wisdom that have been awakened and made conscious within us.


Calling upon our inner wisdom in creating solutions and forgiveness in life, we are living one’s spiritual strength saying no to greed, favoritism, prejudice and sending healing intentions of compromise and justice to domestic and world events. We each may envision and intend healing and peace to all of the United States, and the world. (You may picture this as a cloud/light of healing energy surrounding the planet.)


When fear or negative emotions arise in you, you may choose to close your eyes; breathe then exhale deeply, while focusing on your oneness with your Higher Self and Creator Source. See/feel yourself as one with Source; stay in this union in silence. Accept the healing and peace that this conscious intention brings you. This will only take a minute or two; take as much time as you need with this. You may choose to do this many times during a day. The more balanced you are, the better one is able to handle change.


Remember that your thoughts, intentions and feelings are a part of the collective consciousness of this nation, and the world. How we think and feel contributes to the events of what is happening here in the physical. Feel your inner peace---kindness---forgiveness. This may take some practice. It is all in one’s intention---these are core aspects of our spiritual being. As part of your meditation or prayer time, please consider sending these compassionate energies out to all of humanity.


May you know yourself as one with Creator Source, and assist humankind in creating peace and fairness in the United States and the world this day.


Blessings and thanks for you,




Honor Ourselves and Growing On Jan.2017

Posted on December 27, 2016 at 5:20 PM

Honoring Ourselves and Growing On



Happy New Year! This New Year we may again make some personal resolutions to improve some part of ourselves; our life. All of this done with the greatest intentions, but often after a short time, many find ourselves back in old, comfortable patterns of self-sabotage.


We may honor ourselves by taking small steps to achieve our resolutions. No more grand, mammoth goals; instead focus week by week; making and sustaining the small changes that we want for ourselves, in doable steps with realistic timetables.


So if you are like me, having the best intentions isn't always enough to fulfill ones objectives. Here are a few tools to support our efforts:





   *Appreciate yourself right here and now--

   *Focus on today- right now: stay aware of what you are physically doing and feeling-be here now.

   *Be aware of your thoughts-negative self-thoughts are alarms for us; time to bless and let those thoughts         go; honor yourself and see yourself peaceful and content, moving steadily forward, becoming your best           self.

   *Listen with your heart-feeling/understanding its messages to you will keep you on track to achieving what       is best for you and your life.

   *Patience with yourself; change takes time and repetition. One day at a time.

   *Courage to allow yourself to have good and not so good days. Let go of the self- criticism and have faith in     your own resolve.

   *Acknowledge your accomplishments-or a fantastic day!

   *Journal what works for you and what doesn't; repeat what works! 

2017 is the year of positive changes for me; I have made this my new mantra. If you would like to stay in touch with me and your progress; how you are working through your resolutions, that would be great.


Being and living as a balanced and harmonious soul not only support ourselves; we impact everyone we interact with. Calmer, more present, personable, kind and forgiving individuals are what the world needs more of. May we each experience and live as the peace and compassion that we are.


Blessings and thanks for you. 





Let it Begin With Me December 2016

Posted on November 22, 2016 at 3:55 PM

                                                                                                 Let it Begin With Me

I asked Spirit what message is needed now, to assist us each in our personal and as a nation, communal healing?


Peace is required. Peace that begins in one's heart, then mind; and with that embracing forgiveness and compassion. Yes this calls for really living in the now-being conscious of one's thoughts and intentions moment by moment. No easy task.


The song, Let There Be Peace on Earth ¹ came to mind. How appropriate.


The words are here for you to consider.


Let there be peace on earth

And let it begin with me.

Let there be peace on earth

The peace that was meant to be.


With God as our Creator (Father)

Family (Brothers) all are we.

Let me walk with my brother

In perfect harmony.


Let peace begin with me

Let this be the moment now.

With every step I take

Let this be my solemn vow.


To take each moment

And live each moment

With peace eternally.

Let there be peace on earth,

And let it begin with me.


Tuesday, December 6, 2016 at 7 p.m. at the Libertyville Civic Center, 135 W. Church Street, Libertyville, IL., The Present Moment, Inc. and I will be hosting, Healing With The Angels. A healing meditation to support us through the holidays and gain balance and closure to 2016. This is a free event and all are welcome to attend.


May you and your families share a safe and peace filled holiday season.


Blessings to you.

Choices November 2016

Posted on October 30, 2016 at 1:55 AM


Peace, unity and unconditional love are the intentions and energy that is needed now as our Presidential election is just days away. We each are needed to share and send our integrity and compassion out to not only our fellow Americans, but to all of humanity.

Several years ago Spirit gifted me the concept of a Global Healing meditation. A channeled meditation where you receive personal healings and one may choose to send love and blessings to all forms of life on earth. Sending peace, love, healing to all areas of the globe, and peoples of the world, in support of them. I remember when I first began this, the meditations were focused on different geographic locations in the world affected by earthquakes, tsunamis and war.

As I facilitated this channeled meditation earlier this week, Archangels Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Ariel, Metatron, and Sandalphon all made their presence known to me. Standing shoulder to shoulder, the joint message from the Archangels was, “Do not be afraid. Remember that your essence is Divine Love, and that you have the power to choose love as a response to all that is happening in your life – your world, right now. Whether it is in a thought, action or an emotion, you have a choice; to be –to live as love, forgiveness and compassion. We remind you that you have the ability to send love to others, and that your love heals.”

Fairness, honesty and forgiveness are required now, and moving forward. Please take the time to send unconditional love to everyone affected by the election; envisioning a peaceful election and a unified country.

Sending you peace, love and blessings in support of your Divine Being.




An Extraordinary Soul September 2016

Posted on September 7, 2016 at 12:45 PM


                                                                             An Extraordinary Soul 


I recently had the privilege of working with a woman of pure spiritual knowing and strength. I relay her remarkable journey to you, as I know she is a light bearer, here to show us all the way to live a life of faith:

I will call her Jane, (not her real name). Jane came to me for a reading; she wanted to hear from those relatives who are in Spirit. Jane looked fine, a bit excited to hear from Spirit.

Jane’s messages from her soul spoke of the great advances she has made; accolades for her fearlessness and strength. Her personal integrity and knowing that God was with her, and that she would not fail. Messages confirming her as a strong soul, thanking her for being a true example of belief in God and being fearless in the challenges that she has recently faced.

As the session went on, several of her departed relatives identified themselves and told her, “Yes, it is a big deal!” giving her additional confirmation of their love, support and attendance with her, through it all. It was truly an uplifting session, and Jane understood their messages and was grateful.

As the session was concluding, Jane asked if I would like to know the challenge she was dealing with. I said, yes, whatever it is, you certainly are handling it exceptionally well—you are an example to your family, friends, and co-workers of personal strength and faith. Jane explained that she was dealing with a form of cancer and was being treated by specialists. That when the diagnosis came, she knew she would be alright; that she would survive and be well again. Jane knew that this was a great challenge of her faith in God. With all of her being Jane understood that she was to be unwavering in creating an even stronger oneness with God, and that she would not perish.

Jane said, “The messages from my relatives just now, I know why they said, “It is a big deal.” As I was going through surgeries and treatments, I would say to myself, “… it’s not a big deal.” I asked them to be with me, I knew that they would be, and I am grateful they were.

Jane just began a self-created pilgrimage: three months to focus/ work intimately with divine energies, as part of her healing regime; focusing on teachings of patience, unconditional love, forgiveness and wholeness.

I was just as happy about Jane’s messages as she was. I have never met a person so fearless in the face of personal hardship---or one who unquestionably knew her bond with God would not fail her. I am grateful to have worked with Jane, as she is an example for me--- of faith in God and of our sacred relationship together.


Our Time for Clarity and Action Aug.2016

Posted on August 15, 2016 at 4:15 PM

Our presidential elections are twelve weeks away. Now is the time for each of us to calmly and clearly set our intention to be fully one with our Divine Self in God, I AM. This is our time for clarity and action. With your souls’ wisdom and grace, you may choose to affirm the following:


Being fully present, I affirm my oneness with God. I request and accept healing light for myself, and for all of humanity as our nation moves forward in electing new leaders.


“I am one with God, I AM; and in this light we shall live in peace, love and by humane laws of decency and equality.”


“As a peacemaker I claim harmony, justice and self - respect for every human being.”


“I choose to share my love, decency, humanity, wisdom and I AM wholeness, with others.”


“I choose to focus my energy, thoughts and intentions on sharing blessings of love, compassion and grace upon all of mankind and the earth.”


“I understand that all of my thoughts, feelings, words and actions impact all of life; I choose to live and speak respectfully of myself and all others.”


“I am grateful for my life and all life; thank you God, I AM, for all that we share together. I choose peace and cooperation for myself and mankind here and now.”



We are the peacemakers, spiritual leaders in love and compassion for self and others.


May you envision the United States as a peace filled, economically strong, harmoniously integrated and unified nation. In liberty and in God, I AM; we are one.


With blessings and thanks for you and your souls’ strength and clarity.





We Each Have It and Could Use More of It July 2016

Posted on June 17, 2016 at 1:55 AM


Love is invisible, tangible, powerful, magnetic and healing. Lack of love often results in emotional and sometimes physical illness. An aspect of humanity, we consistently need to give and receive love to remain balanced/healthy.

Love must be shared— it is an energy that is in every cell of our being, and only we decide when we will share it with another. Sometimes we express love spontaneously--as in a random act of kindness. You find love in the thoughts that we create, the items and work that we manifest, and in the compassionate and thoughtful feelings and respect that we have and give to others.

The energy of Love is God, and we manifest Godliness when we are : kind—merciful—generous—caring—respectful—compassionate—non-judgmental  and selfless.

Honoring God as intricately part of us, as Love, while honoring all life here on earth, one lives as the spiritual beings that we are.

May you enjoy a wonderful summer

With blessings and thanks for you.





The Seven Directions June 2016

Posted on May 13, 2016 at 4:50 PM

                                                                                       The Seven Directions


North, south, east, west, up - the sky, down - the earth, All - the inner- most sacred of all.

As humanity moves forward in our Ascension process, expanding our consciousness is required to access and navigate the fifth dimension. (Fifth Dimension: One moves by Divine Will; may be still here in the physical; you are working in the Eternal Now, one with your Spirit. You accept and consciously live—the Universe is working through you; miracles are given to you.)

Understanding and developing one’s spiritual self is our greatest step toward remembering ourselves as spiritual beings. We are created from energy – the same energy that is in all forms of life; plants, animal, mountains and the stars. Each of our lives have purpose. Our ascension is a spiritual process which includes being able to remain in our physical bodies while accessing greater frequencies and dimensions of creation.

Experience is truly the goal of living here- all of it---the good, bad, and ugly aspects of life. “We” are the spice of life. From our best accomplishments, to our greatest heartaches, all of what we each live/experience every day builds earth’s reality. This is part of humanity’s work.

Earth is said to be “the heart” of the universe. It is through one’s conscious choices, that we open our own hearts more and more, to connect not only with our soul, and with creator God; and transitioning to ascend the physical and mental limitations of our humanness, assimilating to higher frequencies; accessing the fifth dimension where we will truly walk this earth while at the same time commune and co-create with God and other realms of life.

Our world is in conflict and chaos right now. In this disorder will come dissolution, re-building and re-birth. Limited negative thinking builds walls. Humanity’s hearts and minds are being stretched to open greater than they have ever been before. Wisdom, humility, forgiveness, compassion, truth, compromise and love are all ingredients needed to resolve major issues crippling our world today. Living consciously, staying grounded in the here and now, connecting to your heart and God-self, and being at peace with yourself and others are ways to honor all of life, and grow spiritually; progressively accessing the fifth dimension.

May you always know and feel your oneness with The Divine.

With thanks and blessing to you.




10% For Your Well-Being and Spiritual Growth May 2016

Posted on April 20, 2016 at 2:10 PM

10% For Your Well-Being and Spiritual Growth

Everyone is busy. Time is speeding up. Not enough time to do the things that you really enjoy; do you remember what it is that you really enjoy doing? Take time to rest and relax; take a vacation. Be with family and friends—but your schedules just don’t work out.

In his book, God this is a Good Book, Rich Work relays a conversation that he had with an angel about tithing.

When Rich found that his professional career was in great shape and his family well cared for, he also realized that he had no personal time for himself and very little time to enjoy the company of his family, let alone his friends. His angel asked him, “…did you come here to look for a job and work?”

Yes, your responsibilities are important to address, however it is you, the entire person that is here to experience many aspects of life and spirituality.

Tithing is a timeless concept of giving a 10% part. As one grows your perspective broadens, and there is a greater meaning to this concept. Tithing is about manifestation. “That which you give to God, so shall you receive tenfold or more.” The time and energy that you spend nurturing yourself and developing (connecting) on ones’ spiritual nature- is giving to God. Time spent deepening your God connection; via meditation, prayer, time sharing love and friendship with others. These are all aspects of you that are ready to be nurtured and developed. As you grow and thrive in your personal happiness your abundance and gratitude will blossom. You may only give of yourself what you have.

Can you afford to give yourself 10% of your time each day? Here’s how to do this.

In one day, I will tithe to myself, ___ hours per day; ___per week; ___per month to live the true reason I am living this lifetime.

Create a Tithing worksheet for yourself with experiences such as:

Spend time with family and friends.

Create personal time to do things I love.

Creatively expressing the divine nature of my being.

Meditating on the love within myself and the world.

Seeing and acknowledging the divine essence in all things.

Expand my conscious awareness reading, attending lectures, seminars and workshops.

Time working with the divine and the angelic realm.

Journal revelations, inspirational ideas, conversations.

Health care and exercise.


This is about re-prioritizing your time. Will you make time for yourself? Do you love yourself enough to honor yourself?

With thanks for you, I send you blessings.


Rich Work, God this is a Good Book, Asini Publishing 1998


The Power in the Words, I Am April'16

Posted on March 21, 2016 at 4:50 PM

The Power in the Words, I AM

The energies of humanity’s collective consciousness today are predominately chaos, fear based and aggressive. Just look at our presidential race and economy, beside world events.

As humans we feel energy; energy as emotions that others transmit. We have the ability to focus our attention on what we choose to. Do you focus on how you feel, how someone else feels, or how the environment that you are in, feels? If we feel uncomfortable, many of us shut down emotionally; decide not to feel at all, just riding out the situations in our lives. This is like sleep walking; unconscious, not knowing or being responsible for one’s actions.

As an evolving spiritual being, choosing to honor yourself and life, your focus may be on understanding your feelings and work to balance them.

Focus on centering yourself, choose to live your greatest strengths. You may affirm: “I Am one with Creator. I Am safe and complete. I Am love. I bless myself and all of creation.” Consciously take positive steps in your life to create harmony and clear communication with others. Be the love to yourself and others that is missing in the world today. All loving efforts and blessings raise the collective consciousness for the betterment of all.

Our thoughts/beliefs create our feelings and also one’s reality. The emotions that we do not release are held within our bodies. For better health and continued spiritual growth, it is essential to acknowledge our feelings and transmute any emotions that are less than love.

Affirmations are a powerful tool to support and uplift you. Saying aloud —claiming— believing these statements as true for yourself assist you in creating these changes in your life.

I Am one with all of creation.

I Am happy and healthy, and accept abundance in my life right now.

I Am strong in body, mind and spirit.

I Am safe and complete.

I accept gifts from Creator right now, and I Am thankful.

I Am the power and authority in my life.

I accept peace of heart and mind for myself right now.

I accept only right actions in my life.

I release anything that no longer serves my Higher Self.

I Am grateful for all that I Am.

 Thank you God. And so it is.

Blessings and thanks to you for your continued self-work. May you enjoy a happy and healthy spring.




Why Am I Here? March 2016

Posted on February 24, 2016 at 3:25 PM

Why Am I Here?

Most of us have wondered, why am I here? What is my real purpose in living now?

Every life we have lived adds to our souls’ development. Humanity is in the early stages of Ascension and we are each responsible for our souls growth, and is why we are here now.

Following your heart’s desire is a tool in your development. What are you great at? Speaking, writing, being organized, listening to others, being a creative artist, thinker, caregiver? What do you do with ease? Possibly you have several talents, this all matters.

Using your talents to your best ability not only serves you, also humanity. Many times you are a positive example for another. Being your best self supports you; finding what limits you or causes you pain, and learning about yourself from this lesson-relationship, is part of your self-work.


Ascension is:

• To know ourselves as one with God Creator

• To balance our energy and refine it, (so that we vibrate at a higher level, this supports our becoming one with our souls’ wisdom) One does this by being and living in truth and love with yourself and others.

• Re-unite with the many aspects of our divine self. Taking time to regularly pray and meditate, intending to connect to your soul and Creator essence. Silently being one with yourself---on all levels. This takes time and effort, as this supports your spiritually. One’s growth comes about at its own pace and naturally. You will feel calmer, more centered and less fearful about life and world events as you develop this skill.

• Accessing more of your souls’ wisdom. You instinctively know what is best for you. You understand yourself and others much better, seeing the bigger picture of your life.

• Integrating your humanness with your spiritual being—your soul and High Self, (that which remembers its oneness with Creator.) Understanding that you are a vehicle for your soul to overcome physical illusions and direct your consciousness to working closely with Creator for your greater good this lifetime; co-creation of your life. Working with the non-physical aspects of self and Creator.


We are here by choice. Our choice. Our task, if we chose it, is to move toward greater union and co-creation with Creator. Doing this is a process that only you can do; however we have many angels, guides and Ascended Masters here to assist us in our growth. Their job is to assist us at all times; call them and ask for assistance. They will respond.


As spring is coming early this year, may you take the time to grow a deeper connection to your soul---your immortal you.


With thanks for you.


Refining Ourselves February 2016

Posted on February 24, 2016 at 3:25 PM

Refining Ourselves


Stop. Look within. Feel yourself within. Feel yourself gently. Feel yourself completely.

At this time we have a great opportunity to slow down, stop, and take an honest look at what we want to change about ourselves right now. This self, re-evaluation is in our highest and best good.

With love and respect of ourselves, choose one or two beliefs, or past painful memories that you would either like to change, or release completely. This will take humility, understanding, patience, clarity and love of yourself. Are you able to embrace some very personal refining for yourself?

Through meditation and or prayer, you will find that you already know what thoughts, beliefs or heartaches need to be released or changed, for you to begin healing. As you accept your own choices, you are healing yourself and are positively changing your future life and happiness.

The wisdom and integrity that accompany this task comes from your soul. Your heart will guide you in this work; listen and allow yourself to feel your inner knowing. You are removing illusions of this physical life, and are creating yourself and the life you want to live.

Now is the time to allow yourself to grow and know happiness and peace within, as we connect even more consciously with our soul/High Self.

With blessings and thanks for you.


Expanding Your Oneness January 2016

Posted on February 24, 2016 at 3:20 PM

Expanding Your Oneness


What do you want for yourself this New Year? For most, part the answer is more peace and joy in your life. To realize this, one must create and nurture the following:


How to create inner peace and joy for yourself:

• Allow for change in your life; try to learn and adapt to change and not fight it.

• Have no great expectations regarding people or situations.

• Maintain your individuality

• Quiet and center yourself in now; connect and feel /know yourself as one with God/The Divine; take time to do this regularly.

In this private space, know that you are safe and loved and that your life has purpose.

• Be able to manage your emotions.

• Do not judge yourself or another harshly

• Know that you are complete as you are

• When situations are difficult, view them as an experience to deal with, not fear. With confidence focus and open your heart space; connect with your High Self and The Divine and feel that energy bloom within your heart/being. This will calm you. If you are able to, with intention, send forth this loving and healing energy out into the world, or situation that you are working through.

• As inner harmony becomes more constant in your being - awareness, you are able to delight in the small wonders of life all around you, creating joy in you

• The more balanced you feel with what is occurring in your life, the more you ra-diate these (healing energies) feelings out to others.

• You amplify spiritual wholeness - love

• The more you feel and become love, compassion and understanding, the great-er your vibration increases and the more you become a bearer of light to assist and uplift others.

May this New Year bring you greater peace, joy and abundance than you have ever known.

With blessings and thanks for you.

 “As I grow in consciousness, I live life as the Spiritual being that I truly am.”    Elizabeth 


Consciousness Expanding Dec. 2015

Posted on February 24, 2016 at 3:15 PM

 Consciousness Expanding  


Humanity’s Ascension continues as we focus on living as Soul consciousness moment by moment. This means living intentionally, self-aware and conscious of our human ego and the fear that our humanness knows.

Our opportunity is to allow our Godself to grow within our hearts and connect more and more deeply with our Soul through intention and stillness. To listen to our inner feelings, hunches and direct knowing for ourselves. Honor them— act on them. Live by your pure insights for your highest and best welfare.

Yes, we still have personal crisis and dilemma’s to experience and learn from. These challenges assist one in correcting old, negative thought forms of consciousness that one’s soul knows. We act instinctively; out of habit. Our Higher Self, Soul Star is sending us higher frequency energy, calibrating one’s soul and ego personality. As our souls’ works in greater unity with our Superconscious Mind, the clearer we will hear and understand messages (wisdom) from our soul.

By dealing with what is happening in our lives right now, for the betterment of all involved, we are choosing to create a better, more harmonious and peace filled life now and in the future. This self -work is assisting us in self- mastery.

With all of the world’s crisis in our news and awareness, humanity’s collective consciousness is full of fear and prejudice. As spiritual beings transitioning, we understand that unity, forgiveness, love, peace and compassion are the energies/blessings that are needed to heal and uplift all of mankind now.

As our soul is intuitively speaking to us and we choose to send these intentions out to our brothers and sisters here on earth: “… peace be with you, I send you love, I send you healing,” know that you are ascending spiritually. Some here are light workers, having created another level of human consciousness; one of unity and love. Working with higher frequencies, you are assisting in healing all of humanity to accept greater frequencies of Light and to know themselves as being one with God and all of creation.

May you feel and know the love that you are made of. Wishing you joy and a wonderful holiday with your family and friends.


The Winter Warbler November 2015

Posted on February 24, 2016 at 3:10 PM

The Winter Warbler

This morning as I looked out the patio door, I was surprised to find a Winter Warbler sitting on my deck. If I opened the door, I could have reached out and picked him up.

Why was he there? He stood there for several minutes, and looked around. No sounds, just looking.

I felt sadness for this bird; he was alone and should have migrated south by now. He was lost and confused. Did he even know where to go? I slowly opened the door and began gently talking to the bird, was he injured? The Warbler just stood there, looking at me, never moving. He was not afraid.

Moving closer, I tried to pick him up and see if he was injured. With this he moved forward, hopped a few steps and then flew to a near- by tree. He was alright.

Back in the house, the Warbler’s plight made me think.

How many times are we confused, our timing is off; or made a wrong decision? How do you treat yourself after you realize your mistake? How do you feel about yourself? Who do you turn to for support? How do you gain greater clarity to see both sides of the situation? Are you able --- ready, to do this?

Facing yourself and realizing that it would be in your best interest, (soul growth) to learn from this situation; to change your mind, or your belief, is a huge step forward on your spiritual path. Life is all about lessons experienced and learning; this is growth. Whether the lesson is forgiveness, non-judgment, compassion or fairness, we are each in complete control of our thoughts, actions and deeds. We each progress at our own pace.

When I am faced with challenges and fears I turn inward and call upon the highest and best of my soul to help bring me clarity and right action to my conscious mind. I meditate and pray; connecting with the spiritual beings who are here to help humanity through our difficulties; they bring additional energy to us, to see the truth in the situation and clarity to understand what one needs to learn or to do. Facing challenges is about employing the best aspects of yourself and calling upon The Divine to bring equality, compassion and fairness to the situation.

As the delicate and fearless Warbler moved on, we each go on every day. May you know your how greatly you are loved by God, and that there is always angelic and spiritual support for you. Please ask for this assistance in times of trials and give thanks in your happiness.

May you share a very Happy Thanksgiving with your family and friends.